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Jane considers a casual relationship with the hunky, handsome Fabian — plus, she begins to market her book

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April 24, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT

Jane the Virgin fans! Did you miss the dramedy as much as I did the past few weeks? Sure you did, but fear not — our heroine extraordinaire is back with a bang, or at least that’s what her mind is on. (The show does have the revised title of Jane the Horndog this episode, after all.)

You’ll recall, when we last saw Jane, she’d set her sights on Rogelio’s very good-looking costar with a tendency to walk around shirtless, Fabian, and her crush has only intensified. The episode opens with the narrator saying, “Ah, lust. Jane Gloriana Villanueva would never forget the first time she felt it.” Then, we see a young Jane watching a steamy telenovela with a ripped actor calling after his beloved; soon, they start getting, um, frisky — all under a waterfall. So, quite the first-lust experience, and an awkward one too, since Xo and Alba were in the room with her. Everyone quickly fled to avoid talking about what they all just watched, but 20-something years later, things have certainly changed, which is to say the conversation is now very open.

In the present, Xo asks Jane about her crush on Fabian, something she came to figure out when Jane would find any reason to visit Rogelio on set — flash back to her doing just that and imaging Fabian with water falling over him. Jane’s very attracted to Fabian on a looks level, but she feels kind of insecure because he’s dated the likes of Gisele Bündchen’s twin. Xo says maybe he isn’t the type Jane usually dates, but why not a fling?

Jane, surprisingly, is open to the idea of casual sex with no strings because things are different; she waited until marriage, and now her circumstances have changed. That said, she still tries to keep quiet about it when Alba walks in the room, but Alba hears her anyway and says Jane’s decision is Jane’s decision. But it’s clear she’d like Jane to make what she would say is the right decision, which is no premarital sex. With that, the conversation soon turns to Alba and Jorge’s relationship, and it’s revealed that Alba hasn’t clued Jorge in on those beliefs (more on that later).

Later, at the Viajes de Guillermo set, Jane gets her flirt on by giving Fabian goji berries, which she discovered he’s a fan of after some very extensive research (shoutout to her search history). Rogelio sees them chatting it up, and when Xo clues him in on Jane’s crush, he’s having NONE. OF. IT. He believes he’s in an All About Eve situation, that Fabian is trying to push him out of the way to become the star after he seemingly body-shamed Rogelio when he went for a doughnut and made him feel incapable when he encouraged him to avoid doing his own stunts. So, Rogelio pulls Jane aside to confront her about her “unholy mega-crush on Fabian,” which Fabian overhears. Jane and Rogelio go somewhere more private, and Rogelio expresses that he doesn’t want Jane to get her heart broken, but the narrator wisely points out that he doesn’t think she’s thinking about her heart in this scenario. Jane says she’ll handle it and tells Fabian that she doesn’t have a crush on him, which is not true, but let’s pause that for a minute and turn to Jane’s book…

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A telenovela adaptation, Jane the Virgin tells the story of Jane Villanueva, a virgin who is accidentally inseminated during a routine checkup.
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