Jane suffers from panic attacks and new details about Scott come to light

By C. Molly Smith
February 21, 2017 at 12:36 AM EST
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Last week’s Jane the Virgin ended with a big cliffhanger: Scott’s skeleton being uncovered near the beach (because not enough important characters have died lately?!), which was seriously bad news for the newly rebranded, kid-friendly Marbella. Last week also saw Jane coping with Michael’s passing at various points after his death. You bet this episode dove right back into both.

Let’s start with Jane and her grieving process. The episode begins one month after Michael’s death, with Jane in therapy working through her panic attacks. Eighty-nine sessions later, she breaks up with therapy (and therapist takes it well) because she feels like she can handle it on her own — and she can, but that’s not to say that she’s not put to the test. She struggles with panic attacks once again when Michael’s colleague Dennis returns to her life to run the “Dead Scott Investigation.” She sees him walking toward her, starts having an attack, and then slaps him. What would warrant such a reaction? A flashback to Michael’s funeral shows Dennis telling Jane that he’s going to check in on her, but what could have happened from there?

There’s another flashback — this time to five months after Michael’s death — and this one shows that Dennis did check in on her. Everything seems to be going just fine. Dennis recalls Michael’s tendency to be a ball hog during basketball, then asks if Jane is ready to go through his things, but trouble presumably follows. When Jane goes to meet with Dennis for an interview relating to Scott’s investigation, we go back into the flashback and see Jane catch Dennis taking pictures of Michael’s case notes because there’s an ongoing investigation into whether Michael was connected to Sin Rostro. Jane feels betrayed with a capital “B.” So when Dennis asks if Scott was trustworthy, he gets slapped again.

Through Mateo, Jane realizes that she really should use her words… except when she gets to the boxing gym where Dennis suggest they meet to talk. The pair enter the ring (and there’s an amazing fantasy versus reality bit about Jane’s boxing abilities). Jane tells Dennis that he used her, but Dennis says he was only trying to clear Michael’s name; he didn’t tell Jane in order to protect her because she was having panic attacks every day back then. He accidentally hits her when that reality check — reality checks were a running theme throughout the episode — causes her to literally put her guard down.

While recovering, Jane admits that Dennis was right about her being in a different place then, but it sucked for her because he was someone she could talk to, someone who “kept him alive a little.” (Readers, I’m not blubbering about Michael anymore like I did in previous weeks, but that line did still get me.) Dennis pretty much makes that a possibility once again, as he tells Jane that he’s at the gym every week if she wants to come back, in effect opening the door to #PhysicalTherapy.

Dennis isn’t the only one Jane is at odds with. Upon finding out that her book deal is for $50,000 and could thus sustain her for some time, she quits her job, and it goes as terribly as it could. Essentially, Chloe isn’t happy for her in the slightest, tells her that she’ll need at least six months to a year to find and train a new assistant, and throws SO MUCH SHADE when she says Jane’s deal is from a D-list publisher — but a step above self-publishing. Jane obviously doesn’t take that well and lays into Chloe about her mean-spiritedness. Honestly, Chloe deserved it, but Jane really did herself dirty because it turns out those 50 Gs will be handed out in installments, so she decides she needs to get her job back.

Deciding it is one thing, but getting it back is another. Chloe isn’t remotely receptive to Jane’s apology basket — an idea she got from Rogelio, who goes on an apology tour of his own (more details later) — so Jane pops up at Chloe’s spin class. They eventually come to the agreement that if Jane gets disgruntled author Gary to come back to the fold, then Jane can return to being berated by her boss about canceling her therapy session, picking up the wrong drink, etc. Okay, no one says it like that, but that’s the reality of Jane’s job. She wants to go back because it’s what seems best for her career in the long term, but — plot twist — she ends up returning to the Marbella after some convincing from Rafael. He basically tells her to believe that her book will take off, adding that he won’t let her stay past two years. So Jane’s back in turquoise… for now. What’s more, she has a reminder of Michael on her first day, but she makes it through just fine.

NEXT: Details about Scott’s demise emerge… and it ain’t pretty

Speaking of the Marbella, there’s a WHOLE lot going on there. First, Scott’s body was found on the grounds of the Fairwick and not the Marbella, but that’s not to say that the Marbella is in the clear. Petra has a game plan, which is pretty much to not say anything because talk of murder isn’t exactly great press for a kids’ hotel. Rafael feels otherwise — that it would be better to get ahead of the information, especially considering the blood previously spilled on the hotel grounds — and turns out he was right because word does get out. Petra reacts by dedicating a fountain to Scott and creating a scholarship in his honor (and, for good measure, reiterating that the body was not found at the Marbella), and good press follows.

In other Marbella news, there’s a new employee in town named Elvis. He starts as a lounge manager but fails at that, and he isn’t any better as a waiter when he’s demoted. Eventually, Rafael reveals that he met Elvis in prison and that he’s just trying to help him out, which seems pretty on brand for “Zen Rafael,” except that side of his personality appears to be no more by episode’s end. I’m not even sure how much of it was ever real. Okay, details: When Rafael tells Jane that he won’t let her get stuck, she takes that opportunity to tell him that he’s stuck, taking a backseat as “Petra’s b—h.” She tells him he won’t turn into greedy, amoral Rafael by caring about the hotel. With that, he tells Petra and Abby — you’ll recall, his girlfriend, who has for some reason been forgotten about for most of this episode?? — that he’s going to take a more active role. They’re totally supportive, the condition being that the beard has to go. (This might be the biggest development, because that beard is AWFUL.)

All seems well, right? Wrong, since this is Jane the Virgin we’re talking about here. Chuck shows up to ask Petra on a real date because he thinks she must really like him. She did, after all, go out of her way to help clear his name and the name of hotel in regard to Scott — first by offering to help him with advice since the Marbella has been there, and later by going through footage surrounding Scott’s death. Some footage showed Scott drunk as a skunk at a bachelorette party, saying that he wanted to go for a swim, and soon his death was ruled as accidental. BUT WAS IT??!!! When Chuck leaves, something seems to be plaguing Petra — cut to her moving Scott’s body away from the Marbella and over to the Fairwick.

Oh, and then there’s the shady conversation where Rafael tells Elvis that that was close, to which Elvis says it would’ve been bad if the death had been ruled a murder. It’s theory time, readers, and right now I’m thinking that Rafael and Elvis had Scott whacked as payback for using the addendum on Rafael’s father’s will as blackmail. But were Petra and Anezka involved?

In lighter news, although I doubt Rogelio would see if this way, Xo discovers that Rogelio knew that she would be portrayed as the evil ex on his reality show and doesn’t take it well at all — nor does the rest of the family. That’s what kicks off Rogelio’s apology tour, where he gives everyone personalized apology baskets; Jane, for example, gets one full of books, and she tells him that she’s not sure if Xo can forgive him. When he faces Alba, she asks why he did it, and he says that he was desperate for the show to be a success after “penis-gate” and that he wants to tell Xo that it wasn’t worth it.

Alba says Rogelio has lost sight of what’s real, but he takes responsibility for what he’s done, and not by giving Xo an apology basket. He has an honest conversation with her — after Darci (finally) admits to sending Xo the tape of Rogelio signing off on the “evil ex.” They have a conversation about what went wrong between them, and Rogelio quits. He tells Xo that he wants to go back to the way things were and say that he believes he agreed to the cut because she just moved in with Bruce and he wanted to hurt her. Then he gets sued for $10 million for breach of contract. Yikes. But it does seem like he really wants out this time.

That covers it on my end, but send me your thoughts, comments, and other things of note @cmollysmith, or drop a note in the comments section below.

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