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February 13, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST

Jane the Virgin

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A BIG spoiler from last week’s episode lies ahead! Of course, if you’re reading this you probably saw last week’s episode, but just in case, don’t say we didn’t warn you… 

“It will always feel different,” Alba tells a crying Jane two weeks after Michael’s death, which happened suddenly at the end of last week’s episode. “You’ll always feel different, but you will be okay and your life will be beautiful again — just in different ways.” That’s exactly what this episode proves. Things are different now for Jane and her family alike, but there’s still much to celebrate, to feel excited about. That’s not to say that this episode isn’t emotional, because it definitely is — yes, I cried blubbered again — coming off of the loss of such a significant character, but it shows that Jane has a life beyond her terrible tragedy.

It does so, in part, by going forward three years to the same scene we ended on last week, in effect skipping past the immediate grief and bringing us back to a major question: What wedding is Jane attending? I had guessed Xo, with her husband up in the air, and was very wrong. Turns out, Rogelio is tying the knot — #FourthTimesTheCharm — with Darci, but the nuptials are fake and for their reality show, which apparently has really taken off. Xo, for example, has been dubbed one of BuzzFeed’s 10 most notorious reality show villains, as the show portrays her as Rogelio’s evil ex — shout-out to that promo reel and her out-of-context freak-out — and she’s even been harassed by a fan for coming between Dargelio. Needless to say, Xo and Rogelio aren’t in the best place at the moment; also, Xo and Bruce look to still be together.

That’s just one of many things that have changed in the time jump. Petra has totally transformed the Marbella into a kids’ paradise and is preparing for a grand opening, but she runs into problems when an outdoor kids’ club is five feet over the property line. She either has to tear it down or get her neighbor — Chuck, the owner of an adults-only hotel next door, who happens to dislike kids and hotels that serve them — to sign an easement. Rafael, who has pretty much passed the hotel reins over to Petra and appears with a beard and “zen” demeanor, tells her to breathe and stay calm. Petra, baffled, asks, “Who the hell goes to prison and comes out softer?” (You’ll recall that he wanted to have a clean slate after covering up some of his father’s wrongdoings.) Perhaps she’s not relaxed, but Petra is hopeful that she’ll be able to fix the problem and convince Chuck, whom she just so happens to be sleeping with, to sign the paperwork.

Petra threatens to rat out Chuck for for serving lobster during the off season to get her way, to no avail, but she ultimately does get her way. After Rafael points out that someone tampered with the blueprints, changing a 3-foot mark to an 8-foot mark, Petra confronts Chuck, believing he must have made the change during a rendezvous: “I staked everything on this renovation, everything. Not just my reputation. It’s my vision. It’s my gift to my daughters. It’s mine. It’s the first thing actually that’s truly mine. I didn’t marry it. I didn’t steal it. I made it, and now you’re trying to take it all away.”

With that, he agrees to sign. By episode’s end, however, Petra realizes that Chuck couldn’t have been the one to make that change because they started hooking up six months ago — something she uncovers when he sends her a package celebrating their “bangaversary,” yuck — and they broke ground on the kids’ club eight months prior. So, they make up (and make out, and presumably more), but the question remains: Who made the change?

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