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Chapter Fifty-Four
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WARNING: Major spoilers from Monday’s episode of Jane the Virgin lie ahead. (Seriously, there’s a SHOCKER… and yes, those all caps are deserved.)

Readers, I write to you with a heavy heart because we have lost a very special character: Jane’s husband and Mateo’s stepfather, Michael, who ultimately died as a belated result of being shot on his wedding night. Full disclosure before we really get into this, I’m extremely invested in fictional characters — I was always #TeamMichael — and really did not see this coming and so am experiencing a lot of shock and grief right now, as I’m sure most of you are as well. Of course, there’s a lot that happened before this game-changing ending, and this being a fashion recap, let’s take a look at how the clothes led up to and helped tell this sad, shocking story.

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Early in the episode, Xo asks Jane to come to a dinner with her, Bruce, and “Scary Tess” in exchange for babysitting Mateo, as Tess still isn’t warming up to her and Xo feels she could use the reinforcement. At the dinner, Tess doesn’t look scary at all in her angelic white, off-the-shoulder top, but looks can be deceiving, and her “teen speak” throughout dinner reveals just how mean she can truly be. For example, when Bruce asks her to put away her phone at the table, she says, “Of course, sorry. Didn’t mean to be rude,” but the narrator translates that to, “Why the hell am I here? I’d rather be getting a pap smear from my dentist.”

That’s just one of a few examples, but she does eventually bond with Jane, so when she gets drunk one night, she shows up at Jane and Michael’s place looking to stay over and hide away from her dad. Jane soon takes her to Xo and Alba’s home, and Tess begs for them not to tell her dad, but of course they do. When Bruce gets there, Xo tells him just to talk to Tess and that she’s a good kid. Tess overhears, so you can assume that they’ll have a better relationship going forward. As for Xo’s relationship with Bruce, she later tells Jane and Alba that they’re thinking of moving in together in about six months. AT LEAST SOME PEOPLE ARE HAPPY.

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Okay, let me try and reel it in (keyword: try). There are, in fact, other happier times in the episode, which flashes back to Jane and Michael on a date four years ago, so early on in their relationship. Jane especially looks younger, with her dated hair pinned back right down the middle and her denim jacket with white polka dots; Michael looks younger, too, but he appears in a gray hoodie, which isn’t unlike a lot of what we’ve seen him wear in the present. On the date, which includes a ride on the ferris wheel and a turn in the photo booth, Michael is extremely nervous, and it’s because he says that even though he knows Jane is seeing another guy, Sam, he isn’t seeing anyone else and wants to be with her. Turns out Jane hasn’t been seeing that guy for a couple of weeks and wants to be with Michael, too. Very cute, but the cuteness doesn’t stop there.

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In the present, Jane and Michael recreate that date. Jane especially looks mature, with her polished jacket and pretty floral dress; Michael looks more mature, too, but he’s in a long-sleeve shirt, which isn’t unlike a lot of what we’ve seen him wear in the past. The date takes place the night before Michael is going to take his LSAT, giving him a chance at a new career path since he gave up detective work when he didn’t pass his physical. (That’s right, remember how he didn’t pass his physical? The clues were there, and this is one of many!) These dates are so much harder to look back on knowing what happens by episode’s end because Jane and Michael are so cute together: the ultimate relationship goal. JENNIE SNYDER URMAN, YOU’RE BREAKING MY HEART.

NEXT: Grab tissues, because there’s about to be some ugly crying

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Hearts are full, however, when Jane lands a job with literary queen Chloe Leland. Jane really impresses her in their first meeting — where she looks the part of the perfect interviewee in a chic blazer — but things go south when Jane is asked to read over a memoir and, instead of sending her notes, accidentally gives Chloe Rogelio’s scandalous, saucy, signed photos — the result of him appearing full frontal in a film, except that got cut, causing him to stand up and yell, “They cut my penis!” in the middle of a screening, as one does. Jane makes up for that, though, when she — with the help of wonderful, intelligent Michael — realizes that the memoir is misleading, untruthful, and cannot be published. She goes to Chloe to let her know, wearing an electric blue dress that’s both professional and hip, so very much like the style of her potential new boss herself. Turns out that was a test that only Jane passed, so Chloe offers her the job, and Jane happily accepts (see the excitable handshake, and dress, pictured).

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And pictured here are two identical women. They have the exact same face — and at a glance look like twins, which would make sense because this is Jane the Virgin, after all — but differing styles. The woman on the right looks casual in jeans and a plaid button down, and the woman on the left looks a little more dressed up, but in a bohemian way, with a long-sleeve, green-ish dress and pink highlights in her wavy, blonde hair. Their styles aren’t all that different, as that woman on the left is actually Rose. YOU KNOW, THE ROSE WHO SHOT MICHAEL AND ULTIMATELY CAUSED HIS DEATH. Rose is back and is assuming the identity of yet another woman so she can be with Luisa, but this time, Luisa’s having that other woman take some tests, per Rafael’s request, to prove that Luisa’s new lady isn’t her psycho ex. Rose has done a lot of bad things, but is it possible that she’s changed and is trying to be better for Luisa? And while we’re asking questions… can Luisa and Rose get away with it, or will they be uncovered? Will Luisa’s feelings change when she discovers that Michael died as a result of Rose’s actions? What would happen if Jane found out that Rose is back in town?


That last one would surely get ugly, and speaking of ugly… we’re back to the end of the episode. Before we get to Jane and her dress, let’s go over exactly what happens. On the day of the test, Jane tells Michael how proud she is of him, and the narrator says this is a moment that she’ll be playing in her head over and over again. Much of the episode highlighted the clearer memories people make surrounding big events, so it’s evident that something big is coming, and that it does. At the test site, Michael collapses, and the narrator recalls saying that Michael would love Jane until his last dying breath… literally.

Jane gets the call and the scream — the scream — she lets out is absolutely heart wrenching, and it’s all the more terrible to watch considering that she and Michael were just discussing the possibility of expanding their family sooner than expected when she thought she was pregnant, but wasn’t. YOU CAN START UGLY CRYING AGAIN, BECAUSE I DEFINITELY AM. Now for Jane and the pretty, peach dress with her modern, textured bob… that comes three years after Michael’s death. She and Mateo — wearing a cute miniature suit — are heading to a wedding. My money is on this being Xo’s wedding, but is she getting married to Bruce, Rogelio, or neither? Clearly, there’s a lot to unpack there, but until then, I’ll be hitting the ice cream and watching The Last Song on repeat because that’s my healing process. Tweet me with yours @cmollysmith, and your thoughts on the episode.

But before we officially wrap, here are a few other things of note…

  • Scott and Anezka reveal to Petra that they know about the addendum to the will and blackmail her accordingly.
  • Rafael could be going to jail, as a plea deal is off the table and he wants to set a good example for his children by owning up to his mistakes. That decision came after Petra finally bonded with their daughters and realized she could do it on her own, but could Rafael change his mind with Michael being gone, so he can be there for both Jane and Mateo?
  • After Rogelio was horrible to Darci — basically telling her that she couldn’t understand his being upset about having his full-frontal scene cut because her aspirations aren’t as big as his, and then having that fight leaked online — he makes it up to her by agreeing to be on her reality show: The De La Vega Factor.
  • Head here for Jennie Snyder Urman’s thoughts on this twist.

With that, happy healing, readers.

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