Jane and Michael's wedding plans are thrown into an epic tailspin, and a long-lost character emerges
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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times — that basically sums up Jane the Virgin’s wedding-themed finale, which featured one of the best nuptials in TV history, as well as a few shocking cliffhangers to round out its sophomore season. So let’s jump in, shall we?

First things first: Jane and Michael said “I do!” I would be lying if I said I had some serious doubts that the ceremony would happen, and as it turns out, it nearly didn’t. First, Mateo — who took his first steps this episode! — nearly killed the priest when he grabbed the Communion cloth, which triggered a series of events that ended with the priest being knocked out unconscious. Then, Jane and Michael got into a bit of a tiff because he decided to book a $1,700 suite for their wedding night — a sum that Jane deemed a tad too extravagant. Plus, he didn’t even talk it over with her first! The nerve. That little lover’s quarrel was then followed by an epic series of events which saw Jane nearly miss the ceremony.

Why, you ask? Well, when Alba affixed her old veil onto Jane right before the wedding, regaling her with memories of her own wedding, Jane was suddenly inspired to change her thesis topic into a love story that would be loosely based on her grandparents, class differences and social stigma — which meant she had to hoof it over to school to pitch the thesis committee in a last-ditch attempt to change next year’s academic plans. Though she snagged the committee’s approval (yay!), Jane had a bit of hard luck when Rogelio’s car overheated and was forced to board the bus for transportation.

This might have been an adorable full-circle moment for Jane (remember when she used to see Rogelio’s telenovela ads on the bus before she knew he was her birth father?), but with the church 17 super-slow stops away, it was a real headache. But no matter: Jane managed to show up just a few minutes later than scheduled, and the Catholic ceremony was made-for-TV perfect. Like gloriously romantic, with Xo and Alba walking Jane down the aisle with the pride, and Michael saying his vows in broken Spanish (aww!). A choir even broke into song, though that might have been a little instrument of magical realism, since they started singing a ditty about Jane finally having sex. (Seriously.) But when all was said and done, the ceremony went off without a hitch — especially since Rafael held his tongue and refrained from any overt declarations of love.

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It’s worth noting that the drama spared no prisoners this episode, touching every single character. Take for instance, Xo. She feels guilty about having hooked up with Esteban and becomes even moreso when Rogelio spies her “day after” basket from the telenovela suitor. (Get this: It’s packed with “Este-bun” branded hot dog buns that are “extra long, extra firm.”)

Although she and Rogelio eventually come to an understanding about their relationship — they love and want to be with each other, but the subject of children continues to be a deal breaker — the episode ends on a slightly sour note for her as she takes a positive pregnancy test. Xo was firm about not wanting to have more children, but will this surprise pregnancy prove a game-changer? And then there’s the ultimate question: Who’s the father?

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I have to take a moment to applaud Jaime Camil, who gave an Emmy-worthy performance in “Chapter 44.” Full of on-point bravado, charm, tenderness, and comedic spitfire, Camil’s Rogelio unknowingly played a big part in the matter of Michael’s ongoing detective work when he introduced Michael to a member of his security team. Said security guy hailed from the same part of Alabama as Susanna does — what a coincidence, right?

I’ll get back to that later, but it should come as no small surprise that Anezka also had a significant role in the finale. All sweetness when it comes to playing the dutiful twin, Anezka played her card when she comforted Petra, who was feeling a bit despondent after attending Jane and Michael’s wedding. She’ll never know such happiness, right? Well, she was just experiencing a different kind — but equally special sort — of joy when Anna started laughing in her lap. But the feels didn’t last long: Anezka gave Petra a shot of some nefarious poison, which knocked her unconscious just long enough for Anezka to dye Petra’s hair brown and to set the scene to make it look as though it was an accident. Anezka’s plan? To seduce Rafael, who was definitely up for a hookup after deciding to hide his true feelings from Jane. But to what end? For money? Power? Blackmail?

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Speaking of greed and power, how about that big Rose reveal? It turns out that Rose was masquerading as innocent Susanna from Tuscaloosa as a means of covering up her intention of 1) acting as a mole in the police investigation and 2) getting back with Luisa. (Michael discovered her true identity after Susanna failed to respond to an Alabama cheer that Rogelio’s friend taught him earlier in the evening.) And it worked: Luisa became smitten with Susanna, and in her disguise, Rose was able to stay one step ahead of Michael’s detective work. And the reveal came with its fair share of omg-I-can’t-believe-that-really-happened moments, like when Rose literally peeled off her rubber facial disguise for Luisa and when she shot Michael in the chest, preventing him from heading to Jane on their wedding night. The irony — Rose’s return, the fact that Jane is now married but ended the night a virgin — was almost too much to handle, even for a telenovela. I mean, there’s crazy and then there’s clutch-your-proverbial-pearls crazy, and the night definitely fell under the latter.

Final burning questions, stray observations, and memorable one-liners:

  • The matching lavender shirts that Rogelio and Mateo wear in the episode’s opening scene? A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.
  • Ever the bookworm, Jane quotes Dr. Seuss as Mateo takes his first few steps: “Oh, the places you’ll go!”
  • Speaking of Mateo, it seemed a sweet coincidence that both he and his mother had huge milestones this episode. Walking is totally on par with an approved thesis topic and a wedding, right?
  • How cute was that massive list of topics to discuss that Michael compiled for Jane on the eve of their wedding? The ways to a type-A personality’s heart will never cease to amaze me! And oh, this gem from their discussion on chores: “Women can take the garbage to the street as easily as a man can.” That we can — whether we want to is another matter!
  • Another feminist-leaning moment: “I feel like I’m locking you into the patriarchy as I’m doing this.” —Jane’s graduate school advisor as she’s fastening the buttons on Jane’s dress
  • Charo was a bridesmaid…because that totally made sense.
  • “I would like to introduce my third-best friend in the world — the one and only Bruno Mars!” Yes, Mars sung at Jane’s wedding, and if you weren’t totally touched by the most perfect marriage of music and TV emotion, then you are made of ice. #SorryNotSorry
  • The episode was packed with full-circle scenes, ranging from the appearance of season 1 characters (like Rose!) to moments like when Michael gave Jane a snow globe, a throwback to their first kiss in the snow.
  • “Baby has your sense of humor. Laughing at other people’s tears” —Anezka, pointing out tiny Anna’s giggles to Petra
  • Didn’t you love how Rogelio and Xo came together in their final onscreen moment? Though they mutually agreed not to rekindle their relationship, they reached the ultimate understanding — and it’s about Jane, whom they both agree is the best thing that’s ever happened to them. But here’s food for thought: The series kicked off by Jane deciding to keep her unplanned pregnancy, so could things take a 180 next season should Xo decide to end hers?
  • Did you notice that Magda was conspicuously absent this episode? Was that in keeping with she and Anezka’s plan? What’s the end goal? And how long will poor Petra be made a victim because of it?
  • And speaking of missing characters, where was Derek? Will he make return to stir up some mischief in season 3?
  • Leaping lizards! Anezka’s O-face while doing the dirty with Rafael — well, pretty darn priceless. Who knew that masquerading as your twin could be so much fun?
  • My heart broke a bit when Michael was shot just as Jane was changing into her bridal nightie. And the fact that the snow globe fell to the ground while it all happened? Talk about an omen — though as we saw with Alba’s wedding flashbacks, less than optimal occurrences at a wedding don’t always spell out a doomed end.
  • Rafael had a big moment of maturity during the hour when he decided to keep his feelings for Jane to himself, rather than declare his love in some last-hour attempt to get her back. But did he take a step backward by sleeping with Petra, er, Anezka?

Fans, if you had any doubt that the backend of season represents the best of Jane — smart, funny, touching, and charming — I hope this episode put that to rest. That said, there’s plenty of interesting story lines to carry us into season 3, like the status of Petra and Michael’s health, the matter of Xo’s pregnancy, Rose’s reappearance, and whether Jane will a) end up a widow or b) ever lose her virginity. As always, share your comments and crazy theories in the comments or with me on Twitter — and thank you so much for reading, laughing, and getting emotional with me all season long. See you in the fall!

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