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Oh baby, baby! It’s totally appropriate that Britney Spears was a guest star this episode because “Chapter 27” could be neatly summed up by a few of her hit tunes (like “Crazy” and “Criminal”). With a Britney-Jane dance off, a tumultuous confrontation between Rafael and Michael, and a touching story line featuring Alba’s experience with the citizenship-application process, the episode, like the best of Ms. Spears’ songs, was completely satisfying and totally crave-worthy.

But first things first: Petra agreed to marry Milos early in the episode, under the understanding that it’s strictly for tax purposes (i.e. no nookie). Soon enough, Petra’s groom-to-be is planning an extravagant wedding at the Marbella, with megawatt guest performance by none other than Ms. Spears.  

As dear Brit-Brit marches about with a totally ridiculous army of fembots in tow (a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the trappings of stardom, perhaps?), Alba starts taking steps to pursue citizenship. Dressed in patriotic red and blue, she heads to the immigration attorney’s office, where the attorney informs her that there may be a hiccup with her application. The reason? Xo — her sponsor — has a felony conviction. But it’s not what it seems (really!). It turns out that back in the day, Xo took the fall for an ex-boyfriend who had shoplifted a pricey ring. In the words of my own abuela, “Eso no se hace.” (Translation, “That’s a no-no.”) Xo’s teenage escapades aside, there’s a more serious point to be made here: Immigration laws are constantly changing, and in the process, they can seem unreasonable. With a quick PSA in the form of on-screen graphics urging viewers to “VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!” Jane’s message is clear: if you don’t like the laws, it’s within your power to help change them.

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Jane definitely has the subject of change on her mind. She’s tired of the emotional limbo — Michael or Rafael? Rafael or Michael? — and after that amazing kiss with Michael, she’s prepared to make the decision to be with Michael forever. There’s just the small matter of telling Rafael. (Gulp.) Though she doesn’t know it, Rafael already knows what she’s decided — remember he overheard the news last week — but at Luisa’s urging, tries to make it impossible for Jane explain her feelings. Poor guy: A stable family is just within his grasp, and the possibility of it being taken away from him is something he’s just not willing to face. Who can blame him?

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A telenovela adaptation, Jane the Virgin tells the story of Jane Villanueva, a virgin who is accidentally inseminated during a routine checkup.
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