Jane tells Rafael her big secret and Xo records a demo with a music producer, while Michael is poised to get a big break of his own.

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April 28, 2015 at 12:23 AM EDT
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This episode, Jane told Rafael something special: “I’m still a virgin.” To some men, this might not be earth shattering, but to Rafael—for whom the “former” in “former playboy” wasn’t really all that long ago—those four words are a bomb, with the potential to blow up his relationship with Jane before it’s really begun. When Jane finally tells him the news over what’s supposed to be a romantic dinner, you can see she’s excited, nervous, and really, really scared. And with good reason: no one—not Michael, Petra, Rogelio, or even Xo—believes that she and Rafael can work. So when he visibly recoils at the news, you can see Jane’s imaginary castle come crumbling down. Ouch. The implications of a fallout is much than a mere breakup; after all, there’s a baby and a pretty big medical malpractice lawsuit at stake.

But first, we have to start with Rafael’s return from Mexico City. You might remember that last week, he was fired. Why? It turns out daddy was angry that he put the hotel at risk by using his shares as collateral for Luisa’s medical malpractice insurance. So Rafael set off to find Luisa south of the border, where the family owns a hacienda. He suspects she’s been boozing and with the help of her bar tabs, he’ll be able to track her down. But no dice: Rafael returns to Miami without having found his sister. “It was like chasing a ghost. A drunk ghost.”

Rafael is tan and his shirt is looking incredibly tight, so when he and Jane finally reunite after two weeks, their emotions are running at an all-time high. But not so fast: Jane coughs up the excuse of her upcoming court date as a reason to avoid jumping right into bed with him and so Rafael turns to a popular coping mechanism: food. Though for the record, his damage of choice consists of a petite green salad and a tumbler of scotch. So that’s the secret to his lean physique!

I think we can all assume that Rafael took a cold shower before heading to court for the pre-trial motion. Since he’s been fired, the hotel is no longer on the hook for Luisa’s malpractice but even so, he’s visibly relieved when his prodigal sister strides into the courtroom. She’s wearing a hippie-chic sundress and looks unreasonably relaxed, the reason for which soon becomes clear: She was off in Peru on a spiritual quest (with the help of some “magic” tea).

With Luisa back, Raf asks his dad for his job back, who agrees on one condition: Raf now has to report to Lachlan. But Lachlan has brought Petra on board, which means that Rafael will have to work for his archenemy and his ex-wife. As a typical guy, he’s launched into a “me me me” tirade with Jane over dinner, when suddenly they’re interrupted by the arrival of some spinach and artichoke dip. It’s been sent over by a couple at a neighboring table for “Jane the Virgin.” Better now, than never, right? At least that’s what Jane thinks when she finally gathers the courage to tell Rafael her big secret.

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Jane: “I made a promise to my grandma when I was young that I would wait until marriage.”

Rafael: ”And that’s still your plan?”

Jane: “Yes. Definitely”

Rafael: “That’s …great.”

Except Rafael clearly doesn’t take the announcement well, since he orders another drink on the rocks. Needless to say, the date doesn’t end well and before you can literally fire up a grilled cheese (or grab a cocktail of your own) Rafael is at the bar, where he meets a blonde babe who just happens to be lingering nearby. Rafael has another drink and before you can say the word “betrayal,” we see the two of them in bed together. And unfortunately, Jane does too, when she’s charged with bringing up two mimosas to their hotel room. Hear that? That’s the sound of her heart breaking.

Thing aren’t going so well for Xo either—though for all intents and purposes, things should be great. She’s dating a sexy soccer player, and she’s even caught the attention of an all-star music producer. But there aren’t any sparks in her relationship or in the studio. She ends things with her new man before they’ve really had a chance and her short-lived recording career seems to be heading for the same fate when the producer (played by Colombian rocker Juanes in a guest role) reveals that he was tipped off by Rogelio to give her a chance. Xo is crushed—after all, isn’t she destined to become the next Paulino Rubio?—but she’s also a tiny bit gratified. She craves sparks, the kind that feel like currents of electricity connecting two people. That’s certainly the case with her and Rogelio, and though Xo’s inclined not to encourage her daughter’s relationship with Rafael, the man who sparks Jane’s fire (ahem ahem), Xo can’t help but reflect on the fact that there really is something to be said for chemistry.

It turns out Luisa feels the same way. She may have gone halfway around the world on her so-called spiritual journey, but she’s still in love with Rose. So much so, that she’s determined to tell her dad the truth about her involvement with his wife. Well, not if Rose can take action first. She stages a fake intervention—where it’s revealed that Raf and Luisa’s mother suffered a mental breakdown—and an angry Luisa chokes Rose before being dragged off to a psychiatric hospital to be committed. ¡Que horror!

Though this family drama makes for a juicy episode, Rose isn’t the only one scheming for survival. In fact, her lies and manipulation are second only to the web that Petra has been concocting. She’s well aware that she can’t last much longer and with limited cash with which to fund her tiny hotel room (especially with the way her mother and their Czech-speaking captive go through room service lobster). So, get this: not only does she get a managerial position at the hotel by feeding Lachlan fodder against Raf, she gets him to fall in love with her again, too. He tells her he’ll delete their sex tape (remember that from the last episode) and confesses he “never stopped missing” her.

I’d say Petra emerged a winner—by nabbing a top spot at the hotel and ensuring a future meal ticket by seducing her former fiancée—but that’s not case… because Lachlan didn’t delete the tape at all. He may miss Petra, but that doesn’t mean his intentions have changed.

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Back to Rafael, who seems intent on proving to Jane that he’s no longer a womanizer and he didn’t mean to sleep with someone else. His argument is pretty unconvincing though: He doesn’t remember how he got into bed with the mystery blonde and he doesn’t even know if they had sex. Lucky for him, the woman shows up at Jane’s school, where she confesses to Jane that she was paid off to drug Rafael and pretend they had sex. (We’re supposed to image Petra was behind this, but the transaction was done online, so it’s a safe bet that that’s a red herring.)

Rafael—oh sweet, slightly dumb and unsuspecting Rafael—is totally taken aback when he finds out that he was roofied. But he seizes his chance to apologize to Jane, admitting that he freaked out when he found out about her virginity and acted like an idiot. Though at this point, Jane doesn’t seem ready to dive back into a relationship with him, she does remind him of what binds them together: their baby, who is actually starting to become a real eventuality since she’s finally showing (yay!). But of course, her reluctance doesn’t last long since the final moments of the episode features Rafael fessing up about his involvement with the lawsuit and making a final plea for their relationship:

“I’m going to fight for you, too. Jane, this is hard. I’ve been doing everything backwards. We’re having a baby and then we’re going on our first date. But I want to be with you, and I’m not giving up.”

Which brings us to the perfect place to reflect on Michael’s storyline this evening. There’s no fallout between he and his partner over their romantic rendezvous of the last episode; rather, they’re hot on Sin Rostro’s trail and close to figuring out a key figure in the investigation. That is, until they’re derailed by the fact that their suspect—a Serbian war criminal who is staying at the hotel—mysteriously disappears. What the heck should they do now that their most important lead has gone AWOL?

The evening’s episode neatly tied a few loose ends, with many questions from Chapter 7 neatly answered in a way so as to entertain some new drama with the upcoming midseason finale. That being the case, here’s some (ooey-gooey grilled cheese) food for thought:

– Within the span of an episode, Jane and Rafael experienced quite the emotional roller coaster as they flew high on romantic bliss and came crashing down faster than one could say “told you so.” Rafael says he’s learned his lesson, but how much do you want to bet that the topic of Jane’s virginity resurfaces in a problematic way?

– Michael and Jane’s romantic relationship seems to have come to a definite end, but c’mon: something tells me there’s a chance she could have a small part in helping solve the mystery of Sin Rostro’s identity. What do you think?

– The dramedy has never seemed like a platform for issues like immigration reform, if only because the world Jane writers have intentionally created a storyline that makes little of racial differences and polarizing political positions. That is, until tonight, when Jane’s grandmother revealed a secret of her own: She is an undocumented immigrant. Jane finds out at the same time the audience does and she’s immediately wary, if not scared—which partially accounts for why she decides to drop her legal case against Luisa. For a moment, one could imagine what might happen if Jane—a twentysomething, college student—were the undocumented immigrant. It makes the current debate swirling around the topic of immigration reform immediately relevant in a way that’s perhaps totally uncharacteristic, but completely welcome of a primetime soap.

– Speaking of abuelita, with her origins story revealed, she’s now set up for a story arc of her own. We already know a love interest is in her future—could a wedding and a path toward citizenship be as well?

– Michael’s encountered a temporary roadblock in his investigation, but here’s what we do know so far: his primary suspect is Serbian. Does that eliminate the possibility that Rogelio is involved? At the same time, does that implicate Petra’s role in a wider Eastern European crime ring?

Total sex scenes this episode: Four (several sweet smooches during Rafael and Jane’s reunion, a girl-on-girl lip lock, morning-after nekkidness when Rafael wakes up with his mystery blonde, and some pretty graphic moans courtesy of Lachlan and Petra’s sex tape)

Fans, what’s your take on the night’s events? Were you satisfied with the way Jane writers handled Luisa’s return? And is there a chance that Rogelio and Xo might act on those sparks before next week’s midseason finale?

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