Jane experiences a rocky patch with each of the men in her life, Petra’s relationship with her mom becomes horrifically manipulative, and a shocking new suspect in Zaz’s murder emerges.

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On Monday’s episode of Jane The Virgin, our young heroine experienced emotional difficulties with each of the men in her life: her father, her fiance, and her baby daddy. (And only one of those relationships seems to have emerged stronger because of it.) An abundance of emotional moments were punctuated by a few jaw-dropping scenes and there was even a cold-blooded murder in the episode’s final minutes, making the fifth chapter in our telenovela-inspired saga open to a slew of head-scratching theories and deeper musings about Jane’s deep-seated plea for honesty.

The night kicks off with Jane leaving her house in order to avoid her mother since she’s upset that Xiomara has kept her father’s identity a secret all these years. After all, if there’s one thing that Jane has wanted her entire life, it was a father. (Preferably in the form of actor Jimmy Smits.)

“I made a mistake!” Xo tells her daughter.

“A mistake is losing your keys,” replies Jane with a particularly icy bite. (Whoa! We haven’t seen this side of Jane before.) “You kept my father from me.”

“I know,” Xo says sadly. “I’m sorry.”

Did anyone else’s heart totally sink during this mother-daughter exchange? But without a second thought, Jane retreats to Michael’s pad, where she plans to spend the week leading up to their wedding. What she doesn’t know, though, is while she was packing up a few of her signature sundresses, Michael’s brother, Billy, stopped by to ask for $2,000 in exchange for leaving Jane alone. This leaves Michael to contemplate the extent of his meager savings.

Someone else is using cash as a bartering tool: Raf, who offers Petra $10k as part of a divorce settlement. “Think about Jane,” she pleads. Problem is, Raf is definitely thinking about Jane. Or rather, dreaming about Jane, clad in lingerie and clawing the bed sheets.

Meanwhile, in the hotel employee’s locker room we meet a new character: Disgusting Tom. He’s a bellhop who, as his name suggests, is totally creepy. (And therefore, seems to be the most likely suspect in Zaz’s murder.) But we’ve hardly been introduced to the guy when Rafael takes a moment to tell Jane that 1) his marriage is over and 2) that he’d still like to raise the baby.

“Sorry, that’s not what I pictured,” replies Jane. After all, Jane wants her child to have what she never did: a home with two parents.

It’s fodder for an emotional conversation with Michael, who actually agrees to raise the baby with Jane. Clearly he’s still feeling all kinds of righteous after last week’s teary wedding-shop apology. While Michael is facing the possibility of fatherhood, Rogelio—Jane’s soap star star dad—tries to get to know Jane over lunch at his telenovela set. But things don’t go exactly as planned: She doesn’t appreciate the elaborate Chichen Itza backdrop he had painted for the occasion, he drinks too much wine to soothe his nerves, and in lieu of a heart-to-heart gab session, he recommends that Jane read his unauthorized biography. #Fail.

Michael picks up Jane from the disaster of a father-daughter date and while in the car, Jane notices a file listing all the employees that were present the night of Zaz’s murder. Well, all of them except for Disgusting Tom, she tells Michael. I think she might have helped Michael crack the case, y’all. “Easy there, Veronica Mars,” Michael replies.

Despite the lame wisecrack, Michael later encourages Jane to try giving her dad another try. Dinner at home, perhaps? Jane decides she’ll try her hand at one of abuelita’s recipes for the occasion and drops by her home to browse through her yellowed cookbooks. But guess who’s home? Xo, though she’s supposed to be at dance class. “You think I can dance when my daughter won’t speak to me?” The emotion, people!

NEXT: “I don’t understand how you could have done it!”

Xo seizes the opportunity to apologize again, but Jane is soooo not having it.

“I don’t understand how you could have done it!”

“Because you’re not a mother yet,” says Xo, in that all-knowing tone of voice that mothers everywhere use (much to the annoyance of their children).

The episode is full of emotions bubbling to the surface when the matter of trust is brought up, particularly in the next scene when Michael questions Raf about the list of employees, which mysteriously failed to include Disgusting Tom. Raf insists he knows nothing about such an omission, but that’s not the point, as the subtitled scene relays the hilarious nature of two men battling it out for the affections of the same girl. As in, when Raf says “he’ll do anything to help” he really means “I could make her happy—happier than you.”

Sparks are flying but it’s nothing quite like Jane’s reaction when her bestie Lina reveals that she’s been dating Michael’s brother Billy. Well, not so much dating as having sex on the regular, but still. “What if he’s using you to piss off Michael?” asks Jane. Lina shrugs off that suggestion—as characteristic of women who are head over heels—and asks Jane to make a case for Billy to Michael. Hmm.

But Jane is a loyal girlfriend—the sort of which we all need in our lives—and breaks the news of her friend’s relationship to Michael. As expected, he doesn’t take the news well and offers a meager explanation for not wanting his brother around Jane. “I don’t want him to tell you stories,” he says. “Like what?” asks Jane. Michael comes clean about his teen delinquency—stealing cars and selling the parts—but Jane, for the unteempth time, pleads Michael to be honest with her.

Meanwhile, Xo and Rogelio have a tête-à-tête, but not of the bed sheets variety. He’s gone to the house to ask for Xo’s advice on how to best approach starting a relationship with Jane. She tells him to stop overcompensating for his absence, and shares this precious bit of insight about her daughter: “Jane’s not impressed by money or power. Jane likes going to the movies or shopping at Target, that kind of thing. Low key stuff.” My kind of girl!

So over a dinner of takeout Thai—since Jane’s attempt at cooking totally failed—Rogelio dives right into the emotional deep end and confesses that at 17, he had dropped out of school and was into drugs. He means to make Jane understand why Xo refused to divulge his identity, but Jane has a mini-break down and leaves dinner. It seems their relationship has really ended before it’s begun, but in short order, Rogelio is back at the hotel during Jane’s shift and it’s not just for the iced tea: He’s there to apologize and try the whole “getting-to-know-you” process once more. “I’m not walking away from you Jane Gloriana Villanueva, even if it’s not perfect.” Aww.

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It’s just what Jane needed to hear to gather the courage to make up her mind about the future of her bebé. She decides to tell Raf that she and Michael are prepared to share custody of the baby for a decidedly unconventional parenting arrangement. Raf gets hot under the collar—literally, he’s wearing a half-opened collard shirt and you can almost see the sweat beginning to pool—and looks to Michael for some sign that he’ll refute Jane’s wishes. But it seems that, Michael and Jane are really on the same page—that is, until back at Michael’s, Jane finds photos of Petra and Zaz in a hot-n-heavy embrace. Michael knew of their affair?! When he comes home, Jane understandably goes ballistic on him and he utters an apology that by now has become his trademark.

“I was scared, I was stupid, but everything I did because I love you. Jane, don’t leave.”

There are tears (That Gina Rodriguez knows how to turn on the waterworks!) and our heroine turns to the only person whom she knows will understand: Xo. Finally! Their falling out only lasted an episode, but I for one missed their sweet mother-daughter relationship, one of the few on the small screen today. But the sweet mother-daughter reconciliation was punctuated by a particularly gruesome scene involving Rafael and Rose, who have discovered Disgusting Tom bleeding to death in one of the hotel hallways.

“Who did this?” Raf asks Disgusting Tom.

Disgusting Tom’s response is slower than slow, slower than even a golden dollop of cheesy grilled cheese oozing from a warm sandwich. “Sin … Rostro.”

It’s worth noting that in the midst of all the drama, Petra has her very own storyline—fitting, since last week, Jane The Virgin fans learned that she’s been keeping her identity a secret. Her attempts to get back in Raf’s good graces totally fail—including both emotional blackmail and a steamy sexual advance—and when he makes it clear he means to divorce her, she’s upset (and maybe even a bit sorry for her affair). It turns out that in her grief and disappointment, she’s not wholly unlike Jane, and turns to her mother for consolation. But Magda is made of different stuff than Xo and advises Petra to use her negligee-clad body (oh baby, oh baby) to get her way with Raf. If she can win him back, then she can wait out the terms of her hefty pre-nup agreement. When that doesn’t work, Magda turns Mommy Dearest on her and gives her a telenovela-worthy slap. Not out of shame or even sheer abuse—it’s a bit of evil manipulation that’s part of Magda’s plan to accuse Rafael of physically abusing her daughter. That should ensure Petra a hefty settlement, more than enough to keep her in the style to which she’s become accustomed. (Hey, those silk nighties are pricey!)

Though the complicated relationships between Petra and her mother definitely warrants some theorizing, the episode has plenty else to mull over, including:

–Do you think Sin Rostro murdered Disgusting Tom, or ordered someone else to execute the hit? And are you convinced as I am that Petra’s mother is Sin Rostro?

–Commentator A brought up an excellent theory last week: Could Petra have paid for a hit on Zaz? That would explain her parking lot cash exchange with that Czech-speaking, burly bearded dude.

–What exactly are Billy’s motives for blackmailing Michael, dating Lina, and getting close to Jane?

–Dr. L still hasn’t shown up. Is she on a bender, as Raf suspects? Could she be hiding—or is it possible she’s been the victim of foul play? Remember, if she doesn’t show up for court hearing next week, Jane will get a default judgment and Rafael will lose his share of the hotel.

–With Michael and Jane on the outs, do you think the timing is right for newly single Rafael to reveal his feelings to Jane? Is it time for one of TV’s most riveting love triangles to come to a head? Are you #TeamRafael or #TeamMichael?

Total sex scenes this episode: Five (Raf’s sex dream featuring Jane, a flashback smooch between Petra and Rafael and another scene of the former couple making out. Jane and Michael kept it PG, with some cuddling in bed fully clothed and one sweet elevator kiss. Tame stuff.)

Fans, what do you think of the drama and unexpected developments? Are you ready for Rafael to make his move and for Sin Rostro to be revealed? Share your take, theories, and rants in the comments or on Twitter.

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