Jane makes a big discovery, tries on a wedding dress and tests the waters with Raf. (Sorta). And oh, Petra’s covering up something major.

By Nina Terrero
Updated April 28, 2015 at 12:28 AM EDT
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The latest installment of Jane’s journey was all about relationships—some were severed, some seemed just to begin, and others were severely tested. Emotions ran high and there were even lots of tears and oral sex, though one didn’t cause the other.

First up, Michael and Jane. Our lovebirds have been struggling throughout the early days of Jane’s pregnancy, as Michael has made it clear from the outset that he never wanted to father another man’s child. Things were rocky for a while when Jane revealed she had kissed Raf once years ago, but tonight, when she confesses to Michael that she had a sex dream about Raf, s— really hit the fan. That’s right: Jane’s endorphins are racing a mile a minute and this episode she graduated from the mere thrill of Raf’s touch to full on, juicy sex dreams featuring her baby daddy. So it goes without saying that her confession during pre-marital counseling with Father Ortega (Ugly Betty star Tony Plana—we missed you!) was enough to cause considerable friction between the pair. In Michael’s mind, Jane’s lust is totally out of line since he thinks he’s the one keeping their relationship on track: He proposed they move up their wedding date and he’s the only thing keeping Petra from a bunk in a prison cell. (After all, if she’s arrested, there goes the happy home so influential in Jane’s decision to give the baby to her and Raf.)

It’s a classic misunderstanding fueled by pregnancy hormones: Michael thinks he’s giving 100 percent, but to Jane, he seems aloof, distracted, and utterly out of touch, which only serves to add further doubt to whether she can go through with the marriage. Jane realizes her part in their rough spot—after all, she did just tell her boyfriend that she’s fantasized about getting it on with another dude. She’s sorry and tells Michael she’ll do her best to avoid Raf. Except that her efforts to do so lead to a scene where she backs into a pool at the club, with Raf jumping in to “save her.” It’s a sweet moment, with Raf’s white shirt completely drenched and open to reveal his smooth, impressively hairless pecs, until Michael manages to walk by and ruin, I mean interrupt, the moment. It went something like this:

Jane: “Michael, please, just stop! It was not what it looked like back there with Rafael. I was backing up and fell into the pool and he jumped in.”

Michael: “How chivalrous…”

Jane: “I was just talking to him about putting up boundaries. From now on all the baby stuff will go through Petra. I am doing everything I can do minimize contact, baby.”

Michael: “Is that supposed to make me feel better? That you have to go through these lengths to avoid this guy? Is the chemistry that intense?”


Realizing that apology/makeup attempt #2 better be good, Jane decides to take her mom’s advice. Well, kinda. “If you were a regular person I’d tell you to bang him with gusto,” wisely counsels Xo. Jane’s not gonna do that, so she does what she apparently does best—write an erotic letter to her man. As the narrator reminds us, “Jane is a virgin, not a saint.”

It’s just too bad, then, that Jane accidentally gives the letter to Raf in lieu of an article that she wrote on the hotel for a local publication as a favor to him. Oops. Some of you might have thought Raf would order up the caramel and handcuffs after reading Jane’s letter, but that’s not the case. He seems to be almost grossed out by the notion. (Nice acting there, Justin Baldoni.) Nope, not a chance, he tells Jane—he sees her like a sister. It’s a turnoff for Jane, but it puts an end to her fantasies, once and for all. Which is why Jane is able to gather the guts to be honest with Michael in the next scene. “Marriage won’t be easy,” she tells him at their usual meeting spot, a random hallway at the hotel. “I love you. And I really want to marry you. But only if things go back to the way they were.”

NEXT: Michael finds some (surprising) new evidence in Zaz’s murder

Jane’s desire for everything to be “normal” leads straight to the matter of Zaz’s cold-blooded murder since it’s a big part of why Michael’s been so skittish. Detectives still consider Petra the primary suspect in the case: She has no alibi as to where she was during the murder and they know she was sleeping with Zaz. She insists to Michael she had nothing to do with it, but who believes her? He doesn’t, but he has to figure out something if he’s going to prevent her arrest and make things right with Jane. Maybe she can spot something in the hotel room that’s out of order that can act as a clue? Petra has the attention span of a gnat, but Michael sees something that changes everything: a dent in the wall that’s flecked with gold paint. He puts two and two together and figures out that a bellman’s luggage cart caused the dent and that a bellman might be the missing piece to this good old-fashioned whodunnit.

Freakin’ genius. With a new suspect in the picture, Petra can duck arrest, leaving her and Raf to live happily ever after without a) Raf finding out that she slept with Zaz and b) her being arrested.

Except hello, this isn’t Law and Order: it’s a topsy-turvy telenovela. Raf is a lot smarter that his good looks might indicate. Though his dad definitely doesn’t think so, and that’s why his dad has brought in new leadership for the hotel. Raf has figured out, on hunch alone, that Petra slept with Zaz. But it isn’t until he and Petra conspire against said new leadership—a guy named Lackland, who’s revealed to have been Petra’s ex-fiancee—that he realizes exactly how good of a liar she really is. So it’s no amount of regret that he says it’s over. No mas. Fin. Terminado. Se acabó.

But Petra and Raf’s relationship isn’t the only thing that’s over. Xo and Rogelio seem to have never really had a chance. They had the potential to be one of the greats, like Joey and Dawson, Mulder and Scully, Ross and Rachel. Transcendent, really. Xo is let down gently, if not inelegantly, by Rogelio over a phone call while he’s in uniform at the telenovela set. For him, their relationship is really about the sex, made sentimental by the fact that she’s the mother of his only child. Whether he sticks to that is another thing after all together—after all, “excellent sex” is one of those things one can’t give up so easily—but that’s where things stand, solidified by the gift of a gold bracelet actually meant for her this time. (Turns out the gold bracelet she found last week was dropped into her gift basket by mistake.)

Though for the record, Rogelio is very much interested in taking things to the next level with another woman: Jane. He keeps dropping by the hotel to see her (under the pretext of loving their iced tea) and just when Jane begins to think of him as an eccentric soap star with an untapped fetish for gals in hotel uniform, things get even weirder. He stops by the wedding dress shop where she’s trying out gowns with her mom and abuelita. Now, given that she’s just made up with Michael—who dropped by and recited one of the most exquisite made-for-TV apologies ever—emotions are running high. What does the soap star-turned-stalker want? The chance to tell Jane the truth, despite whatever misgivings Xo might have had about hiding his identity all these years.

There was no doubt that a scene like this would end in tears, but TV tradition dictates that Jane would cry in a smiling-beauty-queen type of way. Instead, Jane—dressed in frothy white confection of a wedding dress—feels betrayed, confused, and upset. One can almost hear Jane’s heart breaking into pieces as she’s left with the realization that her mother intentionally withheld her father’s identity from her all these years. Que pena.

With so much going on, one might have believed the episode over and walked away to prep the makings of a post-Jane grilled cheese. But in the last few minutes of the episode, Petra and Raf got some extra airtime with some OMG-worthy revelations that will certainly keep their respective storylines interesting. Such as: Raf is seen waking up in bed from a naughty dream about Jane. Now we know the real reason why the casting director chose someone with such a big lips. (Yes, I went there.) As for Petra, it seems like our blonde Barbie really does have a dark side, in a scene that is straight out of a Liam Neeson thriller.

The setting: a platinum beauty slips into the passenger seat of a black car parked in a deserted lot. In the driver’s seat, a burly, bearded man awaits. They begin conversing in throaty Czech:

Burly, bearded man: “I hope you have the money.”

Petra: “I nearly got arrested because of you. But yes, I have your money. And now, we’re done.”

Burly, bearded man: “I’ve reconsidered. We’re not done. I’d like more. And in the future, I’d watch your tone, Natalia.”

NEXT: Wait, what?

Natalia? We knew that Petra might have had ties to the same drug cartel that Michael is investigating, but do her connections go even deeper than we thought? As in totally-different-identity deeper? This episode raced through makeups, breakups, wedding dress fittings, and sex dreams at a remarkable speed, though throughout it all, themes of personal growth, old attachments, family loyalties and physical attraction complicating emotional ties fused the storylines together. With quite a bit at stake next week—a possible wedding, a reconciliation between Xo and her mother, Luisa’s court date—here are some final thoughts:

–Who is Petra concealing her true identity from—and why?

–Why did she owe burly bearded man money? We’ve done a good job of avoiding stereotypes in the show thus far, so far be it from me to assume just because he’s burly and bearded he’s a member of the underworld. But is he? And if so, is he associated with her mother, whom we’re presuming is Sin Rostro?

–Now that Raf and Petra aren’t together, who will get the baby? Jane’s made it pretty clear that she doesn’t want to give the baby to them if they’re not a couple, but now that Michael has said he’d be open to the possibility of raising the child, there’s a host of new scenarios on the horizon.

–With things neatly resolved between Jane and Michael, is their wedding officially back on? Will Raf reveal his true feelings before the big day?

–Will Rogelio walk Jane down the aisle?

–How will Jane patch things up with her mother?

–Luisa was MIA during the entire episode. Her brother Raf believes she’s on a alcohol-fueled bender, but where is she? Not even her stepmom-slash-lover knows where she is, but will she turn up in time appear for her scheduled pre-trial motion?

–Some of the backstory regarding the friction between Raf and his father was revealed, largely stemming from Raf’s irresponsibility during his wild years. But tonight, he staged an impressive coup with his proposed business plan for the hotel. Will his relationship benefit from his new business-savvy? What will happen to Lachlan?

–Who is the bellman that’s now a possible suspect in Zaz’s murder? There’s still the possibility it might have been Petra, but surely someone would have spotted her in bellman’s garb. Since we haven’t been introduced to a bellman at the hotel, could the bellman possibly be one of Jane’s friends and a fellow hotel employee?

–During the episode, we met Rogelio’s ex-wife and current manager. Is there a chance that she’ll emerge as a bigger player in the series?

Total sex scenes this episode: Three (two fantasy scenarios between Raf and Jane; one sweet smooch between Jane and Michael)

Too many wild possibilities, not enough to go on—fans, what’s your take on tonight’s crazy turn of events?

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