Jane gets a taste of life as a single mom and Alba reveals the details of her accident.
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Falling out of love and regaining normalcy after being in a relationship is a painful process: It’s exhausting, difficult, highly caloric (think snack foods and supersize margaritas), and can also be a long process to boot.

But for Jane, getting over Rafael looks decidedly different—mostly because she’s close to reaching the end of her pregnancy. Preparing for the baby’s arrival has been a motivating factor for Jane as she picks up the pieces post-Rafael, and she’s really making it look very easy by throwing herself into mommy life, like going to OB/GYN visits like it’s NBD. Xo looks like a hot mess in comparison, languishing around the house while thinking of Rogelio. You see, she hasn’t had closure, because Rogelio has refused to see her. (In his defense, he’s just been offered the chance to return to The Passion of Santos as its star with a producer credit to boot. ¡Wepa!)

But Jane has really only diverted her anger about being dumped by her baby daddy, which manifests itself when it comes to the topic of Alba’s accident. You see, Alba told Jane everything about that night: How she found a man in Petra’s room and ran to the stairwell, where Magda pushed her. The whole affair makes sweet Jane M-A-D and motivates her to confront Petra, especially after she bumps into Magda—now a Marbella employee—in the staff locker room. “I’m going to make sure she pays for it,” Jane tells Petra of Magda.

Back at home, Jane and Alba are discussing the accident—specifically whether Alba’s undocumented legal status would pose a problem should she go to the police—when Xo walks in. She hasn’t heard the specifics about that night but immediately comes up with a solution: Michael. “Mom, when you were in the hospital some immigration stuff came up,” Xo reveals, “And Michael made it go away.”

This revelation sends Jane running to Michael. “You saved my grandmother, thank you, thank you, thank you so much.” Can he help them again now? Of course—it’s Michael, who makes no secret of his concern for Jane and her well-being. He’s helping her strictly out of the goodness of his heart… right? Given that Andie is nowhere to be found during the episode, I’ll venture that he’s slightly motivated at the idea of getting back on Jane’s good side.

Moments after Jane and Michael meet up, Petra gets a call from the police, who would like both her and her mother to come in for questioning in conjunction for an attempted murder. She asks Magda up front: “Did you have anything to do with this stair incident?” Now, while Petra knows her mother is no angel, she certainly wasn’t expecting to hear her mother’s response. Though Petra’s been disappointed by her mother many times, you can’t help but feel her pain when she learns about the criminal lengths her mother went to in order to protect her.

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Meanwhile, Luisa has returned to the Marbella with a new girlfriend in tow with the mission of putting the hotel back to rights. Now, Luisa knows she doesn’t have any hotel management experience, but as she puts it, “I have an IQ of 152 and I basically got through med school drunk, so I’ll figure it out.”

And she actually does figure it out. (You go, girl!) Her girlfriend Juicy J, is a wrestler, and Luisa stages a big match between Juicy J and her biggest rival, Candy Krush at the hotel. The match—which looks wildly successful with a big crowd in attendance—quickly becomes a metaphor for the relationships between Jane and Petra (The Cold War vs. The Pregnant Punisher), Michael and Rafael (Detective Danger v. the Hote-elier), and even Xo and Rogelio (Mommy Long Legs vs. De La Vengeance). Each of these pairs is seemingly in a cutthroat battle where the stakes are high and tempers are hot. In Jane’s case, she’s upset with Petra for protecting her mother, while Michael and Rafael are once again at odds about who can be at Jane’s side, and Xo and Rogelio—well, despite being brought together by Jane at the match, these two are definitely not getting back together despite Xo’s plea for a reconciliation. (Okay, okay, maybe the fact that Rogelio’s first ex-wife cheated on him has something to do with it. #Baggage).

In any case, things go nowhere fast when Michael and Jane fail to catch Petra and Magda in their lies. These two are just too good at scheming and plotting, a point which is proved when Ivan (the man they had held hostage, remember) even helps cover up their lies.

The single person who’s stopped the lies—sort of—is Rafael. Though he’s continued to keep his true feelings from Jane, he decides to open up to Luisa, who reminds him that before all this stuff happened—as in, before she accidentally used his sperm to inseminate the wrong woman—they were close. The night ends with Rafael telling Luisa everything, including how he proposed to Jane and contacted his mother. “I get it,” Luisa says in response. “I just think you gave up the wrong thing.”

Back to our girl Jane. She’s still proceeding as though she’s a single mom, even going as far to MacGyver a device to hold a burning Moxa stick near her feet. (Combined with acupuncture, it’s supposed to help turn breech babies. The more you know!) As she dozes off—seriously, how much stress can a single girl take?—the smoke from the Moxa stick ignites a small fire at the foot of her bed. It could have caused a serious accident, but luckily abuelita extinguished the flames. Alba freaks out, and understandably: Jane could have been hurt. And she is. Jane finally admits that all of her recent efforts have been preparation for her life as a single mom—a life she never thought she’d have. Still, it’s a much-needed miracle when in the middle of the night, the baby turns. Fist bump!

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The events of the evening before have helped make Jane resolute about her life to come. She’s never seen herself as a victim—however dire her circumstances—and she’s not about to begin doing so. Triumphs will have to take a different form, and she has her baby to think of now. That’s why in the morning, she decides to ask Rafael when Petra will be leaving the hotel. (Magda’s dismissal simply isn’t enough.) After all, in Jane’s eyes, Petra is an accomplice in an attempted murder. This causes quite the rift between our two ex-lovebirds, as Jane understandably doesn’t want to be near the woman who has posed such a threat to her family, while Rafael makes the mistake of defending Petra. This fight gets all kinds of ugly, especially when Jane packs a punch with the announcement that she’s quitting her job at the Marbella.

“Stop. This is ridiculous,” Rafael retorts in response. “I live here, I work here. The baby is going to be here. Quitting is not the answer.” And while Jane may have realized he was right, she goes ahead with her plan to leave her long-time place of employment. When she returns home, she sits Alba and Xo down for a family meeting. “I thought co-parenting was best for the baby, but I was wrong,” she says. “His sister connected to Sin Rostro and his crazy ex wife has a murderous mother.”


“What’s best for the baby is to be as far away from the Marbella and all those people as possible,” Jane says, making no secret of her resolution in the matter. “I’m calling the lawyer. I want full custody.”

Elsewhere in “Chapter 20”:

  • Alba had her own bit of heartbreak in this episode. You’ll remember that she was horrified to learn that her crush Edward was a priest—how could she ever atone for asking him out on a date? Then we found out that her feelings weren’t one-sided when Edward asks her out to lunch. It’s only then—with brief touch of their hands—that the Padre admits he has feelings for Alba, too. “I’m fooling myself to think we can just be friends,” he says shyly. What do you think is next for these two?
  • Things with Xo and Rogelio don’t end on an all-together positive note. After their spars at the wrestling match, Xo shows up at the telenovela set to offer an apology. ‘So you can come over and hang around Jane and not worry. I get it. It’s over.” Rogelio is shocked to hear it …and in the process, looks so handsome with tears in his eyes.
  • Several of last week’s commentators called it: Petra has the hots for Rafael. It seems like the more she has feelings for him, the more elaborate her lies get. Case in point: She forked over forged medical papers to “prove” her mother was incapacitated and in a wheelchair at the time of Alba’s accident, and got her ex-boyfriend involved to make sure Ivan would keep quiet. She even fake-compromised with Rafael on the subject of taking out a second loan for the Marbella and fired her mother as a hotel maid. “I’m going to get him back,” Petra tells her mom.

Total sex scenes this episode: 2 (That passionate telenovela kiss at the top of the hour, followed Luisa and Juicy Jane necking like teenagers upon their arrival at the Marbella. You can always count on Luisa to bring some spice to the show!)

Jane fans, what do you think is at stake in the next episode? Will Jane stick to her decision to go at motherhood solo? Will Petra’s lies help her get close to Rafael? Will things heat up between Alba and Edward? What about Xo and Rogelio? Share your take on the night’s triumphs and dramatic tension in the comments or with me on Twitter.

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