Jane tries to fix her relationship with Rafael, and Michael makes a shocking discovery about his detective partner.

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April 28, 2015 at 12:08 AM EDT
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Love hurts. (Seriously: The power ballads are all true.) Coming off the heels of last week’s breakup with Rafael, Jane finds herself in disbelief that the man she loved is really, truly over her. That being the case, she shows up to his hotel suite.

“Did I do something? Then what? You don’t go from asking someone to marry you to breaking up?” Rafael—looking resolute, if somewhat pained—cites the fact that he frequently disappoints her. “It wouldn’t have worked.”

But Jane’s not buying it, and when her BFF Lina tells her that she saw Rafael having dinner with a mysterious woman, she puts two and two together and decides to confront him about it.

“Why didn’t you tell me you saw your mom last night?” Jane asks. “I would have been there for you.”

Rafael: “I didn’t tell you. This is about the fact that we want different things and the fact that I am constantly disappointing you.”

Jane: “I love you. Do you still love me?”

Rafael: “Yes. But that doesn’t mean that I can make you happy or we can be together.”

Jane: “No, but that it means that we can work on it. Please don’t walk away.”

During this scene, Jane is teary-eyed and looking super-pregnant—which is probably why Raf gives in when she suggests couples therapy.

She’s just secured an appointment with a therapist (who has seven initials after her name) when Xo walks in and confesses that she’s kissed Marco. Jane doesn’t have the answers when Xo asks her for advice—she has her own issues to deal with and a relationship to fix.

The next day brings the all-important therapy session, which doesn’t begin exactly as planned. The therapist—played by a sleek-haired Nia Vardalos—gets right to the heart of their problems, namely Rafael’s inability to fulfill Jane’s expectations.

“Your reluctance would make sense,” she says. “After everything you’ve been through, a divorce, the death of your father, the traumatic meeting with your mother, you might not be emotionally available to give Jane what she needs.”

We see Jane literally deflate as she hears this, which means she’s not in the mood to party when she heads to her baby shower. Lina planed the bash and even invited her BFF’s romance writers group. Amanda (Jane Seymour) is there, and Andie is too. Ahem. Within minutes, Jane is on the other end of two apologies: One from Andie, who apologies for being a stalker and the second from Amanda, who slapped Rogelio when she saw him at the shower. (Reason being that Rogelio stood her up years ago. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!)

NEXT: Our favorite preggo makes an unexpected move

Though Jane’s reeling a bit from the day’s events, she’s thrown another curve ball when Lina asks whether she’s scheduled her C-section. C-section? Jane though she’d have a natural delivery—a plan which Lena dismisses with visible disdain. “You’re going to lose your virginity to your baby?”

Jane hadn’t though of that—and frankly, neither did I. Jane has taken the whole virginity thing pretty seriously and though at this point she’s not expecting an evening straight out of one of her favorite romance novels, she certainly doesn’t love the idea of her baby breaking her hymen.

That being the case, Jane definitely has sex on the brain when Rafael comes strolling into the baby shower, flowers in hand. He’s there for appearance’s sake but during a trivia game, the butterflies commence. Could their relationship really be over if they still feel that chemical rush? Maybe not—and that’s why Rafael tells Jane he’s willing to try some of the exercises the therapist recommends.

It’s nightfall, Jane and Rafael try some intimacy exercises that leads to some skinny-dipping in the hotel pool. The clothes are off and, Jane’s happily ever after seems like just within reach—which prompts her to say that she’d like to have sex. “Let’s do it,” she says, running her fingers through Rafael’s hair. “I want to.”

It’s clear she thinks that having sex will fix their damaged relationship, and Rafael doesn’t seem to want to stop her. Which is exactly why I was so relieved when a hotel security guard interrupted them just in the nick of time. With that, the moment’s over. (Thank goodness, right?)

At home, Jane tells Xo that she nearly lost her virginity. “It would be nice to have sex before the baby comes, right?” she says, mulling the idea over. “And the therapist did talk about compromises.”

Xo: “You can’t compromise who you are.”

Jane: “A virgin is not who I am.”

Xo: “But it’s important to you.”

Jane: “So is Rafael. I love him. I want it to work.”

Oh, Jane. She dreams up a compromise and goes to the hotel to tell Rafael—who’s back in his suite after having visited the therapist solo—that she’d like to take up his offer to move in together. “Look, last night got me thinking and I realize something has changed,” says Rafael. “I just don’t love you the way you love me. That’s the problem. That’s why this won’t work.”

If you think this sounds less than sincere, you’d be right. Rafael thinks he’s doing the right thing by breaking up with Jane, though that doesn’t make breaking up with her for the second time any easier. “This relationship is over.”

While this is all going down, Rogelio—who has secured a one-night residency in Vegas with Xo as his opening act—tells Xo that Amanda kissed him. Xo’s response? Perfectly casual, nonchalant, even. It’s not until later, when the two are doing a photo shoot for the Vegas act, that she confesses her own transgression. “It was stupid and it didn’t mean anything to me,” she tells him. Even so, Rogelio’s clearly cut to the core, and after an over-the-top tiff, he tells her “this relationship is over.”

While the Villanueva girls are experiencing heartache, Michael is getting in deeper with Andie. In fact, these two are pretty close to making it official when Michael bumps into Jane at the hotel after her (second) break up with Rafael. He brings up the fact that he wishes Jane had told him about Andie’s efforts to get him back, but the subject quickly changes when he notices Jane’s tears. She’s okay, she assures him, but Michael smells an opportunity and shoots off a quick text to Andie. “Andie, I just can’t get over what you did. I think we should end this.” Is there a chance that Michael and Jane could get back together after all?

NEXT: Petra proves she can take care of herself

On to Petra’s story line in “Chapter 19.” Remember how we all got worked up about Roman kidnapping her? Roman took Petra deep into a deserted cabin in the Everglades, where he revealed his plan to use all of Sin Rostro’s contacts—stored on the flash drive necklace Petra had in her keeping—to run his own crime ring. When the topic of money comes up, she perks up and sees her chance to escape.

“We want the same things out of life,” Petra tells Roman, while snuggling up to him. “Money, lots and lots of money.” How could we forget? Petra can take care of herself, and she seduces him with the intent of getting him to fall into a post-sex slumber so she can steal his cell phone. She manages to call the police before Roman catches her, and the scene ends with Petra accidentally impaling him. It’s a real “oops” moment that leaves Petra feeling slightly victorious. Though you know what they say—unless you see the dead body, there’s always a chance they could come back.

Even so, Petra killing Roman has more than a few upsides, including the fact that Michael can use the flash drive contents as evidence in his Sin Rostro case. He finds something totally unexpected: Nadine’s name among the list of Sin Rostro’s contracts. Is it true? Was his partner working for a criminal suspect under investigation? He confronts Nadine, who confesses. That’s why she had been trying to derail him; she even tipped off bellboy Tom. “There were so many times I wanted to tell you, but couldn’t,” she says, revealing that Sin Rostro had threatened to hurt her family if she didn’t act as a double agent.

Though Michael is upset, he understands. “There a lot of names on that list. It’ll probably take me an hour to find your name. Two, tops.” He’s offering Nadine a way out—and it seems like she’ll take it.

Elsewhere in “Chapter 19”:

  • We learned a few interesting things about Rogelio: He moisturizes seven times a day (“My pores are closely connected to my emotions. When one is closed, the other is clogged.”) and doesn’t consider himself a triple-threat. “I don’t have to use the term triple threat, because it suggests I’m limited to only three skills. The fact is, in addition to acting and dancing, I’m a rather phenomenal singer.” Turns out actor Jaime Camil is a pretty good singer—wasn’t his solo act during Jane’s shower fantastic?
  • In the episode’s final scene, Alba picks up Jane at the hotel, where she spots Petra and her mother reuniting at the Marbella entrance. “I think she’s the one who pushed me down the stairs!” Alba tells a wide-eyed Jane. Will Alba report Magda to the authorities? It’s more clear than ever that Magda is really the only person Petra can count on. Can she survive without her?
  • This show’s trademark use of magic realism took the form of multiple alter egos as Jane and Rafael wrestled with their respective emotions throughout the episode. Pool Jane! Lovesick Jane! Horny Rafael! Contrite Rafael! Fun or kind of freaky?

Total sex scenes this episode: 4 (Petra seduces Roman; Rogelio and Amanda smooch; Michael and Andie kiss; Jane and Rafael get hot-n-heavy in the hotel pool.)

Jane fans, are you happy that fate stopped Jane from sleeping with Rafael? Do you think Michael will make a move in next week’s episode? What new developments await in the Sin Rostro case? And are things really over between Xo and Rogelio?

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