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Our girl Petra was also having her fair share of emotional moments, but not exactly the good kind. As the narrator reminded us, when it comes to men, “she knows how to pick ‘em.” At the top of the hour, she was planning a vacation to Spain with Lachlan and by the end of the episode, he dumped her. “Karma’s a bitch,” Lachland says. “Are you surprised you could be out-maneuvered?” But you know Petra—she’s never without a male companion for long and though she was literally at her last nerve with Milos, it turned out she was lucky to have him around. Why? Because Milos purchased 33 percent of the hotel, which was put up for sale by Lachlan and Rafael earlier in the episode. Milos offers to share ownership with her so they can “continue to be in each other’s lives.” It’s kind of sweet, but it’s also kind of creepy that Petra has slept with all the men who currently share ownership of the hotel.

And oh yeah: Michael finally got with the program and figured out that Rose is Sin Rostro (with a little help from Emilio’s executive assistant and some intel from Emilio’s former mistress). He’s totally giddy about it but still has a big piece of the puzzle to figure out, namely, who killed Zaz. Zaz’s twin has NEVER come up as a possible suspect so the fact that Rafael was seen interacting with him during the final minutes of the episode is a huge deal. What could possibly be going on?

Elsewhere in “Chapter 13”:

  • Rogelio suffered from some serious post-traumatic stress after losing his job on “The Passions of Santos.” He stuffed his face with sandwiches, racked up bills on eBay (“I happen to be in the middle of a very heated bidding war on eBay to take my mind off the heated bidding way currently raging over my acting services”), and even snapped in front of Xo’s dance class pupils. But he eventually did the wise thing by listening to the woman in his life (Xo!) and auditioned for unconventional roles. The result? He has a job offer—but it’s for a telenovela that films in Mexico.
  • Jane was caught up in her baby’s medical issues and totally forgot to find out its sex; something she had previously been hung up on. She’s still “99.9 percent certain it’s a girl,” she tells Rafael but it’s nice to see that Jane is determined to stay true to her new parenting philosophy of “letting go a little.”
  • Alba was really motivated for physical therapy, and it’s because Cheech Marin is there, giving her all kinds of looks. Jane has delighted with its guest stars thus far (like Juanes and Paulina Rubio), and I can’t wait to see whether Marin sweeps abuela off her feet. Can’t you picture the two of them walking the treadmill side by side in matching jumpsuits?
  • Some new characters emerged during the evening: Scott, Emilio’s assistant and Whitney Devour, Emilio’s girlfriend; and Danielle Sullivan, the hotel’s CFO. All of them played a significant role in “Chapter 13” and it’s worth keeping an eye out for them in future episodes.

Total sex acts this episode: 3 (A flashback to Petra and Lachlan in bed; Rafael giving some sweet love pecks to Jane when they first hear of the bad news at the hospital and again when Jane announces she wants to go through with the test. Aww.)

Jane fans, what do you think: Was it Zaz or Zaz’s twin who showed up in the episode’s final moments? What kind of conspiracy do you think Milos and Petra will cook up to exact revenge on Lachlan? Will Rogelio leave for the telenovela job in Mexico or will he stay with Xo in Miami? And ahem—will Alba get it in with the cuteness that is Cheech Marin?

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A telenovela adaptation, Jane the Virgin tells the story of Jane Villanueva, a virgin who is accidentally inseminated during a routine checkup.
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