The Barons are on the brink of war while Sunny works with M.K. to control his powers.

By Kyle Fowle
December 07, 2015 at 12:56 AM EST
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This week’s Into The Badlands, “Two Tigers Subdue Dragons,” opens on Matilda running through the forest completely covered in blood, having survived, along with her mother, Quinn’s raid on their fort. She stumbles into the road in front of a jeep, screaming for help. When the men get out to help her, the Widow throws two of her butterfly ninja star things and kills them both.

Together, the Widow, Matilda, and the rest of her “sisters” climb aboard the jeep, filled with gold, and begin to set in motion a plan that could bring about war, or at least bring down Quinn. It seems that just about every move made in this episode is to quicken Quinn’s downfall.

Back at the fort, Sunny is working to train M.K., but as usual, the boy is rushing into action. He’s stubborn and has quite the ego; when he thinks he has the upper hand on Sunny, he goes after him, but his mentor quickly puts him in his place, which is on his ass on the ground.

That training leads to M.K. practicing on his own at night. When he’s worried that he’s not fast or strong enough, he contemplates cutting himself and enabling his powers. Sunny watches from a distance as he pulls out a knife, hovering it over his palm. He ultimately puts the knife away though, knowing that he can’t control his rage yet.

Meanwhile, one of Jade’s biggest secrets is finally revealed to be not so much of a secret. While she’s planning her wedding along with Lydia, she tells her that instead of being enemies they should work together, that Jade has often viewed Lydia as a mother. Lydia’s response/motherly advice? That having sex with both her soon-to-be husband and his son probably isn’t the best idea. That’s a Lydia mic drop, in case you were wondering.

While Lydia and Jade are sparring over Quinn, the real, live Quinn is once again visiting with Veil, getting an update on his tumor. She says that while she doesn’t have a ton of experience treating such an ailment, she knows her father had a remedy of sorts. It’s not a cure, but it could shrink the tumor and let him live longer. It’s about the only option he has.

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After witnessing M.K. almost cut himself, Sunny decides that it’s time to see what M.K. can do with his power and see if he can control it. He takes him to an abandoned part of the Badlands and swiftly cuts him with his sword. M.K.’s eyes go dark and he punches Sunny in the chest, which sends him flying more than a few feet backward.

When Sunny and M.K. both regain consciousness after the incident, M.K. is livid. He says he’s not ready to control his rage, that he could have killed Sunny. Sunny says it’s not about control, but rather balance. When his rage takes over, he needs to find something pure to focus on, something inside of him. But what in this world is still pure?

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With Quinn’s reign being threatened, he decides to go on the offensive and agrees to the parlay with Jacoby, another baron. He sends Ryder to meet with Zephyr and organize the meet, a task that his son balks at because he’s the literal worst person ever. Still, he goes and sets the meeting, but before Zephyr can leave he says that he has his own proposal to make. Oh boy.

When the parlay finally happens, it starts off well enough, with Quinn telling Jacoby that he didn’t ambush his transport and steal his gold, and furthermore saying that the two need to unite against the Widow, that it’s her causing all the problems between the barons.

Before anyone can come to an agreement though, Matilda sneaks into the graveyard where the parlay is being held and covertly throws a pickax, the weapon of choice and insignia of Jacoby’s men, at Quinn, who’s only saved by the fact that Sunny is awesome, as he catches the weapon just before it slams into Quinn’s skull.

An all-out martial arts brawl ensues, with everyone in the warring faction breaking off and slaughtering one another. It’s M.K. who chases down Matilda, who nobody else saw, and begins to fight her while asking her why her mother is trying to start a war. As they’re fighting though, Matilda cuts M.K. and his rage takes over. He slams her against a wall and looks ready to kill her until she shouts his name and pleads for his life.

The black slowly fades from his eyes and he passes out as Matilda makes her escape, throwing a butterfly ninja star at Sunny as he stumbles upon the scene. It looks like Sunny and M.K. may have found the one thing in this world that M.K. believes is pure.

That butterfly ninja star comes in handy when Sunny sees that Zephyr and Jacoby have Quinn surrounded and are about to kill him. He shows them the Widow’s weapon, which proves that she started all of this, that it’s she who’s looking to create instability. For now, the two warring barons stop fighting, but as we see at the end of the episode, no baron is safe.

When Quinn and Sunny return to the fort, they see that all of their Clippers have been slaughtered by the Widow and her young assassins, and all the cogs, the people who live on the fort and work on the land, have gone with her after being given the gold pieces she took from Jacoby’s transport.

While it seems like a simple plan, that Quinn will now go after the Widow, there’s more to it. Zephyr, having considered the offer from Ryder, agrees to work with him, but also with the Widow; they’ll work together to bring Quinn down. That gives Ryder his coveted spot as Baron, allows Zephyr to take Jacoby’s place, and in turn the Widow wants Ryder to deliver M.K. to her.

The Widow isn’t the only one looking for M.K. though. At the end of the episode, Sunny goes to visit with the River King, a man who can potentially transport him, Veil, and M.K. safely out of the Badlands. The River King agrees to the passage, and he only wants one thing in exchange. He wants the boy who slaughtered a number of people being shipped to him. That boy? M.K. So the question becomes, will Sunny give up M.K. to save Veil, or will he find another way to get them all to safety? With only two episode left in the season, answers are on their way.

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