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November 10, 2017 at 12:35 AM EST

How to Get Away With Murder

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Oliver says…

Amid Annalise’s mini-trial (which, by the way, had a ridiculous amount of attendants, considering it was a certification hearing), Connor has begun feeling really good about himself. And not in the “I’m drunk at 3 p.m. on a Wednesday and this stripper has on a leopard thong” sorta way, either.

Dropping out of law school was, for better or worse, a freeing experience from him, and now he has the financial liberty to work pro bono on Annalise’s service and do some good for the world (for now, at least). Add in the fact that his father has given him his blessing and allowed him to keep that wad of tuition cash, and it’s all coming up roses for Connor.

Which is why he decides to propose to Oliver with the twist tie off of a bread bag. Because it’s…romantic? Somehow?

Connor is the only person left who hasn’t been showered with spilled beans about this Laurel-versus-Her Dad master plan, but Oliver is right there in it. When he’s not doing hired-hand IT activities around the office and helping Michaela sneak in and around the mainframe on the sly, he’s been helping Simon deal with his immigration status issues. Now that he’s the only one who knows how to access their super-fancy new mainframe room — and that they’ll need one of the four partners’ access cards to get into it — he’s spearheading the break-in plan for the big celebration party that’s set for Friday all of a sudden.

Michaela refuses to betray Tegan and take her card because she still believes her shiny shoe generosity and encouragement has earned her loyalty. But Oliver sees a potential scapegoat that could still work; Michaela can steal Tegan’s card and blame it on Simon, since Oliver knows all his log-in information and can definitely set him up. They might all go to the bad place after such a terrible deed, but they kinda hate Simon anyway, so. Shrug.

Oliver’s conscience isn’t unclear over all of that, no — it’s the fact that he hasn’t told Connor about it that’s most upsetting him, and that’s why he turns down the ultra-sweet proposal (swoon line FTW: “Marry me so I can spend the rest of my life trying to make you as happy as you make me”).

We’ll have to wait to see whether Connor’s reaction is (1) Frank’s jaw drop and then “hey we’ve done worse, so let’s go” mojo, or (2) Asher’s full-on temper tantrum that quickly turns into a full-scale commitment to the cause with stamped feet just because. Either way, he’ll probably hop on board just like everyone else because that’s just how things work around here.

Isaac knows

Speaking of secret spillage, after the trial reveals that Isaac is absolutely Annalise’s kind of people — in that he’s willing to engage in questionable behaviors and possibly commit felony perjury just so she can get her way — that’s when she’s willing to return to his lair and talk things through.

The Sam parallels, she says, are very real. Sam made her feel like her toxicity to the world was all in her head and that she was causing most of her own inner anguish, and that’s why she fell in love with him. He offered her a sense of safety. But even he fell victim to her effect on the world — and so did their baby, and so did Wes, and, from the looks of what’s ahead, so will someone else.

And now Isaac is doing the same thing by convincing her to ignore the mountain of evidence that she’s behaved like a monster and cost people their lives on multiple occasions.

But as thanks for his testimony, she also offers him the quid pro quo: informing him that his ex-wife is running interference on him right about now. He almost lets it slip that Bonnie came into his office, but he stops just shy of dropping that on the table.

48 hours later 

As always, we end with a sliver of new footage from the big “event” that’s being unveiled little by little. We’re still at Michaela’s firm, with Bonnie investigating and Oliver still wrapped up in the blanket. There’s still blood on the floor, but this time, we learn that it’s the suspect who’s “over there” behind all that tape. Asher is in a jail cell sobbing his eyes out (why didn’t he walk away when he could?!), Laurel is still screaming for her baby with Frank, and Isaac is still calling Annalise, who’s sobbing in her shower. Meanwhile, Michaela is covered in blood and asking if “he is dead” — this time, in sequence with a surgical effort that ends in a flatline.

With all that in mind, the list of possible victims should include: Connor, Simon, Tegan (the “he” Michaela asks about could be the baby), and Michaela’s dad. But with this show, it’s just as likely to be the IT dweeb who built the hub.

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