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October 27, 2017 at 12:41 AM EDT

And now…the Keating Four (plus Oliver). Oliver now has an official job at Caplan & Gold (apparently they don’t have a very long hiring process in the I.T. department) and is going to work with Michaela, while Connor mopes in their filthy apartment. Asher is still helping Frank prep for the LSAT — when Frank’s not busy having sex with Laurel, that is.

Michaela is killing it at C&G, so much so that Teagan gives her a pair of Louboutins as a reward for her great work. (Um, can we make this a new office policy everywhere?) Oliver is loving his new gig at the firm (and the chance to flirt with Simon on the side — major ew!), so he’s reluctant to do Michaela’s bidding, but she convinces him to stay after hours to break into Teagan’s office and access the Antares files in the name of “justice for a friend.” He gives in, but unfortunately that means he has to bail on Connor when he’s cleaned the apartment and made dinner for them both, sending Connor on a spiral that involves looking for booty calls on Humpr (Riverdale has Grind’em, HTGAWM has Humpr — why are Grindr’s licensing fees so expensive, guys???).

But Connor doesn’t go to cheat on Oliver. No, instead he shows up at Annalise’s apartment. He blames her yet again for ruining his life, saying the bad things they did are burned in his brain and wishing he were dead like Wes. Annalise’s solution? Take him back under her wing and ask for his help with her class action lawsuit. This could genuinely be good for Connor, but I have a feeling it will just lead to even more bad things burned in his brain.

Michaela and Oliver manage to break into the files and access ones related to Trent Stockton, but almost immediately, they’re hit with a second wall of security. Michaela manages to snap a photo of the screen. Meanwhile, Laurel is desperate for news and also employing the “nail” emoji in her less-than-discreet texts to Frank. He goes to her apartment, but not before suggesting to Asher that Michaela’s “working late” excuses are hiding something, most likely another lover. Frank comes not to sleep with Laurel but to ask her if she’s sure the baby’s not his. Still consumed with guilt for cheating on Wes, she yells at him to get out for reminding her of the “biggest regret” of her life.

Later, Michaela brings Laurel the grainy image of the Trent Stockton file after refusing to go back into Teagan’s office because she doesn’t want to risk losing Annalise 2.0 as her mentor. Laurel notices the document is a cease and desist letter dated one week before Stockton’s death — this is even more damning evidence and proof Michaela should keep digging. But Michaela and Oliver are afraid they’ll be fired or killed. Oh, and Asher has taken up Frank’s stalker position in the car below Laurel’s window, where he can visibly see Michaela while she tells him on the phone she’s stuck at the office. Uh. Oh.

Back in Isaac’s office, Bonnie is now unleashing a fire hydrant of emotion, admitting she misses Annalise (sorry — May), their house, their family (cue shot of Frank taking the LSAT), and more. And that’s where she slips: She says she wants to believe May wants to change with the class action lawsuit, and Isaac puts the pieces together. Bonnie rambles on about them both being sexually abused and continues to unfurl information that confirms Isaac’s fear. He confronts Bonnie with the fact that May is Annalise Keating and she’s the one Annalise fired — she is Bonnie, not Julie. Isaac is decidedly more perturbed by this information than seems normal…AND ALSO 100 PERCENT JUST VIOLATED ALL THE PRECEPTS OF DOCTOR-PATIENT PRIVILEGE.

Flash forward (which is now only two weeks later): We’re back at the crime scene in Caplan & Gold, and Bonnie asks the police where the suspect is. The answer? Jail. Duh. Cut to a jail cell and the sound of strangled sobs, which are coming from…Asher. Asher is the murder suspect. I don’t know about you, but I was really expecting it to be Annalise in that jail — honestly, anyone but Asher.

So, what do you think? Is Asher guilty of anything beyond jealousy and slightly stalking Michaela? Who do you think is dead now? We’ve ruled out Bonnie, Frank, Laurel, Isaac, Michaela, Asher, and Oliver — is it possible now that we know he’s back on Team Annalise that Connor got the kiss of death he’s been longing for?

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Viola Davis stars as a law professor where she teaches, wait for it, how to get away with murder.
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