None of the Keating Five are under the sheet -- so who is?

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I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I think I’ll have the sound of Annalise yelling “DO IT!” at Frank ringing in my ears for the next week. What a dramatic and graphic conclusion to the last episode leading up to the show’s midseason finale. Plus, Laurel and Wes made it clear (over and over) that they are TOGETHER FOR REAL, Connor and Oliver continue their charade, and Annalise genuinely helps someone. Let’s dive into episode 8: “No More Blood.”

This episode begins in the present day, with Bonnie in Annalise’s prison cell. Bonnie swears it wasn’t her who sold out Annalise to the cops, and Annalise fears this is the end for her.

Flashback: One Week Earlier

We pick up where we left off in the last episode — Frank standing in Laurel’s apartment, uninvited. As we know, he just left Bonnie’s after begging for her forgiveness. Frank tries to apologize to Laurel, and says he doesn’t know what he’ll do if he’s alone tonight. Just then, Annalise and Bonnie call Laurel and ask if Frank’s there and if she’s okay. Eventually, Frank says he should go, despite his distraught nature. Laurel tells him to stay anyway.


Frank (of course) starts tailing the woman and breaks into her house, where he learns her name is Lisa Cameron and she’s a single mother. He calls Bonnie and Annalise and says he’ll do whatever Annalise wants in the situation — “an eye for an eye,” so to speak. Annalise tells him to leave immediately; she does not want these people hurt. Frank hides in the house until they fall asleep and he can sneak out.

Given Wes and Laurel are Philadelphia’s newest “official” couple, Wes isn’t pleased her ex is involved in the trial. He also doesn’t understand Annalise’s decision to let Frank back into her life and office. Annalise tells Wes to not worry about it and she’s happy to hear about him and Laurel.

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Wes meets with a court-appointed psychologist for an interview. He’s given a clean bill of health and takes the stand to testify against Charles Mahoney. He lies again, and says he saw Charles across the street around the time Wallace was shot. Charles’s defense attorney tries to claim Wes has diagnosed mental health issues which must have clouded this situation for him, and then asks if Wes is working with someone.

The answer to that is: sort of. In an attempt to clear Wes in this case, Annalise bought a burner phone and had Bonnie deliver it to Charles Mahoney in jail. Once there, she had Frank call it from Lisa’s house. Then, Laurel got Nate to hint to Wes’s lawyer that she should look into some recent phone records for these two to see what their relationship was like.

When Lisa took the stand, she claimed she’d been with him the night Wallace was shot (she was his alibi) but also claimed she had not been serious with Charles or spoken with him recently. Obviously, we know those phone records could easily disprove this. The ultimate setup! It does seem like Wes might be off the hook for Mahoney’s murder.

The Explosive Scene Worth its Own Section

You know the one I’m talking about. Annalise and Frank reunite in her house, and Frank tries desperately to explain himself. He apologizes for everything he’s done or been a part of, especially his involvement in killing her child and hurting her. Frank is very sad and very serious without a beard!

Annalise isn’t hearing any of it, though. She lashes out at Frank like she’s never lashed out before, dragging him through his apparent guilt for just standing by and watching her life be ruined.

Frank says he wants to face everything. Just as Bonnie did, he tells Annalise he “loves her” and eventually pulls out a gun, holding it under his chin with hesitation. At this point, Annalise starts yelling at him to do it, to pull the trigger. Bonnie comes in and begs Frank to put the gun down; she says the pain and guilt he feels won’t last forever. Annalise, however, begs Frank to pull the trigger and screams “DO IT!” at him over and over again.

So did he? We’ll have to wait until the next episode, but this is a pretty good indication Frank could be the one under the sheet.

Annalise Might Have a Friend

Annalise helps her fellow alcoholic and boss, President Hargrove, in her case to get some custody of her children. They meet a few times to discuss the situation and the stellar legal counsel Annalise recommended. Annalise gives Hargrove the pep talk she was looking for, reminding her this case is worth fighting even if her chances don’t look great. Annalise then offers to take on the situation herself — to represent President Hargrove in the custody battle.

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What Everyone Else Was Up To

Oh, Coliver, Coliver, Coliver. Initially, things seemed to be going well for these two. They were back in each other’s lives (sort of), spending time together (in the shower), and talking law. Thomas was trying to tempt Oliver, but Oliver wasn’t having it and continued to dodge his calls and throw out his gifts in favor of spending more time with Connor.

But then, Oliver got on some kick about Connor not being honest enough with him because he wouldn’t explain everything that was going on with Wes. Their argument snowballs into who is more “damaged” and who “uses” the other more — oh, and the guy who literally stole Connor’s acceptance letter and then declined the offer behind his back claimed CONNOR was the dishonest one in the relationship.

What is this craziness? Why did he go back to Connor in the first place, when he knew Connor still loved him? Was it just to get information out of him, and when that didn’t work he picked this fight? It seems like nothing Oliver has done this season has made any sense.

Asher and Michaela were basically the same in this episode, with a few hints at an upcoming story about Michaela’s mom. Asher is very interested in Michaela’s backstory and family life, and little by little she’s giving him minor details about it.

Flash-Forward: One Week Later

Back in present day, we see Wes, Oliver, Michaela, and Asher gathered around Bonnie at the hospital where Laurel is. They’re trying to get more information out of her about Annalise, the house, and the body that was found. Bonnie says nothing, but Oliver wonders if they’ve seen or heard from Connor.

Well, it’s great to know Connor isn’t under that sheet, but he is under someone’s…and they belong to Thomas. That’s right, in tonight’s last scene, we see Connor alive and well. He’s missing from the group because he’s in bed with Oliver’s former crush, Thomas. OH, CONNOR. You’re a bad boy!


Thankfully, we know Connor is safe. And for all intents and purposes, this episode was pushing heavily toward the idea Frank would be dead in Annalise’s house prior to any fire. But can we believe that? This show always has a twist. I guess we’ll find out during next week’s midseason finale.

Honorable Mentions

  • Annalise going to a wine store, opening a bottle, and just smelling it in the aisle.
  • “Because you were afraid you’d be judged by one mistake on the entirety of your hard-fought career?” Annalise and President Hargrove discovering what they have in common
  • “Sucks, right? You can penetrate him but never their inner circle.” —Simon to Oliver, who’s looks like he’s being left out
  • “I’m guessing you didn’t get to this office by quitting every time a man told you no.” —Annalise to President Hargrove
  • “All I’ve ever told you to do was stay away from Annalise, but instead your dumb ass took a job with her.” —Connor (who’s not wrong) to Oliver

Episode grade: B+

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