Frank returns to Philly, and another member of the Keating Five is revealed to be safe

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Is anyone as relieved as I am to learn Wes was NOT under the sheet? It was a bit touch-and-go there for a minute, as all signs pointed to a dead Wes two episodes from now, but we can now breathe a collective sigh of relief… Well, sort of. Now it’s starting to look like Wes might be trying to take down Annalise, but why? Before we start speculating, let’s run through episode 7 and cover our bases.

“Call It Mother’s Intuition” starts with Annalise in a jail cell — again. She’s just found out she’s being charged with arson and first-degree murder, and an “anonymous source” has provided the information tying her to said charges (or so we’re led to believe).

Flashback: Two Weeks Earlier

Wes was being interrogated by the NYPD regarding Mahoney’s murder. Wes’s lawyer (whom Bonnie and Annalise found) told Wes to stop talking, but Wes ignores his advice. When shown a photo of Charles Mahoney, Wes lies and says he saw him at the scene, not far from where he stood in a doorway.

Annalise asks why he lied about this: What will happen if they find out Charles has an alibi, or what if they were trying to catch Wes in a lie? For a law student who should be aware of this obvious play, Wes doesn’t seem too concerned.

Laurel and Wes are now regularly hooking up and, apparently, really enjoying each other’s company. So much so they don’t even notice Frank hiding in her apartment while they’re there.

At the courthouse, Wes runs into Nate, who asks how things went down with the NYPD. He tells Wes to watch his ass, and Wes isn’t sure how to take this (or if Nate knows something Wes doesn’t).

Shortly after, we find out Charles Mahoney did have an alibi and the charges were probably going to be dropped against him. Wes tells Annalise about his conversation with Nate and how he feels like he’s putting her (and everyone else) in danger at this point. Annalise insists he stop feeling guilty and blaming himself, and just explain he saw someone who looked like Charles Mahoney when he’s questioned again.

He’s Baaaack

Frank made his way back to Philadelphia in this episode, creepily lurking in a number of places. First, as previously mentioned, he shows up in Laurel’s apartment out of the blue and without making his presence known.

Later, he shows up at Bonnie’s door for what turns out to be a rather heart-wrenching scene. Frank tells Bonnie he wants to tell Annalise everything and apologizes to Bonnie for leaving her in the hotel room, but says he needed to “figure things out.” At this point in the conversation, Bonnie loses it. Fighting back tears, she tells Frank she risked everything and lied to Annalise to try to help him. By leaving her, he threw it all back in her face and she’ll never be able to trust him again. “You killed us the minute you left me in that room!”

Frank is full-on crying his eyes out at this visceral reaction from Bonnie. He begs her (on his knees) for forgiveness, like a sad, lost, sociopathic puppy. “Annalise was the only one of us who was right about you. The rest of us just fell for your act,” Bonnie tells Frank, repeatedly demanding he get out of her apartment.

A bit later, he’s back at Laurel’s, once again without an invitation and without announcing his presence.

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The World’s Best Mom

This episode’s law-clinic case centers around an older woman whose three adult children work for her in the family business. The mother claims her children poisoned her with antifreeze.

From the get-go, it’s obvious this isn’t your average family unit. While going through practice depositions with Annalise and her students, all three of the children — Jarred, Nelson, and Karen — have to defend recent examples of when they’ve joked about killing their mother. They also describe several scarring instances during which their mother was cruel and insane, taking pleasure in publicly embarrassing them. All signs point to the children being guilty.

Annalise tells her students to find a suspect they can use. Asher identifies a grocery deliveryman named Roger, who’d recently emailed about how to poison someone with antifreeze. However, Karen admits — to her brothers’ surprise — that she’s been dating Roger, so they can’t use him as a suspect.

Heading into the depositions, Annalise stresses that the siblings have to present a united front and speak in detail about their affection for their mother. Mommie Dearest, still mean and manipulative as ever, proves this to be quite difficult, leading Jarred to yell “I look forward to the day you die!” in open court. Seems like the right path to proving your own innocence, Jarred. Way to go.

Annalise starts to consider whether this woman might just be manipulative enough to poison herself in order to prove a point. She presents this idea to Laurel and asks her to present the case for this theory in court.

After some initial nervousness, Laurel is successfully able to corner the mother in her lie, proving she had read her daughter’s emails and her sons’ texts about her and was trying to teach them a lesson. She figured, “Children always take their mothers for granted. Maybe now mine won’t.” Yikes.

Come at Me, Bro


Everyone does, in fact, come at her, with insults and complaints about their lives and relationships for which they blame Annalise. They mostly feel “unhappy, insane, confused, miserable, horrible, like a puppet” — and in the case of Michaela, like she’s still dying to please her.

Everyone piles on except for Wes, who just says, “You already know how I feel about you.”

Annalise basically responds with “Okay” to their confessions, and then tells everyone to get a good night’s sleep so they can start fresh tomorrow.

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What Everyone Else Was Up To

Annalise is feeding her sobriety with just about anything she can get her hands on. She can’t stop eating, but she’s still going to meetings and trying to keep her head as clear as possible without alcohol.

This episode, Annalise went to an AA at which President Hargrove was speaking in-depth about her situation at home. After the meeting, Hargrove approaches Annalise to say hi and ask about her getting Wes a lawyer. Annalise immediately goes on the defensive, and per usual, the conversation quickly becomes contentious.

Later in the episode, Annalise gives President Hargrove the contact info of the best family attorney in the city. Perhaps this will be the start of a sort-of friendship?

Here we go again with Coliver! Oliver is excited about his second date with Tom. When things start to get hot and heavy, Oliver stops because he feels he should be honest with Tom about his HIV status. His fears are confirmed when Tom back away and admits this might be a situation he wasn’t ready to handle.

Not long afterwards, Oliver shows up at Michaela’s apartment to talk to Connor. Turns out he’s feeling pretty sh-tty after what happened with Tom, and he tells Connor he misses him, even though he knows it’s unfair to say so (which it is). Connor, of course, misses him too, and the former boyfriends hook up (on Michaela’s bed, no less).

Flash-Forward: Two Weeks Later

Laurel wakes up in the hospital and Meggie is there. She asks for Wes, and we see that her lover is indeed alive. However, he’s meeting with law enforcement and signing a document giving him “immunity.” Then he says: “You want someone to take her down? This is the only way I’ll talk.”


Do we believe Wes could actually be turning on Annalise? Come on, we know better than that! Are we even sure the “charges” being read to Annalise are, in fact, HER charges? Not really. At this point, we don’t really know anything. But if Wes is informing on Annalise, the question remains: Why? The show’s trajectory so far tells me there must be something else at play.

Finally, who could be under the sheet now that we know it isn’t Wes? My money’s on Nate or Frank, but I’m especially leaning towards the latter.

Let me know your thoughts on this episode in the comments!

Honorable Mentions

  • Laurel’s “love you” to Wes. This girl’s got zero chill right now.
  • “I just think better when I drink.” —Annalise, while she feeds herself cheese and deli meat
  • “I don’t know what to do! That’s the truth!” —Annalise, in a rare moment of weakness
  • “Connor, why is my duvet upside down?!” —Michaela, always completely on-brand
  • “Yay to my bro-mos!” —Asher, (also) always completely on-brand

Episode grade: B

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