Wes has left the building
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There are only a few episodes left to find out #whokilledWes, but perhaps at this point we should be asking #whereevenisWes? Wes’ body has been mysteriously “moved,” Annalise gets what’s coming to her, and Laurel is officially losing it in episode 12, “Go Cry Somewhere Else.”

This episode continues to pose the question, “Did Frank really kill Wes?” That’ looking more and more like a “No.” In a flashback, we see Bonnie instruct Frank to keep following Wes, but not to hurt him. Then Laurel goes to see Frank in jail, where, after an extremely brief conversation in front of his lawyer, she’s convinced that Frank is innocent. Plus, on more than one occasion Frank instructs his lawyer to essentially defend him less. Frank is a little too chill about being on trial for a murder he didn’t commit.

Laurel is hysterical (not the ha-ha kind)

Laurel is released from the hospital just in time to get herself dressed and get to Wes’ memorial. She tries to give a speech, which starts off normally but quickly escalates into Laurel yelling at the other people who are there — and crying. Laurel runs out of the church barefoot and heads to the morgue to try to see Wes’ body. When the poor morgue attendant tells Laurel she needs to talk to the DA, and she can’t legally let Laurel in to see any dead body she wants no matter how long they were dating, Laurel tells her that she’s going to hell someday.

Then Laurel gets Nate to meet her so he can show her Wes’ body. Nate obliges, but when they go to pull Wes out of the freezer, he’s not there – another man has replaced him, and Wes’ body is MIA. HMMMMM…..

Later, Laurel goes to Wes’ apartment to smell his stuff and lay on his floor.

Bonnie might be a terrible lawyer

Despite her repeated attempts, Bonnie cannot for the life of her get Annalise out on bail. At the arraignment, Bonnie tries her damnedest to sever the whole “co-conspirator” narrative, arguing that Annalise has a clean record and there’s no evidence of her involvement with this crime whatsoever, whereas Frank has a record and has admitted to being involved. Bonnie makes the case that Annalise is being unfairly lumped in with a criminal, but the judge still does not care and won’t grant bail.

Annalise’s parents show up at the arraignment, and it’s very upsetting to her. She meets with them later to learn that her mother’s health is deteriorating and she is in and out of bouts of dementia. Ophelia insists on trying to take the fall for Annalise to get her out of jail, citing the last fire she herself started, with Annalise’s rapist uncle Clyde inside the house. Annalise is shocked that she brings this up.

When Bonnie and Annalise meet the next time, Annalise asks Bonnie to help her find a safe place for her mom to live, since she’s not doing so well. Bonnie is like, Yeah, yeah, but I’m going to keep trying at this getting-you-bail-thing. Bonnie fails again, though, when she tries to bring up Wes’ missing body to ADA Atwood and the judge. She claims this is becoming a civil rights and ethics issue and that the DAs have a vendetta against Annalise despite their own gross negligence. The judge still refuses bail, and Bonnie starts to think that the judge might be working with the DAs on this one.

After this last attempt by Bonnie, Annalise takes matters into her own hands. Annalise starts to taunt her cellmate Claudia, accusing her of molesting her own children. This leads Claudia to beat the hell out of Annalise. Annalise demands that Bonnie take a picture of her badly beaten face and use this as evidence of abuse. Bonnie tells the judge she’ll go to the press, claiming a civil rights violation by the court for the unjust treatment of her client. Finally, Annalise is granted bail.

NEXT: What’s up with Nate?

What everyone else was up to

After Wes’ memorial, when the rest of the Keating crew are still in shock at Laurel’s outburst, that creep Simon shows up. He offers his condolences and in the same breath tells them they ought to be more mad at Annalise for killing Wes. Oliver correctly tells him off, but it got me thinking: If Annalise was in fact framed, we certainly can’t rule this guy out. Despite willingly taking her clinic, he’s had it out for her since day one.

Oliver gets a call from the police asking him to come in for questioning. Bonnie, Michaela (doing her best Olivia Pope, jacket and all), Asher, and Connor prepare him for interrogation as best they can, and Oliver succeeds at lying to the police with flying colors. He manages to admit nothing about clearing Annalise’s phone.

Later, Connor and Oliver are talking about what a good liar Oliver is when Oliver admits he made a copy of what he was instructed to delete from Annalise’s phone. As far as we know, he hasn’t looked at the files — yet.

Toward the end of this episode, Frank calls Bonnie and claims he fired his lawyer and will now be representing himself. As opposing counsel, he asks Bonnie when she’d like to have their first meeting.

Nate’s been VERY shady lately

Nate, at the DAs’ office, is furious that Wes’ body has been moved, and he’s thinking they’re part of some conspiracy (especially considering that he knows the autopsy report to be false). When Nate confronts the DAs, he’s told that Wes’ body has been misplaced, and they didn’t know how it happened. Later they find out that Wes’ body was signed to be moved by Nate himself.

At the very end of the episode, we see a flashback of Nate entering Annalise’s house that fateful night. He walks around calling for Annalise, downstairs then upstairs. Finally, Wes, who is trying to lose Frank trailing behind him, enters Annalise’s house, and he and Nate greet each other with, “Hey.”

Between Wes’ missing body and Nate’s suspicious moves, is anyone else starting to think that… maybe Wes isn’t dead? Could that be? And if he is dead, what is Nate’s involvement in all this? Even though he hates her sometimes, Nate wouldn’t go so far as to frame Annalise. And what’s up with Simon popping up again?

Clearly there are many questions we still need answered in the next few weeks, but let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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