­Frank did it. (JK. Probably.)

By Christina Ciammaichelli
February 03, 2017 at 01:40 AM EST
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­So Frank has admitted to killing Wes, but for some reason, no one believes him. Michaela turns this episode into her own version of Lemonade and really lets her inner Annalise shine. Plus, Annalise gets a new ‘do. Let’s dive in to episode 11.

“Not Everything’s About Annalise” picks up where last week left off – with a flashback of Wes getting into Frank’s car after leaving the police station on the day he was found dead. In the flashback, we see Wes tell Frank that they’re investigating Annalise. Wes also tells Frank he might turn Frank in for killing his father. Then they proceed to have a “who knows Laurel and Annalise better” competition. Neither wins.

In the present day, Frank uses this story to try to convince the detectives that he’s guilty – he was the last person to see Wes, he was mad about Wes dating Laurel, and he was even more mad to find out Laurel was pregnant. Then, he used chloroform to knock out Wes and set a fire in Annalise’s house. You’d think the cops would be thrilled to have someone admit to committing the murder they’re trying to solve, but not so much. Everyone in the (wonderful) city of Philadelphia wants Annalise to be brought to justice for this crime, whether she really did it or not. This is like Making a Murderer all over again.

The detectives to whom Frank comes clean, and ADA Atwood and Co., don’t buy Frank’s confession, and they try to look into why Frank would want to protect Annalise. There is security camera footage of Frank getting in the car with Wes, making Frank the last person to see Wes alive. Atwood wants Nate to see if Frank’s story checks out. He goes to visit Laurel (still at the hospital) to see if Frank actually knew about her being pregnant, but Laurel is a steel trap and tells him to leave.

Meanwhile, Bonnie is running all over town trying to figure out how to get Annalise out of jail. After Nate’s visit, Laurel calls Bonnie to ask if Frank confessed. Laurel tells Bonnie that there’s no way Frank knew about her being pregnant, and Frank must be lying about killing Wes to save Annalise. Bonnie says she doesn’t know what’s going on and heads to Atwood’s office to see what they have on Annalise. Atwood claims that they have plenty of evidence on Annalise for a number of murders, but Bonnie doesn’t buy it.

Michaela is on a rampage

University president Hargrove attempts to speak to Michaela, Connor, and Asher about how they’re feeling since their friend died. She tells them the school is there for them and wants to help if they need anything. Michaela thinks this is bulls—, and she rips President Hargrove for not supporting Annalise and essentially hanging her out to dry in this whole situation. Everyone is pretty speechless after Michaela’s tangent, including the lawyer President Hargrove brought into this meeting.

Later, Bonnie meets up with Michaela, Connor, and Asher to fill them in – Frank has confessed, and the DA maybe has evidence on Annalise for other murders. This could blow up in all of their faces really quickly if they don’t step in. Bonnie’s suggestion is to have Oliver hack into the DA’s computers to find out what they have on Annalise and go from there.

Connor casually mentions that they can’t ask Oliver to do that because Oliver now knows about their involvement with Sam Keating’s murder. Michaela can’t believe what she’s hearing and can’t fathom why Connor would do that, but she’s also not clued in on Connor’s suddenly very guilty, very conflicted mental state.

Either way, Bonnie tells them that Annalise is losing it in prison, and they have to ask Oliver to help. Once again, Michaela takes the #bosslady lead on this. She, Connor, and Asher go to Oliver’s apartment, where Michaela sits Oliver right down and gets to the point. She tells him she knows this must be hard for him to handle right now, thwarting all of Connor’s attempts to interrupt. Her life is on the line, and she refuses to let it be ruined because one of them had to open their “big fat mouth.” She reasons with Oliver and then tells him he needs to hack the DA.

Eventually, Oliver does as he’s told. He finds some of the evidence they have on Annalise and discovers they’re investigating her for nearly every murder that’s happened so far on the show: Rebecca, Sam, the Hapstalls… all people we actually know Annalise did not murder. Bonnie’s correct – they could all go down for this.

NEXT: Meggy gets shady

Meggy just became suspect No. 1

Laurel is right: Meggy HAS been acting shady. Right after Nate leaves Laurel’s hospital room, Meggy pops in trying to feed her jello. She’s being really nice, but she starts asking Laurel a lot of questions, like why Nate was in her room that morning (this happened last episode, too – she keeps asking about the detectives who are showing up). Laurel suddenly gets defensive. She tells Meggy that she’s not her friend, she’s not her doctor, and it’s illegal for her to know about her medical care at this point. Meggy leaves shortly after. Hmm…

Later, Michaela, Connor, and Asher post up in Laurel’s hospital room to discuss where they should all seek asylum when everything comes out. Laurel mentions that Meggy has been acting sketchy, and then they all watch some Golden Girls together.

To blame Frank, or not to blame Frank…

Bonnie breaks the news to Annalise about the DA’s case against her. She tells her that her only choice is to put it all on Frank – Frank owes her, anyway, and if she doesn’t do that, they’ll just keep coming after her. Annalise doesn’t like the idea but is becoming increasingly more distraught in prison.

While Bonnie talks to Annalise, Nate talks to Frank. Frank has made his way through three detective interrogations in one day, and he’s now on the fourth, but this time, Nate is trying to reason with him. Nate knows that the autopsy results were wrong and that Wes was dead before the fire. He tells Frank he knows that he’s lying, and he doesn’t understand why he is. Frank’s answer is, “Well, not everything is about Annalise.”

After this, Bonnie tries to get Annalise a deal, negotiating with Atwood to get Annalise out of jail and putting the blame on Frank. Atwood must really be jealous of Annalise, because she continues to go after her, telling her, “You get vulnerable, broken people in your life and you devour them, Annalise.” Atwood thinks she has Annalise in the bag for all of these murders and dangles Wes’ autopsy photos in front of her. Annalise of course flips out, promising she’ll show Atwood some pain. Atwood declares “no deal” and walks out.

Bonnie is at a loss. Her last-ditch effort is Laurel. She tells Laurel, “You can fix this,” so Laurel tries. She tells the detectives that she did tell Frank about the baby before the fire, and that she saw Frank run out of the storm door in Annalise’s house. She cries a lot and puts on a good show for the detectives.

Frank is taken in to custody. Nate confronts Atwood about this, because he doesn’t believe Wes was dead before the fire (why is he so adamant about this??) and is accusing Atwood of a cover-up. Atwood doesn’t seem to be concerned with this accusation, and she continues on her quest for Annalise’s blood no matter the cost.

Finally, Bonnie goes back to Annalise. She tells her that they’re charging Frank as her co-conspirator, meaning Annalise is not off the hook, even after Frank’s confession. Bonnie feels awful for failing her, but Annalise feels she’s getting what she deserves

In our final flashback of the episode, we see Wes and Frank in the car again together, arguing about Rebecca and her whereabouts. Eventually, Wes gets out of the car, and Frank calls Bonnie. Bonnie tells Frank not to lose Wes, and Frank continues to follow him in his car.

So, does Frank’s confession mean anything at this point? And what’s up with Bonnie’s involvement here? Meggy and Nate have been behaving especially oddly since Wes’ death, but Meggy definitely doesn’t seem like the murdering type. Could it be all four of them? We’ll have tune in next week to find out. Leave your theories in the comments!

Honorable Mentions

  • “This may come as a surprise to you, but I was not always the glue that held this group together.” – Asher
  • The Keating Four enjoying a few episodes of Golden Girls together
  • Annalise taking a razorblade to her hair (and Viola acting her ass off, per usual)
  • “Hey, is Michaela behind you to threaten me again?” YOU WISH, Oliver!
  • Ollie and Connor spooning – they’re so cute when they’re nice to each other!
  • President Hargrove visiting Annalise in prison. Could Annalise finally have an ally?

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