Annalise is headed to jail as everyone grieves for Wes

By Christina Ciammaichelli
January 26, 2017 at 11:25 PM EST
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We’re back in the thick of it, folks, and HTGAWM sure did pump up the midseason drama. If you can’t remember where we left off with this crew in November, I’ll give you a hint: It involved a sheet and beloved(?) character under it.

QUICK RECAP: Someone blew up Annalise’s house. Annalise – in jail for general suspicions about Wes’ death; Wes – dead, but we don’t know how or why or where; Laurel – was in the house, is not dead, is pregnant; Connor, Michaela, and Asher – supposedly were doing “other things” during the explosion (but we can’t trust anyone at this point); Bonnie and Frank – same deal, but as always Frank is probably guilty; and that pretty much catches us up to episode 10 – “We’re Bad People”!

Much of this episode is (per usual) centered on Annalise’s misery. This time, though, it’s because she’s in jail. She’s admitted to a cell, which she shares with two other women. One is a bit younger and taunts Annalise; the other is older, kinder, and more supportive. At one point Annalise’s older cellmate, Jasmine, realizes she’s seen her in court before. She talks about what a “badass queen” (her words) Annalise is and mentions her red leather trenchcoat specifically.

Let’s just say Annalise has had better days – she looks completely distraught and is convinced she’s looking at life behind bars.

Outside of prison, Bonnie is attempting to put the pieces together. She visits Laurel in the hospital to try to figure out what she knows, and what she might say to detectives. Laurel is in a lot of pain and can’t get enough meds in her quickly enough, but she lets Bonnie know that Frank is to blame for everything that went down. Bonnie denies this and says Frank wouldn’t try to hurt them, but Laurel is sure he would (same, Laurel).

Bonnie leaves the hospital and goes to find Frank. Bonnie is convinced that someone has framed Annalise for this (probably the Mahoneys), and even Frank swears he wouldn’t do a thing like this.

Let’s talk about the Keating Crew

In a flashback (which we know because the lighting and tone of the scene is absurdly bright), Laurel and Wes are, wait for it, TAKING A BATH TOGETHER. They’re just chilling, in each other’s bathwater, talking about a broken condom that may or may not be a problem in the future. Laurel is paranoid, and Wes borderline gloats by saying, “I’m sorry, if I wasn’t so big it never would have broke!” Cute.

Back in our current day and time, Laurel is being questioned by some detectives. She tells them Annalise is not responsible for this situation and describes how she entered the house, looked down Annalise’s basement, and — she doesn’t remember anything else.

Michaela, Connor and Asher are, at least initially, oddly chipper about their friend’s passing. Then over the course of the episode, in a series of flashbacks, we see all of them question their friendship with Wes – were they really ever friends? How well did they even know Wes? Did they even like him? Was his name even Wes?

This seems to be a coping mechanism for their grief, as they all act out in a variety of ways. Michaela is very upset to learn that her mother, who she demanded leave Philadelphia and stay out of her life, actually did so. Connor, on several different occasions, insults dead Wes by still referring to him as “Waitlist” and at one point “Bar-B-Q.” This culminates in an incident where the whole gang visits Laurel in the hospital, Connor says more horrible stuff about Wes, and Asher beats the hell out of him (has anyone ever cheered on Asher this much?!). Michaela tells Asher his actions were barbaric, but is she insane? Connor couldn’t have been more out of line. Good on Asher for taking the measures we were all hoping for! Anyway, everyone’s grief is manifesting differently, I guess.

Connor goes to Oliver’s to see how he’s dealing. Oliver is reeling from the whole situation because (lest you forget) Annalise asked Oliver to clear the data off of her phone at the beginning of this whole mess. Oliver did so, but now that Wes is dead, Oliver is thinking ,“Why the hell did I do that, what was on that phone, and am I going to get in trouble if I don’t say something?” He thinks Annalise is responsible for Wes’ death, and he and Connor have an out-of-the-blue exchange about Sam Keating’s burned remains. It becomes apparent that if Oliver turns in the phone and everything he knows to the police, everyone is going down with it. But Oliver can’t hurt Connor and even goes as far as to say Connor is “his life,” and he wants to protect him. Their relationship is making less and less sense to me as the episodes go on — anyone else? They’ve both hurt each other so many times, in so many ways, that it’s like, maybe you two should just move to different cities, unfriend each other on social media, and call it a day.

After this exchange, though, Connor realizes he actually wants Ollie to go to the police, and he’s almost begging Ollie to turn him in. He’s been living with the guilt of murder for too long, and he’s beginning to collapse under the weight of it.

NEXT: An incriminating voicemail

Back to Annalise’s trial

Here’s where things get sticky. Bonnie tries to get Nate to help her defend Annalise, to no avail. Frank obtains phone records from the police, which he and Bonnie comb through to see what might have happened the night of the fire and if it could lead them to something. They find a call to Hannah Keating, which Annalise suddenly remembers: Apparently, in her drunken stupor, she called her former sister-in-law and said something to the affect of, “You’ve always hated my black ass living in your mommy and daddy’s house, so take it! I’m done with it!” I mean, she might as well have said, “I’m setting fire to my house and killing a couple of people while I’m at it,” because she couldn’t have been more incriminating. Not to mention, Hannah Keating already does not like Annalise and already blames her for her brother’s death. I’m having a hard time seeing how Annalise will manage to crawl her way out of this one.

Not long after this disastrous revelation, we find out the police ARE charging Annalise for Wes’ murder. At Annalise’s bail hearing, ADA Atwood claims they have a source they can’t reveal, which would prove Annalise is dangerous to have out on the streets.

After some discussion, Atwood admits she’s been running an investigation for several months, looking into Annalise’s involvement in a number of unsolved crimes. The defense attorneys were trying to get Wes to sign an immunity deal (we saw this in the midseason finale), which we know he walked away from without signing, but he DID make notations on the document. Apparently these notations and no signature are just enough for the judge to decide Annalise is dangerous and should not be granted bail. (I’m sorry, what? Notations? Couldn’t anyone have made notations on an unsigned immunity deal?)

This is all the attorneys need. They initiate a press conference, where they promise this will be the trial of the century, and they’ll be bringing up all the murders Annalise was potentially involved in. They also report the results of Wes’ autopsy – apparently his cause of death was in fact asphyxiation due to smoke inhalation, disproving the previous info that he was dead before the fire.

Back at the hospital…

Frank goes to visit poor Laurel, and this girl can’t catch a break from the parade of idiots who seem to keep bothering her in her damn hospital bed. Laurel is projecting every ounce of the pain she’s in onto Frank. Frank insists he wasn’t involved, but Laurel says she saw someone at the house run out of the storm door. She tells him he should have been the one who died, that she loved Wes “so much more than I ever loved you!” and that she blames Frank because “it’s always you!” (It really is always him, though.)

To wrap up this emotional chaos, we see Bonnie call Frank and say, “They’re saying Wes died in the fire. It’s not true. I need you.” What does this mean exactly? Well, in the next scene we see Frank in an interrogation room with the detectives, claiming that he wants to make a statement about Wes’ murder. His statement is… “I did it.”

In the final scene of this episode, we see a flashback. Wes is strutting out of the police station after not signing the immunity papers. He walks a few steps and Frank pulls up right outside of the station and tells Wes to get in, saying, “It’s time we talk.” Wes, FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON, does get in the car, and they drive off.

What are we to make of this all of these revelations? Bonnie seems to know more than she’s letting on, that’s for sure, but what really happened to Wes still seems to be something she’s unsure of. Frank seems like too obvious an answer, and the Mahoneys seem very capable of a disaster like this, but could Bonnie prove that in court? Also, could Annalise have just caused the explosion herself in the drunken mess she left in her house, and everything else is simply an accident?

This promises to be an exciting last few episodes of season 3. Let us know your theories in the comments!

Honorable Mentions

– Here’s to hoping we see lots more of Annalise’s cellmates, especially Jasmine: “And I’m thinking… why can’t this QUEEN defend me?? Jacked up ain’t it? No matter how high or how far we climb, they gonna find a way to pull us back down.” *praise hands emojis, forever*

– “Grief makes people do stupid things” – Meggy. Should have been the title of this episode.

– “I loved him so much more than I ever loved you. It should have been you” – Laurel wishing that Frank were dead

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