Well, now we know what happened to Annalise's baby
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It’s hard to feel any semblance of sympathy for Annalise Keating after all the heartless, double-crossing bull she’s pulled over the course of almost two full years of How to Get Away With Murder. But it’d be a lie worthy of the Keating 5 books to say tonight’s doozy of a penultimate episode for the season didn’t threaten a tear or two.

Not only do we find out what happened to Annalise and Sam’s baby (brace for many sobs), but two other secrets come out to play pinball with everyone’s emotions, too.

The Present

Like most of the physical tussles teased at the tail-end of any given HTGAWM ep, the big brawl between Annalise and Philip Jessup at Wes’s apartment fizzles out before it ever really begins. Annalise has been in enough down and dirty scrambles thanks to her flexible sense of professional responsibility that she manages to fight him off and walk away without a scratch (or even a pulled stitch from the gunshot wound that can’t be healed already, can it?).

Which means we don’t skip a single broody beat of her ongoing Wes-obsession, and she walks into the police station shout-demanding his whereabouts from poor Eve — who at this point essentially lives in the dirty broom closet of Annalise’s life to be used, emotionally abused, and discarded at her leisure. Anyway, Wes walks in just in time for them share in some weighty eye contact just before the obligatory dramatic cutaway, well, cuts away. Which means all she really wanted was to make sure he was alive (even though Eve already told her that on the phone like 10 minutes before) by seeing him with her own eyes so she could go right back to dodging all his inquiries and otherwise torturing the guy’s life.

Seriously with this. All the dude wants in the world right now is to know what the what actually happened with his mother — and wouldn’t you? He is straight mauled on the daily by memories of himself standing over her dead body with a knife in his hand, and she can’t clue him into the real deal why again? Oh right. Annalise doesn’t really care what happens between the temples of any human being other than herself — although Wes Is usually an (if not the) exception to that rule.

When they all get home, the Keating kids are all aflutter, not just because their self-proclaimed mommy has come home with a few new bruises, but also because Caleb Hapstall’s suddenly MIA from his mansion, and Michaela’s lost all chill about why it is that no one warned them about Philip.

Eve, meanwhile, is ready to step off that blistering backburner once and for all and makes Annalise an offer she apparently can refuse: living together in her doorman-guarded NYC flat. Safety and a view, woo hoo! She should know better than that, but in her mind, Annalise should just fill Wes in on the haps with his ma, pack her bags, and kick up her heels in the Big Apple all anew. Ain’t happening, sister, but nice try.

Meanwhile, all the little lawyer children (they are still in law school, right? They never study anymore, so it’s a little unclear) have to go to Denver and give statements on the 5 W’s of their existence on the night of Emily Sinclair’s death. This gives each of them a brief moment of welcome levity — from Connor’s admission to having a resting b—- face to Laurel’s rejection of the DA’s “Latino besties schtick.” Even Bonnie has to flash a rare smile. But there’s immunity on the line, so will someone crack?

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Asher feels badly that all his pals are having to go to bat for him — even if he did have zip to do with the Lila/Sam/Rebecca fiascoes — but Bonnie shuts down his apology series with the astoundingly accurate footnote to the group, “We’re all bad people. It’s the only thing we have in common.”

It’s certainly what she has in common with Frank. Bonnie pulls Frankie aside to get the 411 on his motives for killing Lila — namely whether Annalise forced his hand — but he shuts her down pronto with a reminder that she’s got some bloody gloves in her skeleton closet herself. Annalise catches wind of their stolen moment but plays it off with a salacious tease.

A bottle of cheap vodka later, though, and she’s finally ready for the big confrontation. Especially after Nate buzzes her about why Wes was visiting Eve in New York the night of the Sinclair incident. He wants answers, and she’s got just the right amount of liquid courage to (FINALLY) hand ’em out.

The Past

Our journey back to 10 years ago lands us right back where we started — the police station. Only this time, it’s baby Wes being interrogated some more about what happened to his recently departed mother, Rose. Annalise and Eve are there, doing their usual whisper-shout routine in the hallway as they observe young Wes’ stonefaced testimony that his mother “look dead when [he] found her, very dead.” The passionlessness of his statement might make someone new to the fold peg this kid as Annalise’s own, but that’s not the twist landing they’re going to stick here, so hang tight.

See, the FBI doesn’t actually think this child has murdered his own mother, but they do think there’s more to the story than that this woman killed herself to avoid testifying as the Mahoney’s alibi witness. It’ll take a sec before this cues the animated lightbulb popping up above Annalise’s head, but it’ll happen.

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In fact, it’ll happen pretty quickly because when Mean Old Mr. Mahoney comes to give Annalise some lip about their central witness growing cold — for which he blames her unequivocally since he knows she was on her way to speak with Rose when knife met neck — his threat to fire her pushes the “oh yeah” button in her brain. She realizes the d-bag probably also used his inflate-the-chest-and-bark tactic on the much feebler Rose (and scared her enough to purposefully suffer a very violent end).

After a night spent between the sheets of the redhead from Room 512, Frank’s ready with Annalise’s coffee first thing in the morning, but like all of Annalise’s puppies, he just gets kicked for his affection. She even throws in a cruel reminder that the only reason she has him in her employ is that Sam dragged him out of the gutter and forced her to help save him from his “white trash future.” This mama bear’s a grizzly with growl and bite. Ouch.

What’s really bugging Annalise is not Frank’s undeserved enthusiasm, however. It’s the fact that she knows good and well her client’s a scuzzbucket, and she’s ready to share her suspicions that the Big Bad Mahoney is a bully (which….yeah, duh, they probably already guessed that). Only, she gets T-boned on the way by a guy who ran a red light, and she wakes up on a stretcher where she’s informed the baby Keating-to-be is to be delivered by emergency C-section, though they aren’t getting a heartbeat from him. Bad news.

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It takes a few rings before Sam — who’s busy coaching Bonnie about some kind of weird impromptu meeting she’s trying to arrange with a “geeky guy,” whatever that means — finally picks up and learns the news of Annalise’s accident. He arrives just in time to share in her grief, and it’s a solid five minutes of pure sad. Annie (as a not-so-terrible version of Sam calls his devastated wife) blames herself exclusively for what happened to their baby, but it doesn’t take long for her to lose her temper and hand her stillborn son off to the nurse.

Back to the Present

Everyone’s always wondered why Annalise carried such a torch for Wes, and it looks like she doubled down on the blame game and shoulders the responsibility for Rose’s death, too. She did their bidding in pressuring this woman to testify, after all.

She’s ready to cut that cord and set Rose’s baby free as well by spilling the gory details — including the fact that, as a few of the keenest Internet wizards predicted back in February, ding ding ding, Mr. Mahoney is the father!

Wes has a dad! Too bad he’s a garbage human with a track record of destroying lives, but as the headlines Wes scurries up show, he’s in good health and, more importantly, good fortune.

The rest of the squad, who’d been kicked out in one of Annalise’s record number of rage-outs this episode, are out getting drunk. Understandably. Michaela and Asher somehow find their way into a bathroom sink rendezvous (suggested ship name: Masher); Oliver spills the beans that he’s quit his job and wants to work for Annalise (RUNNNN, OLIVER, RUN), and somehow this leads to Laurel showing up on Annalise’s doorstep to tell her off.

But not until we learn from a second meeting of BonBon and Frank that Annalise didn’t ask him to kill Lila; Sam did. “She can’t know,” he pleads.

Only, Laurel’s at the ready with enough information for Annie to figure it out for herself. She rips into her boss-slash-professor-slash-partner-in-crime and mentions Frank’s admission that Annalise made him kill Lila.

It’s enough to make her pack her bags and go — but it’s not Eve’s place she’s landed at, it’s her own mom. “There’s my baby,” she greets with open arms, giving that requisite wink to the episode title.

Questions of the Night

Is Wes going to seek out this Mahoney cat and exact the revenge that’s been coming his way for a decade? Does Annalise’s mom have a security system yet, or is she just asking for the poor old lady to put a target sign on her forehead right now? Why is everyone so scared of this Philip guy when he folds like a house of cards from a limp left hook?

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