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Robin has a crash landing, Barney and Ted go mariachi, and Lily romps with Ranjit

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April 17, 2012 at 05:30 AM EDT

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Robin safely landing a helicopter? Huh? From an emergency landing to a small olive branch, tonight’s How I Met Your Mother was a jam-packed episode filled with sex dreams, Ranjit, mariachi bands, and the omniscient Sandy Rivers. An eclectic mix, I know, so let’s start piecing together this legendary puzzle!

“How do you like living alone?” was the question Marshall posed to Ted as the episode began. And so we took a peek into what life sans roommates is like for one Ted Mosby. His first order of business? To make like a co-ed on spring break and strip! Thanks to a few strategically placed household items, we watch Mr. Mosby as he walks around in the buff. He does the laundry nude (rightfully so), then audaciously leaves the basket right in the middle of the floor. He also doesn’t have to worry about anyone eating his food, bothering him as he chows on a bucket o’ ribs, and (most vitally in this group of friends), no one is there to laugh at him when he spills said scalding soup down his chest. (Man, did that matzo ball look good.)

Now Marshall and Ted are joined by Barney and Quinn, and Barney is letting everyone within a 500-mile radius know that Quinn is a stripper, and he’s dating her, and he’s dating a stripper, and Barney is dating Quinn, who is a stripper. You get it.

Barney exits momentarily as Lily enters, excitedly telling Ted about the fancy schmancy restaurant she and Marshall have reservations for Friday night. Lily is bursting with excitement, but Marshall is looking less than enthused. We find out why when Lily heads for a pee break: “Lily had a sex dream,” says an angry Marshall, and it went a little something like this:

Earlier, Marshall was painting a baby chair (pause for me to swoon) as Lily napped on the couch. Mid-brush stroke, Lily begins moaning. It all seems innocent enough at first, until she says “Hurry up…before Marshall comes home.” And in a Looney Tunes move that seemed to ride throughout the entire episode, Marshall’s eyes practically bug out of his head as he accidentally drops a frying pan on the floor to rouse an aroused Lily. Apparently Lily has rowdy dreams fairly frequently and usually reveals to Marshall the paramour in question. But this time the expectant mom is keeping mum on who she was romping with, and also turned a lovely shade of vermillion when questioned. In Marshall and Lily land, this means only one thing: Lily dream-banged someone they know.

Though Barney tries to take credit for being the banger in question (he has been trying to inception Lily for the past five years), Ted suggests that Robin could be the culprit. But no, Marshall says Robin was a no-show in Lily’s erotic dreamworld. How does he know? Because he and Lily went to visit Robin at the World Wide News headquarters, where Marshall strategically (and not so clandestinely) observed the hues of Lily’s face as she spoke to Robin.  Her face stayed porcelain white, so Robin got crossed off the suspect list.

NEXT:  The return of Sandy Rivers!

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Ted, Robin, Barney, Marshall, and Lilly remind us all of the joy of slap bets
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