On ''House,'' Foreman leads the team in fatally misdiagnosing the POTW, then deals with his mommy issues; plus, Wilson is hot in the sack!

By Michelle Kung
Updated April 25, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
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”House”: Truth or consequences

Lo and behold, Foreman lives! After being shunted aside for Chase and Cameron’s ongoing soap-opera shenanigans, the third duckling came charging back last night — albeit much to the detriment of his doomed staph-infection patient. Yup, you read that right. Doomed. No last-minute deus ex machina, no clever aha moment. Instead, Team House accrued one of its rare fatalities, thanks to a misdiagnosis by Foreman. Puzzled by the streetwise patient’s inability to make up her mind (”Which card is the queen?” ”Sean Connery or Daniel Craig?”), Foreman, suspecting cancer, decided to nuke her with total-body radiation — with House’s assent. (”I don’t usually put out on a first date, but that’s a rad move.”) Unfortunately, seeing as an infection was really the culprit, the radiation knocked out her immune system, leaving her fatally vulnerable to a simple bacterium.

But last night’s episode wasn’t really about the patient. In fact, I felt the medical mystery suffered a bit in order to make room for character development. But, oh, what developments.

First, the return of Foreman’s parents (top-billed guest start Charles S. Dutton gave away who the doc on the hot seat was going to be) helped flesh out the least histrionic of House’s ducklings. Though there were times I wanted to throttle him for his snippy comments to the ”projects” patient, I also empathized with him when he needed comfort after losing said patient (which House couldn’t provide) and dealing with his mom’s Alzheimer’s. The line ”Eric is my little boy’s name,” after Foreman asked her if she knew him? Nothing but heartbreak.

Chase also continues to grow on me. Through simple little gestures, like offering to get Foreman drunk or giving him quasi-spiritual advice, he’s redeeming himself from his weaselly behavior in seasons past. And again, maybe it’s because of the accent, but Jesse Spencer manages to make the semi-stalking of Cameron — informing her that, should she change her mind, he’s available and that he will gently and politely remind her of this once a week — charming.

On a lighter note, we also learned that Wilson is apparently quite the stud in bed. Rawr. In fact, courtesy of House’s interrogation of his friend’s ex-wife Bonnie, a.k.a. the worst Realtor in New Jersey, we discovered that nobody works harder to please a woman — excellent news for Cuddy. Excellent, that is, if the newly discovered art fan is actually interested in dating him, which she claims she isn’t. House, being House, naturally doesn’t believe her, and proceeds to extract from Bonnie details about her ex’s habit of sucking women in with his sensitive-knight-in-shining-armor tactic before marrying them — and ultimately disappointing them. His price for the distressed woman’s confession? A guilt trip and a new companion named Hector, which he accepts despite the fact that Hector’s a dog and not a pool boy.

So with mere episodes to go in this season, where are we? First off, all of the ducklings are slowly absorbing the lessons of their boss, who is also starting to respect his charges more. (Case in point: When Foreman comes to House for consolation, the latter remarks, ”[For] a lot of doctors, this would be a once-in-a-lifetime mistake. We’re not a lot of doctors.”) Secondly, Wilson’s most meaningful relationship, despite his mad skillz, is still with his best bud, House. And finally, huge ego, sorry is an anagram for Gregory House. Brilliant!

What do you think? Were you pleased to see a Foreman-centric episode? Are Cameron and Chase officially over? And what are the writers attempting to do with this Cuddy-Wilson-House triangle?

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