When a patient starts to see dead people, skeptical House sends the wannabe ducklings to dig up a corpse; meanwhile, Foreman returns

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Updated October 25, 2007 at 03:27 AM EDT


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So that was basically a Halloween episode. We had dead bodies, a gaping head wound, grave digging, apparitions, a trick, and, of course, treats. (Well, Allison treated House to lunch, so that counts.)

I could not help being haunted by other shows and films while watching the opening scenario tonight. The funeral-home basement was so Six Feet Under that I expected Michael C. Hall as Dexter to hack apart our victim-patient. Instead the seizure-prone mortuary cosmetician was afflicted with a case of the ghost-seeing sixth sense, just like Haley Joel Osment in the Shyamalan flick.

My TV-and-film-trained brain immediately thought, ”Wait, what if House is still dead from last episode and this is all a dream”? But it turned out I was wrong about the House haunting. I did not get to where the team was going till the very end, when a pink-peony-wielding, very alive Sherlock House neatly wrapped up the mystery of the dead dog’s collar for his medical sleuths.

House’s reveal was vintage Scooby Doo, but there was a network’s worth of other TV references last night — from House doing John Forsythe on Charlie’s Angels to the Mormon doc’s Big Love story line, as well as nods to various reality shows’ formats. And yes, I was hoping House would ”auf” the ”Not Really a Doctor But Plays One on TV” guy instead of handing him a flower.

I was happy to follow along with this gimmicky episode because I spent the whole show wondering how they’d explain the dead mother in the room. (What a nightmare that would be, now that I think about it.) I did not suspect ergot poisoning, ergo I was surprised by the mystery’s resolution.

Spoiler: Bread did it (in the form of a fungus, probably in the kitchen, with the knife).

Meanwhile, I’m totally sucked into the Top Doc reality-show premise. I hated this notion originally, but now I’m hooked, because, as many of you point out each week, I am lame. Now I’m wondering who will win. I have my own secret favorites, but first you tell me yours.

I’m glad that Foreman is back — even if (or maybe especially since) he had to grovel in front of Cuddy to work at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. I’m eager to see the original trio backing up their soloist again.

Cool thing I learned this week: that the logical explanation for haunted houses has always been carbon monoxide poisoning.

My favorite Dr. House quote (in reference to Dr. Mormon): ”The only way he could turn the other cheek is by pulling down his pants.”

Random observation: How bizarre it must be for a cancer patient to sit in Dr. Wilson’s office and stare at the Touch of Evil poster. (Love that movie!)

What do you think? Are you happy to see the original ducklings back in a row? Who are you rooting for among the newbies? And doesn’t next week’s episode look great?

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