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Carrie searches for clues to help her understand Dante, while Saul gets more than he bargained for.

March 25, 2018 at 10:00 PM EDT

After some hours of investigating, Saul’s team has found… some things, like the fact that Simone’s NGO is simply a front for Russian oligarchs. Saul hopes this will be enough to convince a judge to halt Simone’s impending testimony, but when he presents all this to one, the judge dismisses him outright. “This is witness tampering,” he tells Saul. “Your problem? It’s called politics, which is why it’s such a goddamn mess, which is also why I have no intention of intervening.” Ouch.

The day’s also not going well for Keane, who’s being pressured to comment on Wellington and also being cornered by her vice president (Beau Bridges), who’s eager to get some face time with her. She’s been putting him off for a while, but now, he gets three minutes — and he uses them to ask about the rumors, which she (correctly) interprets as him fishing for clues to whether she’ll be ousted soon so he’ll get the Oval Office. “If you’re wondering whether you’ll sit in this chair anytime soon,” she tells him, “the answer is ‘no.'”

She doesn’t win as easily later that day. At a speech and photo op, Keane gets handed a letter from Wellington. Make that two letters: one is his resignation notice, and the other is a much more lengthy explanation of what he got involved in, what Simone did, and why he’s leaving. But on her way back to the White House, Keane can’t stop examining Wellington’s word choice. He called his relationship with Simone a “relationship of convenience” and that she “meant nothing to me” and that his “true feelings”… well, what are his true feelings?

Keane can’t help but wonder, and so she has her motorcade take her to Wellington’s, where she gets a chance to talk to him face to face. There, she tears into him for resigning after doing so much to bring her to where she is — including, remember, initiating the air strike behind her back that led her to her speech and press duties that day, a move that still makes little sense — and for writing such a letter. She tells him she needs him and that she can’t accept his resignation and that, well, it’s not stated clearly, but there’s something underneath between these two that goes unsaid, at least there in Wellington’s house. It remains unsaid by the end; after telling him he’ll remain on her staff, all Keane does is leave those letters at the door.

But if the president and her chief of staff can’t work things out, at least Saul gets a new clue: His task force has combed Simone’s travel history as well as Dante’s trips thanks to Max, and they’ve found that the pair overlapped five times in European cities in the exact same time frames. Saul, with no time to lose, instructs the team to go after Dante, which means bad news for Carrie, obviously.

Because Carrie, after speaking with Audrey, returns to Dante’s place, to his orbit. There, Franny’s beyond happy to see her stuffed rabbit again, but Carrie chides Dante for heading to Maggie’s place and going behind her back. Franny tells her not to push it — Mommy really needs to cool it with all the confrontations — but after Franny goes to bed, Carrie questions Dante about what he learned from Maggie.

And Dante tells the truth, that Maggie was discreet and was also happy to hear that Carrie was working with him, an actual employed person in the government. He doesn’t disclose that he was snooping, but of course, Carrie’s already figured that part out. What she didn’t know, though, was that Dante also knows Carrie spoke with Audrey. He tells her that Audrey immediately called him after their conversation so she could congratulate him on his new job offer.

Carrie tries to cover her tracks, but Dante knows she’s hiding something. And so, Carrie relents, relaying everything Audrey told her back to Dante, and ending with the fact that she now knows he was, well, “preoccupied with someone else,” and that someone else being her, Carrie Mathison. Hearing that, he approaches her — and soon enough, that tension’s given way to a full-on makeout sesh right outside of Franny’s room. “She can sleep through anything,” Carrie says, in case anyone needed more evidence to take her out of the running for Mother of the Year.

Too bad, then, that right as Carrie and Dante are, well, in flagrante — hey, I can make a cheesy rhyme here now that Homeland chose “Andante” as the episode title — Saul and his team bursts into Dante’s place to drag him out for questioning. It’s impeccable timing: Not only are Carrie and Dante butt naked on Dante’s couch, but Carrie was just about to tell Dante why she went to Audrey. “Because I think you are—” Carrie moans just as the agents crash through the door.

And after she pulls a blanket over herself and calms a frightened — and definitely traumatized — Franny, she watches as Saul walks in and surveys the scene. He just looks disappointed in his former pupil. She, though, almost looks defiant, even though she’s the one who did the exact opposite of what Saul had told her to do. But Carrie’s never one to shy away from a problem — at least, any problems over national security. Family problems, on the other hand…? All I’m saying is it’s time Homeland gave Franny a break.

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