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S6 E11
April 02, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT

Luckily, Quinn doesn’t go far — because moments after she enters the supposedly empty briefing post to look for clues, our mystery man grabs Carrie from behind. She doesn’t go down without a fight, of course, but when the guy grabs her by the ankle just as she’s about to make her escape, Quinn makes a perfectly timed entrance to save the day. He fires off one shot and proceeds to beat the man to death with the butt of his gun. Though Carrie tries to stop him, all she can really do is watch in horror.

With the solicitor general and law enforcement on the way, Carrie wants her and Quinn to get their stories straight so nothing jeopardizes his immunity deal. That’s when he mentions Astrid: “She came all the way from Berlin to take care of me. I’m so f—ed up… I thought she came to hurt me. I took the bullets out of her gun and she couldn’t defend herself when he came. I killed her.”

Though Carrie wants him to tell the solicitor general about Astrid to better explain his use of excessive force, Quinn waves her off. “It’s all I can do,” he says about his penchant for violence. “There’s nothing here [pointing to his heart]. There never was.” She tells him to shut up and again apologizes for her role in his condition, but he insists she didn’t do anything after all. “I’ve always been this way.” It’s heartbreaking to see the once-stoic and seemingly indestructible Quinn accept his fate, even if he’s wrong about his own nature.

The solicitor general arrives and Carrie endeavors to explain how things “got a little out of hand.” She deflects his concerns about the dead guy without a face by drawing his attention to the van in the garage, complete with a photo of Sekou Bah’s family in the visor. She finds Quinn standing in front of the whiteboard, trying to decipher the bits of writing that bled through the last sheet of paper. The partial letters remaining indicate local times of places where the special ops team might be headed — for example, B would be Bravo time, which could by Syria or Jordan. R, on the other hand, would be Romeo, which is the East Coast (i.e. somewhere in the very near vicinity).

Carrie’s spidey sense kicks in, and she tries to find the solicitor general, who we’re told is off dealing with “a situation with the president-elect.” She then calls Rob, Keane’s chief of staff, to find out what’s going on. He says a demonstration got out of hand but that Keane’s all right and reinforcements are on the way. Which reinforcements, exactly? While she’s waiting for an answer, she tries telling the officers to stop unlocking the garage. Sadly, her instincts are right — the van inside explodes, sending Carrie flying and killing at least a few of the others onsite.

Luckily, Quinn’s not one of them. He emerges from the smoldering remains of the home into Carrie’s waiting arms, and the two quickly start checking the pulses of the bodies littering the front lawn. It’s been a few too many episodes since the last Homeland explosion, huh?

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