On ''The Hills,'' the newly wise Lauren turns 21 and decides to forgive Heidi and give Jen the bum's rush; unfortunately, she's also talking to Brody

By Jennifer Armstrong
March 20, 2007 at 04:00 AM EDT
The Hills: Sheryl Nields
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”The Hills”: Lauren grows up

Lauren, I’ve decided, is my new guru. In all the drama, I’ve clearly been blind to her Yoda-ness. Until now. And thus I’m pleased to bring you This Week’s Words of Wisdom From Lauren:

”I think if a guy after a few months asked if I wanted to move in with him, I’d be like, Whoa. This came during a strangely serene scene — at least given how things have been lately — between Lauren and Heidi at the homestead. There was a fleeting moment of tension when Heidi told Lauren about Spencer’s offer to move in together and Lauren said that Lo had already told her, but really, all seemed well. So well, in fact, that Lauren dropped this fortune-cookie-worthy gem:

”A good roommate is like a good pair of jeans — you hold on to them no matter what.” You know, she was right. And I found myself genuinely happy to have Heidi back on Team Lauren. Even better that Heidi was clearly getting along with Audrina as well, getting all conspiratorial over planning Lauren’s surprise 21st-birthday party. (Phew, she can finally drink. What a relief it must have been for her to take her first alcoholic beverage ever.) Of course, Heidi was still lugging that dead weight known as Spencer around, so all wasn’t completely well. Love the random coworker who rolled her eyes when Heidi picked up her phone and trilled, ”Hi, Spencer!” at the office. Love even more that Heidi was suddenly an industrious worker bee when Jen popped up there to talk to her about her still-brewing fight with Lauren over Brody. ”I can’t really talk to you,” Heidi snapped. ”I’m kind of at work.” This from the girl who, last season, couldn’t get over the fact that she had to toil away for eight hours every single day of the work week. Still, Jen pressed on: ”I haven’t talked to my best friend of 15 years for, like, what?” she said in her inimitably articulate way. ”For, like, sloppy thirds?” Because we’re trying to focus on what a ”good roommate” Heidi is, I won’t point out that she totally instigated the Jen-Brody hookup but is now all ”it’s between you guys” about it.

”If you do a really shady thing, be like, ‘I was shady.’ ” Speaking of shady, anyone else think it was a tad mean for Heidi to fake like she was canceling on Lauren for Spencer yet again before luring her to the surprise party? I mean, given how much they’ve fought over him lately? The poor thing looked like she was going to cry, and I wouldn’t blame her — though I guess it was a little funny once she finally found out it was a ruse. Even shadier, though? Brody being back on the scene. And, OMG, going straight to asking about Jen. I guess it was nice that he apologized for that, even though Lauren insisted it wasn’t his fault. (It kind of was, actually. Like half his fault. So I’m not totally okay with Lauren seemingly dating him again — in broad, sober daylight and everything.) Oh, and the ultimate in shady: Spencer’s brilliantly backhanded birthday toast to Lauren. ”Heidi, the love of my life, loves Lauren, and that makes her an amazing person,” he said before going on about how they ”don’t see eye-to-eye.” Hey, two points for honesty.

”You were evil and conniving. It wasn’t all Brody; it was you.” Well, those words of wisdom are really meant for just Jen, but they’re spot-on. No girl needs a friend who makes out with every guy she crushes on. (This could also be a character indicator on the guys Lauren chooses, but still.) When Jen showed up at Lauren’s place — this chick is all about the drop-in, isn’t she? — she groveled: ”What you don’t understand is I didn’t mean to hurt you….I didn’t know Brody even mattered.” Lauren, bless her heart, was having none of it. ”You put yourself in this situation,” she said before escorting Jen out. If only she’d march Brody out with the same determination.

What do you think? Are you happy to see Heidi and Lauren back together? Was Lauren too hard on Jen or just right? And should she get back together with Brody?

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