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January 22, 2016 at 05:00 AM EST

What does it take to save the world? Well, according to Heroes Reborn, the answer is sacrifice. That’s the pervading theme that runs through “Project Reborn,” the series finale of this unsuccessful attempt to revive the Heroes franchise. It takes a good half-hour for the episode to really get going, but eventually it finds its metaphorical 30 seconds of fun (whether those 30 seconds of fun make sense is another question entirely) before losing them. 

Everything is basically where we left it at the end of last week’s episode. Carlos, Jose and Micah rush Farah to the hospital, and Emily and Ren are still down in the Gateway bunker spying on Erica and Richard. Meanwhile, Tommy is trapped inside his Evernow prison, which takes the shape of a never-ending hallway.

With Tommy trapped inside the game, it’s time for Project Reborn, which is what Erica is calling this grand exodus to the future. A cord appears out of nowhere and connects Tommy to a processor that uses his powers to transport everyone wearing one of the Gateway watches 7,957 years into the future, including Ren and Emily. For some reason, the direction pretends like we haven’t seen the future before, and the sequence of everyone emerging into Future Gateway is filmed as though the the show were showing us this for the first time. 

From the beginning of the episode, the show commits to how important sacrifice is to saving the world. First, there’s Luke, who after telling Malina and Quentin to take cover, stands in the middle of present-day Gateway and gives himself to the first solar flare because he’s trying to atone for his sins. As it grows in intensity, Luke starts glowing and ascending toward the flare, which disperses once he hits it, and Luke evaporates with it. Then, there’s Quentin. Darth Phoebe shows up at Gateway and is still devoted to Erica for some unexplained reason and tries to kill Malina. To save Malina, Quentin shoots his sister out the window of the clocktower, and she falls to her death. 

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Working together, Carlos, Jose, and Micah are able to save Farah. However, their work is far from done. A group of people who were injured in a highway pile-up enter the hospital and ask for help. And, Carlos says yes because he’s finally found his place, which is there helping people. It’s Heroes Reborn‘s way of saying: You don’t need superpowers to be a hero. Furthermore, it’s also the show’s version of “there are no small parts, etc.” Basically, everyone has a role to play in saving the world. 

Meanwhile, Tommy starts running around his cyber prison and runs into himself, whom we’ll call Tommy-2. Tommy-2 explains that time is a (flat?) circle and has no meaning there, but memories are timeless, and Tommy needs to use this “time” to remember everything he’s learned in order to save the world once he’s freed. (Tommy-2 also tells Tommy that they can be in two places at the same time, which makes sense?) Eventually, Tommy conveniently remembers practicing saving the world with his sister Malina in that Primatech room. 

Outside in the future real world, Ren and Emily are able to free all of the sedated evos, including Otomo and Miko, who, upon awakening, doesn’t know Ren. The disappointed look on Ren’s face was enough to slightly move my cold heart. Otomo gives Ren his hero moment and sends him back into the game to team up with Katana Girl and free the Master of Time and Space. Obviously, Ren succeeds. 

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