The end of the world is imminent, and everyone heads to Odessa to stop it
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Welcome back to Heroes Reborn after a frankly unnecessary midseason break! In tonight’s episode, heroism continued to be reborn as our characters prepared for the end of the world. With three episodes left, we’ve finally reached that point in between the calm before the storm and the actual storm where’s it’s like mini-storming and you’re just waiting for it to go full storm. #FACTS: I’m hoping for the end of the world because I’m ready for these heroes to go into action!

Bedford, Mo.:

Let’s kick this recap off with Malina and Luke, who, after fleeing that scene on the highway, have made their way to a Kmart-like store to pick up some supplies. By supplies, I mean a gun because, for Luke, some habits are hard to break and because his sun-dependent powers are unreliable at night. Luke even offers to buy Malina one because it’s super easy to do that in Missouri, and Heroes Reborn never misses a moment to reveal its political leanings.

Malina isn’t convinced Noah is dead, so she’s just confused as to why Noah would leave her at such a crucial point. Nonetheless, she’s determined to forge on ahead. So, the plan is to find Tommy and then head to Odessa, Tex.

Unbeknownst to this new dynamic duo, Quentin, Phoebe, and two Harris clones are hot on their trail after finding a YouTube video of Malina stopping that tornado with her powers. As we saw last week, Quentin is becoming a bit unsure about his devotion to Team Erica, and this continues in tonight’s episode when he expresses his qualms about killing Malina, something Darth Phoebe has no problem doing. (#FACTS: Phoebe can’t even with her brother.)

Team Erica decides to stake out a road leading out of Missouri in the hope of intercepting Malina and Luke, which works. With their route blocked by Team Erica’s SUV and Team Erica advancing toward their car on foot, Luke decides the best plan is for them to get out of the car and run into the adjacent corn maze instead of stepping on the accelerator and running the bad guys over. It’s a stupid plan that somehow doesn’t end up with either of them dying.

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Thanks to Phoebe, Malina and Luke are powerless. Trying to live up to the show’s title, Luke finds his inner hero and tells Malina to run ahead while he holds off the bad guys. His reasoning? “You can’t block a Glock.” Yes, that was a line that was actually said tonight, and it made me love this show so much more. But, Malina decides to ignore Luke’s heroic effort and doubles back to help him, which leads to her being captured by Quentin, Phoebe, and Harris.

Don’t worry, Luke shows up, knocks out Phoebe, shoots a Harris clone, and talks Quentin into lowering his gun and spilling the beans about everything, despite Phoebe ordering him to keep his mouth shut. Does she know her brother? He never stops talking. Luke comes close to killing Phoebe when he realizes she was responsible for June 13, but Malina talks him down and reminds him he doesn’t need anymore regrets — which brings us back to Do, a.k.a. Noah’s whole regret spiel in the premiere.

NEXT: The Gateway to the Present and Future

Gateway, Odessa, Tex.: Past and Present

While all of this is going on, Tommy is still in the future with Miko. As they talk, Tommy realizes they’re having a conversation depicted in that issue of Ninth Wonders he picked up, which helps him realize we’re all connected and Miko will help save the world, too!

After escaping from some more Gateway guards, Miko and Tommy realize that she’s dying, i.e. starting to disintegrate because she’s just a modern-day Pinocchio. They read more of the comic and find out her destiny lies at Sunstone Manor. So, Tommy sends her to present-day Sunstone Manor (where the midseason finale episode left off). Before she leaves, Tommy takes her ribbon as proof to Erica that he got rid of her.

When Erica, Hachiro, and goons show up, Tommy convinces Erica that Miko finally died, and they all head back to present-day Gateway, where Erica has collected the world’s best and brightest to be saved from the impending disaster. She also brought Emily and Tommy’s mother.

Having been reunited with his loved ones, Tommy is finally ready for Erica to show him how he will use his powers to transport everyone in present-day Gateway wearing a not-an-Apple-Watch watch to the future. And, it involves one of Erica’s sinister plug-into-your-neck chairs, which she and her scientist claim will amplify his powers and allow him to accomplish this truly Herculean task.

However, Erica is interrupted by a phone call from Harris Prime, who, if you remember from last week, is staging clone siege on Sunstone Manor and calls to inform her that Miko showed up. Erica realizes she’s been tricked and declares that she will take care of the Tommy problem.

Sunstone Manor, Calif.:

Back at Sunstone, Carlos, Farah,third-wheel Taylor and fourth-wheel René start looking Micah, who is apparently the key to stopping Erica’s plan. Along the way, they shut down Matt’s annoying recording, which was keeping the evos in a trance and find Carlos’ El Vengador suit.

Meanwhile, Matt is freaking out in his office as the realization that being evil is hard hits him. René and Taylor storm the room, and René cancels out Matt’s powers. In Heroes Reborn, René’s power suppression can cause an evo pain, which I don’t remember being the case in Heroes, but whatever. Let’s just roll with it. Matt, who is clearly aware of Luke’s wisdom when it comes to a Glock, pulls out a gun and shoots René’s ear off, which disrupts his powers and allows Matt to send René away and to take Taylor hostage. He plans on using Taylor to force Erica into making sure he’s transported to the future and away from the solar flare apocalypse.

NEXT: All roads lead to Odessa

After freeing some evos, Carlos is reunited with the family’s priest and his nephew Jose. (If you forgot Carlos originally came to Sunstone for his nephew, you aren’t alone.) While Farah leads the evo army outdoors, Carlos and Jose go looking for Micah. Unfortunately, the priest dies from a guard’s lucky bullet as they try to free Micah, but despite this momentary setback, they succeed in setting Micah free from this glass prison.

Out on the lawn, we finally get the fight we’ve been waiting for since the premiere: Miko vs. Harris Prime. With Harris wielding an ax and Miko wielding her make-shift spear, these two look like LARPers who forgot their costumes but decided to go through with the battle anyway. Eventually, Harris gets the upper hand, and the only way for Miko to win is to stab herself hard enough to stab Harris, who is standing behind her. It works. Miko has a hero’s death, and all of the Harris clones disintegrate.

Meanwhile, Carlos, Farah, Jose, and Micah head back to Matt’s office to use his computer and reveal to the world just exactly what Erica has planned. Micah taps into every live media outlet in the world and broadcasts a message. We cut to him on the screens of Times Square, which doesn’t do the show any favors because it reminds us of better times in Heroes history.

Erica’s evil intentions are revealed to the world by a blooper, which shows her coaching a shape-shifting evo pretending to be Mohinder taking credit for the June 13 attack. Micah assures the entire world that evos and non-evos are meant to live in harmony because we’re all in this together.

But, Erica doesn’t seem fazed by this at all. She summons Joanne to her office and gives her a new task: Kill Luke and Malina. Joanne almost definitely accepts because she’s the worst.

As the episode ends, we’re shown a montage of everyone driving to Odessa, because that’s where all roads lead to in Heroes Reborn, as a solar flare starts heading to Earth. If anything, tonight’s episode kind of made me realize why Texas is such an important part of Heroes. With the state’s occasional talk of seceding from the union, it makes sense that Tim Kring would set this series about unifying the world in a place that’s known for occasionally encouraging disunity.

When the episode ends, we still have no idea what happened to Noah. Guess we’ll have to wait until next week.

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