While Hiro battles with Adam and Peter to prevent them from getting the virus, Sylar shoots Maya to see if the injection will restore his powers

Heroes (TV series)

”Heroes” finale recap

Endings are curious, difficult things. Finding the right note on which to send out a season isn’t easy. Not only do you have to resolve the ongoing stories, you have to reward constant watchers for their diligence with some of the old slam-bang, as well as plant the seeds for the next go-round.

So how did the finale of this mini-season measure up? Let’s look at those three requirements, one by one.


We knew, in the first season, what everyone was striving for, why everything was coming to a head when it did. Kill Sylar, save the world. It would have been nice if this season had been as linear as ”Kill Adam, save the world.” But it was kind of all over the place. Still, let’s start with the Adam Monroe plot. With his superpowered boy toy in tow — that’s how I’m referring to Peter, who seems to have given up on trying to keep track of the thoughts in his pretty little head — Adam waltzed into the Primatech vault to get his hands on the Shanti virus. But while Peter was distracted by something shiny (okay, it was Parkman and Nathan), Hiro teleported himself into the vault, snatched Adam, and left him buried alive in a Japanese cemetery. Which is the perfect punishment for a man who can live forever. (Naturally, if Hiro just killed him, there’d be no room for error — or sequels.) And Peter, finally regaining his senses, incinerated the killer strain.

Then there were Sylar, Suresh, and the surviving Wonder Twin. Suresh, knowing full well that Sylar was sitting in his apartment holding his ”daughter” hostage, just showed up without any backup? Without calling Parkman, or alerting Bob? Again, the dumbest geneticist on the frakking planet. So lemme get this straight: Maya came all the way from South America to simply get shot by Sylar. And he shot her to prove that the magic mojo blood works. Probably could’ve shot anyone, but luckily, he had this really hot — and disposable — illegal immigrant with him. And Elle showed up just in time to save lives that no one really cares about. Again, this whole plot strand was a complete waste of time.

Meanwhile, Claire decided to steam ahead with her plans to expose the Company. Until her dear, dead father showed up to dissuade her. Again, just so I can get this straight: Noah fell back in step with Bob and the Company to keep his family safe, he showed up at home to tell Claire not to go public, and now he’s gonna disappear again? Oooo-kay. And West, apparently, isn’t the bad guy I thought he was gonna be. He’s just a wuss. And why was everyone so enamored with striking against the Company by ”taking it public,” anyway? Why not just burn everything to the ground, kick ass, and take names?

Finally, poor Niki. Of all the people who had to fall at the hands of the crappy New Orleans story line, why’d it have to be Niki? And just as she got interesting, with the possibility of a legion of personalities in her head. She and Micah were forced to track the gangsters who kidnapped Monica — who hadn’t watched any knot-untying videos so she could set herself free. (And why did Niki seem so surprised at how Micah’s powers work? Isn’t that, like, her son?) And Niki bought it in a fire — something of a nod to D.L.’s bid at real heroism as a firefighter. Micah’s an orphan, now, probably to be raised by his useless aunt Uhura. And, just maybe, to stray from the straight and narrow.


It’s amazing what two superpowered people can accomplish given the proper motivation. When Adam and Peter blasted their way through that Primatech building, I got a little giddy. Why wasn’t there more of this sort of thing, people with powers cutting loose? Do you think people would’ve read X-Men comics for 50 years if they didn’t deliver a healthy dose of the punchy-kicky-explody? This mini-finale reminded me of season 1’s capper, with the clash of the titans that lasted all of, like, six minutes. Sound and fury signifying nothing — or little, anyway.

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Someone gunned down Nathan at his makeshift press conference. Who pulled the trigger? And did Mama Petrelli really give the order? I wouldn’t put it past her, given that she was willing to have Parkman perforate Peter earlier that day. Ah, a mother’s love for villainy. How will that twist Peter? Will he turn to the dark side, guilty over his complicity in the Adam business, devastated by his brother’s death? (Why I’m so obsessed with heroes turning evil, I don’t know.)

What else was in the Primatech vault? I spotted a key (which Adam was reaching for), a brain, a pyramid, and a hand of cards. What do they signify? Will they come into play?

And finally, in the teaser to volume 3, titled Villains, Sylar regained his powers. Heck, we all knew he’d get the whammy back — even if I thought last week it’d be better if he didn’t.

”You do know that you’ve now opened Pandora’s box,” said Angela Petrelli to the mystery person on the phone after the death of her son. All I can say is, I hope so. This is a show that could do with some rampaging evils on the loose. Not that this was a horrible wrap-up; it was just the ace placed atop a house of cards. Let’s hope that whenever Heroes comes back, it lives up to the promise we saw in those very first episodes. Of a complex world filled with primal questions: What’s the right thing to do, and am I strong enough to do it?

What do you think? Did the right people bite the dust? Who would you rather have died? Are you sad to see the show go, or glad for some time apart? And when, exactly, will Angela reap what she has sown?

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