On ''Heroes,'' as H.R.G. struggles to protect his family from Sylar, we learn that Nathan is Claire's biological father

By Gilbert Cruz
Updated February 07, 2007 at 05:00 AM EST
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”Heroes”: The connections grow stronger

Wow. Nathan is a whore.

Though I lost out on $250 Sunday night because the Colts couldn’t muster up enough strength to push through for a final touchdown, I definitely picked up cash on my Heroes action, which, after last week’s teaser, was 2-1 on whether Nathan is Claire’s real father. Which leads me to my first point: Nathan is a whore.

He’s cheated on his wife at least once (with Jessica), and it was with such little remorse that it’s safe to assume that he’s done it before. (Besides, he’s a handsome and charismatic politician who oozes that ”I’m going to convince you to sleep with me” vibe.) And now we find out that he hooked up with some woman from Texas, two heroes amazingly getting together (randomly or no?) and producing Claire. I’m super-curious as to what circumstances would have brought Nathan and Claire’s mother together in the first place. She seems a little low-rent, and he’s obviously the complete opposite. Still, I sorta like Nathan’s moral weakness, his ambition, his selfishness, his ruthlessness — it makes those tender moments he has with his brother more emotional.

So I was wrong on the Linderman-as-daddy tip. But this revelation should put to rest those ”Peter and Claire should get together” threads that I’ve seen on various message boards. Y’all should be ashamed of yourselves! He’s her uncle, which makes the fact that he saved her from Sylar — and vice versa — that much more interesting and affecting. It also strengthens the bonds between everyone on the show — Claire is connected to Nathan, who’s connected to Peter, who’s connected to Simone, who’s connected to Isaac, who’s connected to Hiro, and so on. Of course, Linderman’s at the top of the food chain. I sorta hope that he’s a dinosaur, so Hiro can fight him.

And although it felt for a good part of episode 14 (titled ”Distractions”) that Heroes was turning into a cynically antifamily tract (especially in the Hiro and Peter subplots), the show redeemed itself admirably in the second half. In Hiro and Peter’s case, family is what held them back from achieving their destiny, and family is what brought them closer to fulfilling their missions. When Hiro’s father was inches close to packing him back on a plane to Tokyo, Hiro and his sister were able to persuade him to let Hiro go off and do his own thing — which he should have in the first place. Can you seriously see Hiro as an efficient manager, let alone an executive vice president?

As for Peter, he was inches close to believing Claude’s noxious philosophy that people are ”selfish, deceitful, and gassy.” Yet when push came to shove, it was thinking of sweet Claire, who he still doesn’t know is his niece, that saved his life. (Wow, would Claude have felt like a jerk if Peter hadn’t regenerated.) The people Peter loves are not distractions. Who would’ve thought, a dozen episodes ago, that Heroes would be such a gripping family drama?

Yet the most tragic of the stories is still the Bennet clan’s. Having inadvertently let Sylar out of his cage, H.R.G. (whose first name we were so close to getting, though not really, because the writers were clearly screwing with us when they had Ms. Bennet say, ”It’s so funny how all of y’all call him Mr. Bennet. I’ve always just known him as — ” before yelling at Mr. Muggles) almost lost his family, dashing into his home seconds before Sylar could end his wife’s life. And H.R.G. was pissed (”Find him. He dies!”), so I can’t wait to see what happens when the two cross paths again. And then, having barely saved his wife from a nasty death, H.R.G. had to erase her memory yet again. Her brain must be mush, and that’s sad for her, but is anyone else a little sad for H.R.G., having to do these things and put up these facades around his family? What a lonely life it must be.

Thoughts on tonight’s ep? Are Simone and Isaac going to get back together, or was that just a friendly hug? Why are H.R.G. and Isaac in cahoots? Why doesn’t Niki just stay away from mirrors (seriously, Niki, stay away from reflective glass), and are her two personalities eventually going to come together into one super-strong person? Are all these questions just distractions?

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