Everyone's guilty of something, right?

By Amanda Bell
June 13, 2016 at 10:52 PM EDT
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One-word show titles are usually a major theme wink, and in the case of Guilt, it’s clear from the premiere episode that this is an adjective which is applicable to almost every single character, in some way or another. Sure, the crux of this thing is to find out who killed Molly Ryan (Rebekah Wainwright) — more like, who butchered the girl with a whopping 17 ab stabs after an ecstasy-filled rager at her own flat — but it looks like we’ll be investigating more than just the whodunnit factor here. As the truth unfolds, we’ll also be finding out just how dirty even the most innocent players surrounding the case might very well be. 

So, in keeping with the titular imperative of this new series, let’s break out our newfangled (but trusty) Guilt-O-Meter and find out just how red these people’s hands are already.

Grace Atwood

Grace (Daisy Head), Molly’s American roommate who first discovered her mauled corpse in their den, says she spent the whole night upstairs on the roof, getting busy with her French boyfriend Luc under the stars. Of course, she was under the influence of several mind-altering drugs and her blood-covered footprint was discovered near Molly’s lifeless body by investigators the next day. She’s got an oh-so-hazy memory of maybe-probably going to the loo sometime during her extracurricular activity session, but she can’t quite be sure when (or more importantly how she didn’t notice the thick, red liquid she was stepping in along the way).

She’s convinced that she did not — could not — be the one who brutally murdered her pal, but there are a few key facts that just don’t match her wide-eyed, innocent demeanor: (1) Luc was definitely seen being ground up on by Molly at the club they hit up before bringing the party home that night; (2) she was completely goo-eyed when videotaping Molly dancing seductively at their little shindig and even grinned ear to ear when revisiting the clip even after being pegged as a suspect, implying she maybe had a shine for her; (3) she had a fling with her married professor “Jeffrey” once and slashed his tires after finding out he had a wife, or so she says; (4) she was zonked out on hard substances and can’t really and truly explain the bloody footprint; and (5) when she and Luc decided to take off to Paris and were being chased by police, she “freaked out” in a way that most innocent people probably wouldn’t.

On the other hand, as her fancy pants, squirrel-wrangling lawyer tells the press, she does have good reason to be pretty skittish about all the attention right now — especially after possibly being followed by a hooded stranger down the alley near Tower Bridge. As her sister Natalie said to sell the jury on a firm conviction back in Boston, though, “evil hides behind many faces — even an attractive one.” So, don’t count her out as easily as Detective Bruno has, y’all.   

Guilt-O-Meter score: 5 out of 10. For now. We can probably expect a few more surprises from her to come along soon.  

Luc Pascal

Unlike Grace, we aren’t dealing with any of Luc’s footprints found smeared in blood leading up to the roof where he and Grace had their frisky fun that night, but we do get to see a video of Luc (Zachary Fall) wilding out with Molly shortly before all the X hit the fan. Bruno suspects he may have gone down after Grace fell asleep to finish what they started with all that flirtation and gotten turned down, which would be motive for the crime (because he can’t quite wrap his head around Gwendolyn’s theory that Grace could have done it in another fit of jealous rage). 

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Plus, his red paint-spattering art style is a dead ringer for the crime scene, and he is the one who suggests taking off to Paris with Grace in the first place. 

Guilt-O-Meter score: 6 (and counting). He probably didn’t do it — too obvious, really — but he’s got some skeletons in his closet for sure. 

NEXT: Someone’s got a secret sidejob …

Natalie Atwood

On the surface, Natalie (Emily Tremaine), Grace’s sister, seems pretty innocent. She’s an up-and-coming assistant to the District Attorney in Boston whose penchant for justice seems pure. But whatever’s going on with her and her step-dad James seems rich with twisted history and it compels her to grab his red scarf from the crime scene, even though she believes it may be evidence of his involvement, since has exactly zero faith in his Amsterdam alibi. Hmmm.

Guilt-O-Meter score: 2. She’s still overall clean as a whistle, until the facts prove otherwise. But why she snatched that scarf instead of spilling on her step-dad, we’ll have to wait and find out. 

Roz Walters

The third flatmate in this situation (and the only local, the police point out for some reason), Roz (Simona Brown) is this D.J. at the hot rave club Diablo London who has a solid alibi for the night of the murder — she was still spinning when her roommates left and didn’t return until the morning — but is far from pristine herself. Her secondary occupation, it seems, is being a headhunter for naked masquerade parties, and she had almost definitely roped Molly (IDed as her “Irish friend” by the party host) into that S&M-style situation before.

Guilt-O-Meter score: 4. Watch this space as we learn more about those little soirees she’s staffing and how it relates to Molly’s probable stalker situation. 

D.S. Alex Bruno

Detective Bruno (Cristian Solimeno) says he knows a thing or two about crappy step-dad situations (and claims even his real dad was no picnic), but other than that tiny glimpse into his non-work life, he is pretty above the line. Sure, he burns the tabloid newspaper that parades Molly’s murder and Grace’s extramarital relationship with her professor on its cover to sell copies, but that could be out of simple frustration. 

Guilt-O-Meter score: 0. 

Prince Theo

Right now, we know exactly four things about Prince Theo (Sam Cassidy): (1) he’s clearly a customer of Roz’s; (2) he hates eating squab and doesn’t understand why it’s considered fancy cuisine; (3) he lives in a gated castle with ample security; and (4) he obviously had sexual dealings with Molly and considered her a prize escort. Already he’s a prime (albeit a little too cut-and-dried for this early in the game) suspect. Could he be the mystery father of her unborn fetus? Was that his room with Molly’s missing teddy bear in it? 

Guilt-O-Meter score: 8. He’s got some bad in his bones that we are definitely going to have to flesh out before we can get a real whiff of who this guy is.

Gwendolyn Hall

Our resident prosecutor-slash-investigator, Gwendolyn Hall (Naomi Ryan) is hands-on and has at least one eye open in the direction of our girl Grace at all times. The reason? She’s seen first-hand just how nasty the situation can get when you’ve got two women going after the same fella (although we don’t get to find out exactly how bloody her particular battle got due to a timely interrogation interruption by our new friend Stan) and thinks Grace has motive aplenty for offing Molly.

Guilt-O-Meter score: 1, and even that’s a little stiff. She’s practically got a halo hovering over her head right now.

NEXT: The most guilty yet

Patrick Ryan

So far, the only thing we know about Molly’s brother, Patrick Ryan (Kevin Ryan), is that he’s got vengeance on the brain and isn’t squeamish about touching dead bodies — even his own sister’s. Oh, and he has exactly zero faith in the judicial system and would love nothing more than to take matters into his own hands in tracking down her killer. But he’s got a whole different kind of guilt going on right now; he’s upset with himself for not being there to protect his baby sister. 

Guilt-O-Meter score: 0 on the culpability front (until he exacts any of that forewarned vigilante justice, that is) but an 11 out of 10 contrition factor. 


There’s something really, really fishy about this guy, and no one trusts him less than his own step-daughter Natalie. He claims he was in Amsterdam all week when the murder took place, but Nat doesn’t believe that for a second, and besides, what was his scarf doing at Molly/Grace/Roz’s flat? And what was he doing at the ritzy-but-nefarious hook-up party there at the end? Also, exactly how many times did he cheat on their mom, and how old were his partners?

Guilt-O-Meter score: 9 based sheerly on his skeeze factor.  

Stan Gutterie

So what if Stan (Billy Zane) likes to cuddle up to the local wildlife during his downtime? This was a guy who once urinated in a judge’s risotto just because. In fact, he can no longer even practice law in the United States because of his wanton disregard for the law (and food safety, to boot). He’s “not not proud” of his handiwork there, too. But, other than that reckless (and really gross) little outburst — and his willingness to call out his neighbor for her loud sexy time with a stranger who is decidedly not her husband — he’s still pretty clean for now.

Guilt-O-Meter score: 1 for sullying the judge’s food that time because NOPE.

Professor Jeffrey Lindley

All we know about this guy is that he was married and had a fling with a young, American student of his — possibly two? Grace sure gave him a look when she asked whether he’d be mourning Molly, too, then, didn’t she? Oh, and he was also present and sneering during Stan’s statement speech about there being a madman on the loose in London, so, ya know, 2 + 2 = 4.

Guilt-O-Meter score: 4 — motive math.

Detective Pike

All we know about Pike (Robbie Gee) so far is that he’s Bruno’s less involved partner. No harm and certainly no foul so far.

  • Guilt-O-Meter score: 0, easy.  
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