Grace has been holding out on us

By Amanda Bell
July 26, 2016 at 12:57 AM EDT
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Well, well, well. Look who caved.

As we’ve long suspected, Grace has been holding out on us with at least one important detail about her whereabouts during the night of Molly’s murder, and no teary-eyed “WHY ME” speech is gonna save her from the cuffs this time. Luc, you dog, you.

The puzzle pieces are starting to inch nearer to one another on Patrick’s end as well, as he advances on his own mark — Gentleman 33 (a.k.a. Prince Theo) who, like a dummy dum dum, has accidentally allowed his veil to slip away just enough for his fiancée to find out there is a Molly who exists (well, existed) in his world and was important enough for him to scream her name in his sleep. And, no, she’s “not a bloody dog,” either.

Meanwhile, another murder! Just when we were starting to get bored of the glum interrogation room at Scotland Yard, too!

Let’s break down what the kids were up to and into in this week’s new episode of Guilt.

Grace Atwood

Grace has one priority in this entire world: Grace. For her, all the people she “loves” — Luc, Natalie, Molly — are merely in her life to service her own selfish ends. That’s why she’s willing to put Natalie in the arms of a super-dangerous criminal who’s now a confirmed murderer, just to save her own skin (by planting evidence, no less); that’s why she’s in full rave-swing bliss at the club just after seeing Luc stuck in the tank — hey, he might be suffering, but he confirmed he’ll keep his lips zipped about their (read: her) little secret, so partayyyyyy.

Only, he doesn’t. Detective Bruno might have gone in to pressure Luc into implicating himself in the murder of Molly Ryan as a favor to Nat, but what he gets out of him is the news that Grace was gone for an hour when she went down to pee that night. That’s hardly a “twisting” of Luc’s words, and it gives Gwen just enough to issue a warrant and bring in her suspect once and for all.

Let’s examine all of the evidence against Grace, shall we? First of all, she was there that night and walked through Molly’s blood at some point during her hour-long romp to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Molly had her skin and blood under her fingernails from Grace’s belly piercing (but probably not, because she’s a liar liar with pants on fire). Plus, she’s been physically violent with her on camera before, had dealings with Finch and the Courtenay just to one-up Molly (also evidenced with video on the flash drive Nat swiped from his apartment), and is overall a Sneaky McSneakerton.

Guilt-o-meter reading: 10 out of 10. At this point, she’s nothing but wicked.

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Luc Pascal

Grace might have thought she had her puppy dog of a boyfriend in line long enough for her to dance freely and do other Grace things, but her leash wasn’t short enough. With just hours to spare before his release, Luc crumbles under the weight of Bruno’s questioning and, exactly like his girlfriend did to him before, goes straight for the hard stuff after she’s incarcerated.

The sad part of it all? He really does seem to still believe she’s innocent. He even posits that Grace must have fallen asleep on the toilet that night just to explain away the time lapse. Poor sap.

Guilt-o-meter reading: 6 out of 10.

NEXT: She’s in way too deep now…

Natalie Atwood

The last few weeks, we’ve been finding out just how many stops Nat’s willing to pull out on behalf of her not-so-baby sister. And if abandoning her burgeoning career, seducing one police officer after punching another, and gladly being Grace’s banana-milkshake errand girl weren’t enough, she’s now committing theft on a highly dangerous kingpin just because Grace says so. Facepalm.

Natalie started out this show by talking about justice and how the face of a killer isn’t always what you expect it to look like, but somehow — even though she actually watches a video of her sister doing a striptease for Finch while admitting she’s competitive with her now-dead roommate — she still fails to realize her words have come back to haunt her by way of Grace. She still thinks she’s completely innocent of evil, and that makes one of us.

Guilt-o-meter reading: 7 out of 10. Giving the Courtenay’s head honcho a lap dance for any reason — but especially to help Grace actually plant evidence on him — is bad, bad behavior.

Roz Walters

Caleigh’s new affinity for Patrick Ryan is not too far of an imagination stretch, because (1) they’re both Irish, (2) they’ve already been intimate, and (3) they’re both really, ridiculously good-looking people (cue the blue steel pose) and that’s just the way it works. But where does their new romance leave Roz? You might recall that before Roz coaxed Caleigh into becoming one of the club courtesans, the two of them were pretty hot and heavy. Maybe Roz could sense the heat rising between them and that’s why she got so jealous of this hookup (as opposed to the untold gobs of men she’s been with on company time before).

Either way, Caleigh’s working to get back into Finch’s good graces by retrieving the ledger from Patrick — you know, after they have a chance to make that vessel a steam boat, badum tish — and she even gives him the address of his dock station. But they’re deep in cahoots right now, so Pat had plenty of time to make himself scarce before the gun-toting cavalry arrived. Clever girl.

As for Roz, well, she too is trying her damndest to keep up appearances where Finch is concerned, because we’ve seen what happens if he’s crossed (R.I.P. Colin). She’s willing to be the eyes and ears on the ground, quite literally speaking, from the safety of her DJ booth (while Nat gets Finch’s car keys so Grace can plant Molly’s phone she’s been withholding from evidence), but no more. She just seems happy to have Molly’s phone off her hands, no matter how stupid the plan.

Speaking of which, has logic just abandoned these women? They seem sure their move is the best way to ensure the phone gets its legal due, but they don’t want to just hand it over to the police because Roz’s failure to do so in the first place is probably a punishable offense (as if giving the cell to Gwen or Bruno would be the start of a disappearing act they’re so scared of). And let’s face it: Grace wants to pin this ish on Finch, who probably deserves to be behind bars, but still.

Guilt-o-meter reading: 5 out of 10. And also, Roz needs new friends.

Detective Sergeant Alex Bruno

Bruno did the right thing this time for a change. Not only did he give a hang-up-style hard pass to Natalie’s plea for him to get involved in Luc’s interrogation to protect Grace, but even when he did decide to mosey in there and have a go at this person of interest, he didn’t waver from scooping out the damning detail Gwen needed to implicate Grace. Sooo…good job? His current girlfriend is probably gonna be pissed about all of this (no more crappy morning-after egg breakfasts for these two) but his old bedmate is just ecstatic. And with that, he’s back on the case.

Guilt-o-meter reading: 4 out of 10.

Detective Pike

Nothing to see here.

Guilt-o-meter reading: 0 out of 10.

NEXT: Turns out, Molly had zero patience for royal BS…

Gwendolyn Hall

It’s been established Gwen is pretty well convinced that Grace killed Molly, and you know what? She may be right about that. She’s got enough experience — both professionally and personally — to know a homicidal maniac when he sees one, right? The fact that she uses her side of the law to put Stan Gutterie in his place outside of the interrogation room is just good prosecutorial posturing. As she said, Luc didn’t ask for an attorney, now did he?

Guilt-o-meter reading: Zip. Zero. She’s squeaky clean.

Prince Theo

Pro tip: When sharing a bed with your fiancée, do your very best to NOT wake up screaming another girl’s name in agony. And if you do, when said fiancée naturally asks for an explanation, don’t go getting all misty-eyed during your story about the girl, even if you are pretending she was a beloved pet.

There are some viewers of this show who think Theo’s fiancée might be the one who took Molly down — not just for the fact that he was completely in love with her and regards her as his oh-so-treasured little secret, but also because Molly was pregnant and their affair could risk her ascent to the crown. It’s a fair theory, sure, but when she mentions Molly to Theo’s manservant, she seems pretty genuine about the fact that this isn’t something she knew about before. So, it seems unlikely, given her reaction.

Theo, on the other hand? Well, during his flashback scene with Molly, we learn just how resistant she was to his royal charms and how insistent she was about keeping their baby and hoping it’d get Theo’s beautiful blues. Did he love her? Yes. But he still loves himself more.

Guilt-o-meter reading: 8 out of 10. He might be a dunce, but he’s still a cunning son of a you-know-what, and the fact that he dreamt about Molly in a vat of her own blood is hard to unsee.

Patrick Ryan

Now that Patrick has made peace with knowing his sister became a lady of the night to support her dream of living in London, he’s ready to focus. His foolhardy snatch-and-run effort at the Courtenay earned him a look at that ledger, but it cost another man his life. For Patrick? If he knew about the cold-blooded murder of Colin — whom he plucked from the Courtenay’s crowd to blackmail and bully his way into the place — he’d probably shrug it off. Casualties of chaos are minor details. It’s not that he’s a bad guy, exactly… it’s just that, like everyone else in this show, he’s got a one-track mind.

Guilt-o-meter reading: 5 out of 10. He didn’t do too much illegal stuff this episode, but there’s still time.

Stan Gutterie

Stan’s been the man managing this case from top to bottom for Grace, but somehow Gwen’s able to get the upper hand and snag some alone time with Luc, despite his best efforts to intervene. Whoops.

Guilt-o-meter reading: 2 out of 10. He didn’t do anything too crazy in the name of zealous client advocacy this time.

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