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By Amanda Bell
June 20, 2016 at 09:49 PM EDT
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And then there were two murder victims — possibly even three or four.

While searching out leads on Molly Ryan’s possible killer, our good detectives have discovered a long-buried, so-called suicide case that has a way-too-close-for-comfort-or-coincidence connection to one of our primary persons of interest.

Meanwhile, as the public’s consistently villainizing Grace in the media for being able to laugh through her tears at Molly’s memorial service — using a social media hashtag to salt the wound, no less — and such, there are others who are incriminating themselves on the sly but won’t be able to keep up their ruse of non-involvement for very long. Here’s a breakdown of who fits the title bill for Guilt right now.

Grace Atwood

Everyone else is focusing on the fact that she and Luc shared a Molly backstory-centric giggle after her tearful eulogy at the memorial service. Is it distasteful? Sure, but grief is a weird thing and people express it differently, so it’s hardly the most eyebrow-raising Grace activity of the week.

What’s more troublesome is her damning travel vlog violence against Molly. Stan’s received a little blackmail action from someone — Grace suspects Stephanie, identifiable as “the skank with bad ombre,” someone she’d loaned their videos to for editing — and it definitely doesn’t look good for Grace. In the vid, she’s seen swiping Molly’s phone and questioning her about why “he’s” texting her like that… before she starts punching her and calling her nasty names. The “he” in question is none other than James, her stepfather, who she claims was simply trying to figure out a good birthday present idea for her, but even Natalie’s wearing an expression that says “yeah right” on that one. (Thankfully for her, that little tidbit didn’t make it to the press, yet, because otherwise she’d be toast — probably even in handcuffs right now.)

Which brings up another good point: Grace and James are tight right now. They even happily share an attorney and can find pleasure in the small things, still, like fancy dinners out and new mini-purses from the boutique, which is kind of bizarre, given the situation, right? And if he’s half the scumbag Natalie says he is, why is Grace so quick to turn a blind eye to the guy? Do we really believe her “oh I’m so grateful he stepped in as Daddy even after Mom died” routine?

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Not to mention, Grace jumps at the first, limited-window opportunity she gets to sneak down to Molly’s as-yet-undiscovered-by-the-police storage unit and spring her necklace from its hiding place. She and Roz make it sound like the bauble was some kind of storage unit for illegal substances and that she was trying to protect the girl’s reputation by scooping it before our uniformed friends could, but the necklace looks really, really familiar for some reason. Could it be the same one Molly was wearing the night she was killed? It sure looks like it, but now it’s in Patrick’s possession, since he followed her down there (accepting her too-coolly-delivered excuse that she was just trying to gather old photos for the memorial presentation). Even still. Her willingness to potentially impede the investigation like this is as questionable as her effort to dodge the police during her and Luc’s thwarted trip to Paris last week.

Oh, oh, oh, and she’s been to one of Roz’s sex parties in a professional capacity (just once, supposedly), so there’s that, too.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: 7 out of 10. She jumps a few points for her bad behavior this week.

Luc Pascal

Luc’s right there in the thick of the mess as far as all the #AmericanPsycho chatter goes since, ya know, he was sharing the infamous laugh with her, but other than that, he stays relatively well away from the action this time. Bruno’s still giving him a hard glance based on his hunch that Molly’s unborn baby might just share his DNA (we’re still waiting on the lab results from that, it seems? Surely they’ve drawn a blood sample from him by now), but otherwise? Very little news on the Luc front.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: He stays at a 6 just because we still don’t know the true details of his history with Molly or Grace right now.

NEXT: Another of Molly’s friends has blood on her hands…

Natalie Atwood

Natalie’s willingness to table her information on James’ whereabouts on the night of the murder — as well as the schemy, almost too easy way she’s able to finagle those deets from an embassy worker — make her a little more curious than before. But her excuse for doing so (namely, protecting Grace) makes plenty of sense to keep her on the overall up and up.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: She’s staying firm at a 2, but mostly because she’s still withholding potential evidence and she should know better.

Roz Walters

As predicted, Roz did bring Molly into her naughty little nightlife ring, and, yes, she’s still actively working on her club friend Caleigh to keep her in the mix (20,000 quid is a lot, after all). It’s still not clear if any of her and Finch’s “clients” there had anything to do with Molly’s murder — although Prince Theo is certainly making a case for that — or, more importantly, that she knows anything about it, but she’s certainly no angel. In fact, she just so happens to be in possession of Molly’s mysteriously disappeared phone right now, which means she’s definitely playing at something and we somehow don’t believe it’s the pursuit of justice that’s making her smile so hard at finding James’ picture in the cell’s image file.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: We’ll push her up to a 5 for dragging all her friends into the seedy underbelly of creepy rich guy partying and withholding a major piece of evidence.

D.S. Alex Bruno

Detective Bruno is still doing his darndest to implicate anyone but Grace, so that’s weird, but otherwise, he’s still on the side of the law.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: 0. Again.

Prince Theo

There’s a reason we’re only catching condemning glances of this guy: We’re supposed to be sure he’s involved somehow. And this week’s glimpses don’t speak otherwise. This time, we see him in the background of the detectives’ TV news feed for his upcoming royal wedding, then looking completely forlorn in his fancy car at Molly’s memorial service before hosting Caleigh as his blindfolded mistress of the evening at one of Finch’s parties (“this one’s special,” he warns her). All any of this confirms is that he’s still a scuzzball who likes to bed random women for money and that he had a thing for Molly Ryan — both of which we already knew.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: Since there’s not much of a change with him in either direction, we’ll stick with an 8 for now.

Gwendolyn Hall

Gwen’s hard nose for Grace is a little off-putting (although somewhat understandable, if she knew half of what we as viewers know about the girl), but other than that, she’s still just doing her job.

Guilt-O-Meter Reading: 0. Her offhand comment about girl in-fighting really hasn’t turned into anything, so she loses whatever tiny bit of suspicion she’d earned for that this week.

NEXT: This guy might be the worst one of all …

Patrick Ryan

Oh, Patrick, Patrick, Patrick. There’s a reason you don’t just go gallivanting into random strangers’ houses in the middle of the night. Gwen tried to warn him that no good would come of it, and no, it did not.

After he tracked Grace down to Molly’s underground storage unit, he presses her on whether Professor Lindley and Molly ever had a thing, and while she says she’s not sure, that she’d seen him creeping around and told her to avoid him, he promises her, “I wasn’t there for Molly when she needed me, but I promise you when I get my hands on whoever killed her before they die, they’re going to suffer.”

We learn from Gwen that Patrick here has some kind of criminal history going for himself, so when he takes the bait of a journalist named Vera who says she knows exactly where the not-so-good Professor is lying low, it’s pretty clear what his intentions are. He sneaks in to the Professor’s temporary abode with Bea, his wife, and is surprised himself to find a shotgun pointed at his face. Only it’s not Jeffrey at the trigger end; it’s Bea herself, who most definitely fires off a round at her scoundrel of a husband (who was trying to offer her tea, like it was all cool and she hadn’t just been shown evidence of his many affairs with younger women at the station). When the camera pans to a B-roll shot, we hear another round blast, implying that Patrick might’ve caught a spray to the chest, too — although it could’ve easily been a double tap for Jeffrey or, since the police were en route to question Lindley at the same time, they might’ve run in right there in the nick of time to divert the second round, but we’ll have to wait and see if Patrick’s that lucky.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: If he’s not dead or dying, he gets a slight increase for breaking and entering. 3.


Natalie’s right to loathe the very ground this guy walks on. Not only is she able to confirm her suspicions about the timing of his little trip to Amsterdam, but she also bar bullies him into admitting he once had a fling with Molly. Now his top priority is finding Molly’s phone, which, yeah, has his picture right there on it. We smell another blackmailing effort brewing this very minute.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: 10. Hell, make it 20.

Stan Gutterie

Stan’s cutthroat lawyering tactics have earned him a perfect defense record thus far, and he’s clearly the kind of guy who does his homework. His ability to shut down the shady travel vlog leak is masterful — he threatens to reveal to Stephanie’s uber-evangelical family that she’s had not one but two abortions they don’t know about — and he’s also totally game for the whack-a-mole session that is his representation of both James and Grace, neither of whom are clearly cut from the cloth of innocence.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: 3.

Professor Jeffrey Lindley

If he’s not dead already, he’s definitely injured and probably going to go to jail after he’s healed. Unless he was wearing a bulletproof vest while offering his cuckolded wife her evening tea when she shot him, he got the spray of a shotgun there at the end (justifiable homicide?). Either way, he’s still as sticky a slime-bucket as they come because his recent sexual partner list reads like a who’s who of vulnerable collegiate women. Plus, at least one of his young former bedfellows turned up dead in an apparent suicide but had his fingerprints all over the jacket she was wearing. He swears he never touched Molly, but he did ask her out that one time and got turned down, so that doesn’t exactly relieve him of all involvement there either.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: 10. Ugh, that guy.

Detective Pike

Still nothing unusual from his end. Still solid as a rock, from what we can tell.

Guilt-O-Meter reading: 0. He might even deserve less than that, at this point.

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