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Nick loses everyone he loves, then finds the strength to defeat evil and reclaim his world


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March 31, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT

“Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”

These words open the final episode of the little fairy tale show that could. And at first, they seem cruelly ironic, as nothing about the Zerstörer’s staff is a comfort to Nick, who endures losses that almost break him. Thankfully, that comfort isn’t an empty promise, and Grimm closes its six-season run with a reminder that it’s the people we love who give us our strength.

Let’s recap, one last time.

After the initial shock of the Zerstörer’s attack on the police precinct, Nick grabs the stick and frantically tries to revive Wu and then Hank. But it doesn’t take, and he screams in frustration. Littering the floor around him are the bodies of his friends and coworkers, including Sgt. Franco (Robert Blanche, who appeared in 30-plus episodes and stealthily endeared himself to the audience).

Trubel rushes in, absorbs the carnage, and falls to her knees next to Hank’s body. Nick isn’t sure if he’s the only survivor because the Zerstörer wouldn’t kill him, or couldn’t, possibly because he was holding the stick. When he tells Trubel that bullets didn’t slow the Zerstörer down, she offers a practical solution: Embrace the methods of their ancestors and cut off his head. Seems like a solid plan.

They head for the weapons in the spice shop, but first Nick calls Adalind and breaks the news about Hank and Wu. She, in turn, tells Nick that Diana says the Zerstörer’s also after Kelly, so he dispatches Trubel to the cabin to guard his family.

At the spice shop, Monroe finds a reference to an evil, invincible beast that can only be destroyed by “the strength of one’s blood.” Naturally, Rosalee knows a spell for Force du Sang, which she describes as just this side of nuclear. However, it’s complex, takes forever to make, and, oh yeah, requires the blood of three opposing forces: Grimm, Hexenbiest, and Wesen.

She and Monroe agree that at no other point in time would making this potion have been possible, which drives home one of the best and most resonant themes of Grimm: Every hero needs a support system, and whatever your supernatural gifts, it’s the people you love who make you truly strong. Buffy the Vampire Slayer did it, as did Angel. Ditto The X-Files and Supernatural and Teen Wolf and all of the Berlantiverse CW shows and basically any fantastical program worth watching. Grimm was among the best of them… but it’s not time to eulogize it quite yet, as there’s still evil to defeat.

So. When Nick walks into the spice shop, Eve immediately recognizes that something’s wrong, and he tells them about Hank and Wu, stunning everyone. But they force themselves to focus on the task of mixing the base of the Force du Sang so they can collect the necessary blood at the cabin to be ready for the Zerstörer. “Get me a thermos,” Rosalee demands with hilarious determination as Nick selects a wicked-looking ax from the chest.

At the cabin, Adalind points at the Hummel-esque figurines and asks, “I wonder who’s collecting all these?” Renard reminisces about the murderous Blutbad postman who started Nick’s journey, and then he and Adalind have a heart-to heart. They apologize for their mistakes over the years, including the keys, Black Claw, and Bonaparte. Oh, and there’s that cursed ring Adalind’s still wearing, even after Bonaparte’s death, because she’s too afraid to take it off lest it harm her children. Renard promises to do everything in his power to protect them.

When Trubel pulls up, she hugs Adalind and side-eyes Renard. “You’re supposed to be on our side now?” she asks. We flash back to her crying over Meisner’s body and says she wishes he knew that Renard was back on the side of the Grimms. “Trust me, he does,” Renard says, and since nobody else ever saw Meisner’s ghost, that likely means nothing to anybody but him.

Gotta say, I do wish we’d had a little more of Renard working to atone in the last few episodes, maybe with a big gesture not driven by his desire to protect his daughter. But hey, there’s only so much ground you can cover in a final season, right?

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