Grimm's final season starts with Nick on the run and Eve losing touch with her inner Hexenbiest
Grimm - Season 6
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Hey, did you hear there’s a shoot-to-kill APB out on Nick Burkhardt?

That’s right! Grimm is back for its sixth and final season. And despite having to watch Hank inform every single other character on the show that Nick is a wanted man, tonight’s season premiere was a tightly plotted slice of character-driven storytelling that heralds good things for the final 13 episodes of the little fairy tale show that could.

First, a recap of where we stand at the start of season 6: Black Claw wiped out Hadrian’s Wall (so long, losers!), Rosalee told Monroe she’s pregnant, Wu woged out and killed some bad cops, Nick’s industrial chic loft came under attack by Black Claw, Renard rocked a black leather jacket, violet-eyed nightmare Diana psychically smothered Reynard’s sidepiece and used her puppet-magic to compel her father to kill Bonaparte, a mysterious stick healed Eve and Nick’s battle injuries, and David Guintoli was the handsomest man on TV.

This recap before the recap is necessary because the action in the premiere picks up seconds after the May finale. Nick’s confused about how he was able to shake off the volley of gunshots he took to the chest, while Renard’s confused about why he ran a sword through Bonaparte just now.

If you’ll recall, Nick’s support team had escaped into the catacombs under the loft, then immediately split up to look for an exit, apparently having learned nothing from Scooby Doo reruns.

Monroe courts tetanus by using an abandoned ax he finds to force open a rusty gate that reveals a door to a sanitation substation littered with DANGER signs. Since beggars can’t be choosers about the safety of their emergency exit, he and Rosalee turn to gather the others.

Before they go, Rosalee tells her wolfman that she doesn’t want the others to know about her pregnancy, particularly since Nick’s probably dead and the rest of them may not make it, either. Monroe assures her that attempting to harm her would be Black Claw’s mistake. Ladies, get you a man who treats you like Monroe treats Rosalee, amirite? Also, why was that ax just lying on the ground in the sewer? Have you ever in your life stumbled across an unattended ax, or left your own ax unattended? It’s poor ax maintenance, is what I’m saying.

Elsewhere in the catacombs, Trubel and Eve disagree about who’s going back for Nick, but when Eve tries to woge, she’s unable to complete her Hexenbiest transformation. Trubel suggests it’s because the miracle stick may have returned some of Eve’s pesky, non-Hexie feelings. Eve doesn’t look pleased.

Before long, everybody in the catacombs reunites and turns back to the loft, expecting to find Nick dead. But then the man himself appears out of the darkness, and they’re all a little freaked out that he killed every last Black Claw foot soldier, particularly when they notice the bloodstains on his shirt.

“Um. It kinda looks like you were shot,” Wu says.

“Like, more than once,” Monroe adds.

“You’re not a ghost, are you?” asks Wu. Ha! Oh, Grimm, I’ve missed you.

Now let’s check in on Adalind, last seen imprisoned in Renard’s house wearing an uncomfortable-looking thick satin nightgown. Renard returns and updates her on the recent battle, quickly realizing that Diana’s the one who forced him to fatally swing the sword.

“If Diana made you kill Bonaparte, I’d go a little easy on the disciplining,” Adalind cautions. Ha!

But Renard sees nothing funny about the situation and starts plotting to frame Nick for Bonaparte’s death. Disappointingly, he takes a dress shirt out of the closet to change into. So long, black leather jacket! You were super hot!

NEXT: Eve learns the true meaning of “death grip”

In Nick’s loft, Eve demands to know how she was healed. The group explains that the miracle stick was taken by the Crusaders when they sacked Constantinople, then it was buried in the Black Forest, but they don’t know much else about it.

Eve picks up the white wig that tumbled off during her healing. “Something’s changed,” she murmurs. Yes! You ditched that cheap monstrosity of a hairpiece! Please, somebody, consign it to a fire like the discount store reject that it is.

The team get to work dumping the Black Claw bodies into the catacombs. Looks like Nick’s going to need to move, thank God. I bet that place was constantly cold and damp and echoey.

In the police precinct, Wu’s kills are still splayed across the floor, and the surviving cops aren’t sure what happened. Renard, who bullied a wesen judge into writing him all the search warrants that his little heart desires, tells a beat cop named Franco to bring Nick in, shooting to kill if necessary. Franco obviously thinks his boss is cray but follows orders.

Meanwhile, the Grimm team (Gream?) has moved to the Spice Shop for additional Black Claw body disposal when one of the corpses grabs Eve’s arm. Her eyes go black, and she’s catapulted into a hellscape where the dead guy’s very much alive, dangling over a swirling precipice and holding onto her for dear life — literally. He sports face tattoos that his body lacks in the real world.

The rest of the team is stunned, but Rosalee realizes they’re witnessing the Death Grip, based in the belief that if you take a pure soul with you into death, you can trade your way into the afterlife. The fix is simple, though: Cut off the corpse’s hand, which Rosalee does using a handy (zing!) machete.

Eve returns to herself, and they’re all puzzled that the dead guy thought she had a pure soul to trade. As Monroe points out, “Yeah, that doesn’t really make sense after everything she did, no offense.” Looks like the miracle stick may have a variety of mystical healing properties. Everyone agrees that Eve shouldn’t be handling any more bodies. Oh, sure, some people will do anything to get out of corpse disposal.

At the precinct, Franco, who seems to be the only other cop on duty, warns Hank and Wu about Renard’s APB and suggests that Nick either surrender or flee to Canada.

In the captain’s office, Renard’s in the middle of a call with Black Claw, reporting that Nick killed Bonaparte, when he starts to hallucinate blood on his hands. Oh, good. So Renard’s sane and stable and not losing it at all. Excellent.

Having gotten a call from Adalind, Nick creeps into Renard’s house, and they share a kiss-intensive reunion — until Nick spots the enormous engagement ring on her finger. Remember the rock? It’s the one Bonaparte says will cause great pain to her children if she ever takes it off. Plus, there’s the minor concern that Diana might, you know, kill Nick if she doesn’t like the way he’s examining her mother’s tonsils with his tongue.

And begins the most tedious round of phone calls in history. Hank calls Nick with a warning that Renard’s made him a wanted man. Okay, maybe Nick should, oh I don’t know, GET OUT OF THE MAN’S HOME? Adalind vows to kill Renard if he hurts Nick, then he kisses her and leaves. Okay, there’s the fierce Adalind I remember; I hate the passive worrying she’s too often stuck doing these days.

At Nick’s slice of industrial heaven, Eve’s still reliving her healing and asks Trubel to show her the cloth the stick’s been wrapped in. It’s tattered and holey – but is it holy? I mean, is my parochial schooling kicking in, or are you guys getting strong “piece of the cross/Shroud of Turin” vibes from this?

Eve robotically examines the cloth (but let’s be honest, she kind of does everything robotically) until Hank calls to warn them about the APB.

NEXT: Things look grim for the Grimm

Monroe and Rosalee bed down at home, thrilled about the baby but wondering if Portland under Mayor Renard will be the safest place to raise a family. Then they get the call about, you guessed it, the APB. Oh, and also, the police have search warrants out for their shop and home, which Monroe and Rosalee learn the hard way when jack-booted Portland police thugs literally kick in their front door.

They go downstairs to face them together because, as Rosalee says, “If they’re going to shoot one of us, it’s going to be in front of the other.” That’s romance, guys.

A similar scene happens at the loft, and Trubel and Eve flee into the catacombs, where Eve takes a minute to examine the cloth. It reveals patterns that match the tattoos on Death Grip guy’s face, which she can see but Trubel can’t. When she later sketches the symbols for the rest of the crew, nobody else recognizes them. Eve warns Nick that he might not want to carry the stick on him at all times until they figure out what’s up.

Franco, the hardest working cop in Portland, is updating Renard on their lack of progress when Renard has a vision of Franco bleeding from the eyes and intoning, “You chose the wrong side.” Yeah, blood visions would make anybody grumpy, big guy. I feel you.

Hey, our first Bud sighting of the season! Nick assumes Bud isn’t under surveillance and asks for his help. Bud immediately agrees to summon the troops, who all have to shake their police tails. Unfortunately, the police learn that Bud’s a frequent caller to Nick’s cell, so that safe house is about to get a lot less safe.

Although Nick’s reluctant to leave Portland with Renard in control, his friends convince him that he needs to skip town. The majority of his team sticks around to make plans while Hank and Wu head back to the precinct, where they learn that Renard’s campaign PR manager is dead.

“When you’re murdered in bed, it’s usually by someone you know,” Hank offers, and there’s your horrifying piece of cop advice for the week. A busybody police secretary confides that Renard’s fingerprints were everywhere in the dead woman’s apartment, so there’s one person who knew her IF YOU GET MY DRIFT.

At that moment, Franco tips off Hank and Wu that the police are closing in on Bud’s, so Hank calls in a warning to the team inside the shop. They decide to create a distraction by loading a freezer onto Bud’s truck and making it look like an adult male Grimm is hiding inside it, luring the police away from the shop.

But it’s too late. Every emergency response team in Portland rolls up and surrounds the shop, cutting off any possible escape. Rosalee begs Eve to do something, but she collapses trying to woge. Outside, a steely eyed Renard orders his team to take them down.

And credits!

Guys, this was a fantastic season opener, an overall great hour of television, and absolutely no help in figuring out where this show is headed for its final run of episodes. Is Nick going to be reenacting The Fugitive all season long? Is Renard the big bad, or will someone bigger and badder come along? Will Diana magic-block Adalind and Nick? And most frighteningly, if Eve is waning and Juliet’s returning, is the show going to be eaten by a love triangle? Guess we’ll have to keep watching!

Bread crumbs

  • Hello! I’m Sara, and I’ll be your Grimm recapper for its final season. Please bear with me as I stumble through the show’s Germanic spellings and twisty mythology. Fair warning: If you have anything negative to say about Monroe, I will cut you. (But only with words; I’ll leave the actual sword-cutting for Diana’s puppet-controlled minions.)
  • The opening quote in “Fugitive” is, “Maybe this world is another planet’s hell.” DUDE. Is that the gloomiest starting quote this show has ever seen?
  • Please note that the cast credits now list Elizabeth Tulloch. Oh, sweetie, you’ll always be Bitsie to us.
  • What did you think about the premiere? Let me know in the comments!

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