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Grimm’s final season starts with Nick on the run and Eve losing touch with her inner Hexenbiest


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January 06, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST

Hey, did you hear there’s a shoot-to-kill APB out on Nick Burkhardt?

That’s right! Grimm is back for its sixth and final season. And despite having to watch Hank inform every single other character on the show that Nick is a wanted man, tonight’s season premiere was a tightly plotted slice of character-driven storytelling that heralds good things for the final 13 episodes of the little fairy tale show that could.

First, a recap of where we stand at the start of season 6: Black Claw wiped out Hadrian’s Wall (so long, losers!), Rosalee told Monroe she’s pregnant, Wu woged out and killed some bad cops, Nick’s industrial chic loft came under attack by Black Claw, Renard rocked a black leather jacket, violet-eyed nightmare Diana psychically smothered Reynard’s sidepiece and used her puppet-magic to compel her father to kill Bonaparte, a mysterious stick healed Eve and Nick’s battle injuries, and David Guintoli was the handsomest man on TV.

This recap before the recap is necessary because the action in the premiere picks up seconds after the May finale. Nick’s confused about how he was able to shake off the volley of gunshots he took to the chest, while Renard’s confused about why he ran a sword through Bonaparte just now.

If you’ll recall, Nick’s support team had escaped into the catacombs under the loft, then immediately split up to look for an exit, apparently having learned nothing from Scooby Doo reruns.

Monroe courts tetanus by using an abandoned ax he finds to force open a rusty gate that reveals a door to a sanitation substation littered with DANGER signs. Since beggars can’t be choosers about the safety of their emergency exit, he and Rosalee turn to gather the others.

Before they go, Rosalee tells her wolfman that she doesn’t want the others to know about her pregnancy, particularly since Nick’s probably dead and the rest of them may not make it, either. Monroe assures her that attempting to harm her would be Black Claw’s mistake. Ladies, get you a man who treats you like Monroe treats Rosalee, amirite? Also, why was that ax just lying on the ground in the sewer? Have you ever in your life stumbled across an unattended ax, or left your own ax unattended? It’s poor ax maintenance, is what I’m saying.

Elsewhere in the catacombs, Trubel and Eve disagree about who’s going back for Nick, but when Eve tries to woge, she’s unable to complete her Hexenbiest transformation. Trubel suggests it’s because the miracle stick may have returned some of Eve’s pesky, non-Hexie feelings. Eve doesn’t look pleased.

Before long, everybody in the catacombs reunites and turns back to the loft, expecting to find Nick dead. But then the man himself appears out of the darkness, and they’re all a little freaked out that he killed every last Black Claw foot soldier, particularly when they notice the bloodstains on his shirt.

“Um. It kinda looks like you were shot,” Wu says.

“Like, more than once,” Monroe adds.

“You’re not a ghost, are you?” asks Wu. Ha! Oh, Grimm, I’ve missed you.

Now let’s check in on Adalind, last seen imprisoned in Renard’s house wearing an uncomfortable-looking thick satin nightgown. Renard returns and updates her on the recent battle, quickly realizing that Diana’s the one who forced him to fatally swing the sword.

“If Diana made you kill Bonaparte, I’d go a little easy on the disciplining,” Adalind cautions. Ha!

But Renard sees nothing funny about the situation and starts plotting to frame Nick for Bonaparte’s death. Disappointingly, he takes a dress shirt out of the closet to change into. So long, black leather jacket! You were super hot!

NEXT: Eve learns the true meaning of “death grip”

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