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A love potion threatens relationships and lives, while Diana easily defeats a kidnapper


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February 17, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST

Love is in the air on Grimm tonight, and it is weird (and also a little Shakespearean).

The episode opens with the group excited for a weekend getaway to the Columbia Gorge Hotel in honor of Monroe’s birthday. Diana’s staying with Renard for the weekend and is under strict instructions not to tell him about Eve’s tunnel carvings. As she and Adalind leave, Nick tells her to have fun, presumably adding in his head, “Thanks for not killing me with your mind while I sleep!”

After they’re gone, Eve hops in the loft shower and is greeted afterward by an image in the mirror of the thunderous, swirling void from the death-grip incident — only this time, there’s a glowing-eyed skull face in there, too. She screams for Nick and asks if he’s seen this in his bathroom before. Nick indignantly says, “If I had, I probably would’ve warned you!”

They agree not to tell Monrosalee yet (seems foolish!), and Nick nervously taps the mirror before he leaves.

At the hotel, the group greets each other as if they’ve been apart for years while hotel employee Randy goggles at them before getting on the horn with his dad, who’s in prison. And who put him there? That would be Detective Handsome, back before he knew he was a Grimm. “I’m going to make him pay for what he did to you,” Randy promises. Nick, girl, you in danger.

Randy’s plan is to administer a triple dose of amor de infierno to the group, which apparently will make them tear each other apart — literally. Then the camera goes split screen, ’70s-style (or 24-style, depending on your age and viewing preferences), as Randy slips into their rooms to collect samples of everyone’s hair.

At the hotel restaurant that night, the group reminisce about Nick and Monroe’s first meeting in the pilot. “I still had some bad habits back then,” Monroe says sheepishly when Nick reminds him that he was still peeing on fences to mark his territory.

In the kitchen, Randy pours some bubbly, woges, and spits in the drinks, then adds individual hairs to each glass, which all briefly glow a different, Easter egg-pastel color before settling back to sparkling wine. Hair and spit? It’s our worst restaurant fears confirmed. On the way to the dining room, a waitress almost upends the tray, and one of her hairs floats into a glass.

The group’s still reminiscing, this time about Monroe meeting Rosalee, when Randy arrives with the bubbly. Pregnant Rosalee passes, but the rest drink up when Nick offers a toast. Guuuuuuys, no! So gross!

In their room after dinner, Nick’s trying to figure out why the waiter looks familiar, then gets distracted with kissing Adalind. But the next morning, the couple wake up and can’t get away from each other quickly enough, using the hunt for coffee as an excuse. Ditto Monroe in his room, even though Rosalee’s content to stay in bed longer.

Downstairs, Nick, Monroe, and Wu all robotically say good morning. Randy creepily watches as Monroe spots Eve, his eyes flash green, and he heads toward her like a heat-seeking missile. Nick’s eyes do their own flashy thing when he sees Rosalee, and like Monroe, he sets his coffee down before chasing his target, which is sacrilege. Finish it or take it with you. Don’t waste coffee!

Then Wu sees the waitress with the shedding hair, his eyes flash silver, and he tells her she’s beautiful. He follows her into the kitchen and declares it love at first sight, whispering, “Love looks not with the eyes but with the heart and therefore is lost to Cupid’s mighty dart.” She brushes him off and leaves with a tray of food, but Wu’s not giving up. “The course of true love never did run smooth.”

Where my Shakespeare scholars at? Wu’s quoting A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which features a love spell that causes chaos. Holla, Grimm writers!

In his room, Hank’s going through his morning ablutions when he catches sight of himself in the mirror and his eyes flare purple. “You know, I hate to admit it, but you are one damn fine-looking man,” he tells his reflection. HAHAHAHA!

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