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February 03, 2017 at 09:00 PM EST

Eh, the stretch of top-notch Grimm episodes had to come to an end at some point, right? At least tonight’s monster-of-the-week entry was saved from out-and-out meh-ness by the killer (literally!) last 10 minutes.

We open on a cicada.  A huge, man-sized cicada, a.k.a. every nightmare you’ve ever had when you saw one of those creepy buggers the size of your pinky hanging out on your front porch.

It claws its way out of the ground in the middle of Stillman Park, woges into a filthy, rag-covered human, and stares at the people walking nearby with hungry eyes — and not the sexy Patrick Swayze kind. A kind park-goer offers to call 911 for him and gets killed for his pains. Rude.

In the awkward love-triangle section of Portland, Eve comes to in the cave with bloody knuckles, a sigil on her palm, and carvings all over the bricks around her, while Nick, sleeping next to Adalind, has nightmares of being shot during the Black Claw fight in the finale.

Next, we get a load of Renard’s amazing new non-mayoral house. I want to pack up my life and move into that sleek mid-century modern masterpiece with the floor-to-ceiling view of Portland. Not saying Adalind should choose a partner based on real estate, but compared to this, Nick’s loft is a dark, dank hole. Renard unpacks Diana’s murder puppets but pockets the stick she used to compel him to kill Bonaparte. Probably wise. Unfortunately, Meisner followed him to his new digs. Renard tries to make nice, saying he doesn’t do “sorry” well, but he does appreciate what Meisner did for him, Adalind, and Diana.

That’s definitely not good enough for Meisner, who’s keeping Renard from sleeping. “Fine. You get the bedroom,” Renard snaps, storming downstairs to angrily drink, which is never not a good idea. Meisner appears and tells him to battle his demons by visiting their hell, then manifests a bunch of dead Meisners on the ground.

Time for some baby news! Monrosalee’s at the OB-GYN, where they learn she’s carrying not one, not two, but three little Blutbad/Fuchsbaus. Monroe takes this exactly as calmly as you imagine, but he’s able to pull it together to assure his wife, “I love you, and we can do this.” These two, I swear. Best couple on TV.

During what I can only assume is their daily “describe your dreams last night” session, Nick tells Hank about the feeling that he was dying before he… wasn’t. “I keep thinking I need to be carrying that stick,” he admits. Being without it feels like missing a piece of himself. Sure, yeah. We all feel that way about our phones.

Hank starts to tell him to for God’s sake please move it farther away than the tunnels when Wu dispatches them to the park.

In my dream house, Adalind’s collecting Diana after her overnight stay. She rats out Renard for his bad dreams, and as they’re leaving, he comes so close to asking for Adalind’s help before stopping himself. Do it, Renard! Time for your redemption arc already!

Nick and Hank contemplate the dead man in the park who’s missing his clothes, wallet, keys, and cell phone, while a bundle of rags was discarded nearby. When they consider asking witnesses whether they saw a naked man last night, Wu reminds them, “Uh, this is Portland. I might have to narrow that down.”

Then Nick suggests that this was a sadistic sexual encounter gone bad. “Really?” Hank asks. “No, it’s Wesen,” Nick replies. Ha!

Their inappropriate cop/Grimm humor’s interrupted when a child falls into a nearby hole and finds a skeleton covered in rotten clothes. Whatever happened to you today, I promise it’s not as bad as falling onto a skeleton in a hole in a park. The cops realize that the hole’s too big for just one body, and with the disturbed dirt, they start to figure out what they’re dealing with.

NEXT: Cicada-man knows how to get a party started

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