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March 24, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT

Did that really… happen… in the last three minutes? Because if so, I reject it in the absolute. THE ABSOLUTE.

Allow me to break down how we got to this terribly sad state of affairs.

We left the Zerstörer threatening Nick and Eve in Wesen Fight Club World. The Zerstörer fights them with his staff and swarms of bats that he apparently controls. (That’s arguably the worst possible swarm to have at your beck and call, no?) The two humans are definitely not winning this fight.

Meanwhile, at his house, Monroe discusses with Adalind and Renard how to get Nick and Eve back and suggests that if the Shaphat story is true, Diana has some clout, so maybe she can use the stick to open the mirror to let a rescue party step through.

This conversation becomes more urgent when Monroe points out that his family Wesen Bible mentions a specific plane of existence after death that’s a little like Eden, but overrun by beasts where “the fire rages within the animals.” This charming story’s illustrated with a picture of a skull guy holding a staff, identified as the fallen angel in charge. So yeah, this would make the Zerstörer the devil.

At the spice shop, Rosalee, Hank, and Wu are also digging into the lore and finding increasingly alarming stories: Slavic paganism with its doomsday hound, Zoroastrians and their 3,000-year battle, Ragnarok and its sky fire and human-swallowing wolves. It’s capped off by an ancient German text that translates to “evil darkness trapped,” “Grimm pull,” “child wife,” and “follow and flee,” none of which eases anyone’s nerves — especially when they realize it’s March 24, the date the stick cloth predicted the planets would align.

At this point, they start wondering if this was all a long con by Skeletor, who went after Eve so she’d seek him out and Nick would follow, resulting in a portal that will let him escape the mirror world. (Okay, but that plan depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is Eve’s impulsiveness and Nick’s hero complex. Guess ol’ Skully’s a gambler.)

This thought alarms everyone enough that Rosalee immediately calls Monroe and orders them to stop trying to open the mirror. Unfortunately, little pitchers have big ears, and Diana’s already walked up to the mirror and opened the portal with the stick, pleased to help with the rescue.

The adults freak and pull her away, but it’s too late; Nick and Eve explode through the glass to land in Monrosalee’s living room. And they seem to be alone, so yay! Nick hugs a relieved Adalind, then picks up the stick to heal the cuts on his hands.

By now, the spice shop crew have made it to Monrosalee’s, and they explain that this was all a setup by Skeletor to come through to Earth. “And the hitchhiker didn’t need a guide to this galaxy, he just needed a Grimm,” says Monroe, quipping in the face of the Wesen devil, bless his heart.

Nick fills the rest of the group in on the mirror world, which does sound quite a bit like Monroe’s family Bible story, with the perma-woged Wesen and humans referred to as “walking meat.” He tells them their new enemy is the Zerstörer, German for “destroyer.”

At this point, Diana announces that Eve’s different now because a part of her stayed in the other place. Sure enough, she can’t woge; her Hexenbiest side is gone, and she’s not sure how to feel about that. Vulnerable, I’d imagine. Loss of powers, particularly with the Zerstörer potentially on the loose, sounds terrifying.

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