Nick loses two allies when the Zerstörer starts killing his way across Portland
Grimm - Season 6
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S6 E12
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Did that really… happen… in the last three minutes? Because if so, I reject it in the absolute. THE ABSOLUTE.

Allow me to break down how we got to this terribly sad state of affairs.

We left the Zerstörer threatening Nick and Eve in Wesen Fight Club World. The Zerstörer fights them with his staff and swarms of bats that he apparently controls. (That’s arguably the worst possible swarm to have at your beck and call, no?) The two humans are definitely not winning this fight.

Meanwhile, at his house, Monroe discusses with Adalind and Renard how to get Nick and Eve back and suggests that if the Shaphat story is true, Diana has some clout, so maybe she can use the stick to open the mirror to let a rescue party step through.

This conversation becomes more urgent when Monroe points out that his family Wesen Bible mentions a specific plane of existence after death that’s a little like Eden, but overrun by beasts where “the fire rages within the animals.” This charming story’s illustrated with a picture of a skull guy holding a staff, identified as the fallen angel in charge. So yeah, this would make the Zerstörer the devil.

At the spice shop, Rosalee, Hank, and Wu are also digging into the lore and finding increasingly alarming stories: Slavic paganism with its doomsday hound, Zoroastrians and their 3,000-year battle, Ragnarok and its sky fire and human-swallowing wolves. It’s capped off by an ancient German text that translates to “evil darkness trapped,” “Grimm pull,” “child wife,” and “follow and flee,” none of which eases anyone’s nerves — especially when they realize it’s March 24, the date the stick cloth predicted the planets would align.

At this point, they start wondering if this was all a long con by Skeletor, who went after Eve so she’d seek him out and Nick would follow, resulting in a portal that will let him escape the mirror world. (Okay, but that plan depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is Eve’s impulsiveness and Nick’s hero complex. Guess ol’ Skully’s a gambler.)

This thought alarms everyone enough that Rosalee immediately calls Monroe and orders them to stop trying to open the mirror. Unfortunately, little pitchers have big ears, and Diana’s already walked up to the mirror and opened the portal with the stick, pleased to help with the rescue.

The adults freak and pull her away, but it’s too late; Nick and Eve explode through the glass to land in Monrosalee’s living room. And they seem to be alone, so yay! Nick hugs a relieved Adalind, then picks up the stick to heal the cuts on his hands.

By now, the spice shop crew have made it to Monrosalee’s, and they explain that this was all a setup by Skeletor to come through to Earth. “And the hitchhiker didn’t need a guide to this galaxy, he just needed a Grimm,” says Monroe, quipping in the face of the Wesen devil, bless his heart.

Nick fills the rest of the group in on the mirror world, which does sound quite a bit like Monroe’s family Bible story, with the perma-woged Wesen and humans referred to as “walking meat.” He tells them their new enemy is the Zerstörer, German for “destroyer.”

At this point, Diana announces that Eve’s different now because a part of her stayed in the other place. Sure enough, she can’t woge; her Hexenbiest side is gone, and she’s not sure how to feel about that. Vulnerable, I’d imagine. Loss of powers, particularly with the Zerstörer potentially on the loose, sounds terrifying.

Out of nowhere, Diana stars crying and announces, “He’s coming.” And indeed, an attendant pumping gas at a sleepy gas station is startled when a sudden wind picks up and a colony of bats start dropping from the sky. (Why did it have to be bats?) Even more startled is the customer using the restroom when the mirror shatters and the Zerstörer steps through and impales the guy with his staff.

As it happens, the unwoged Zerstörer is a yoked, naked blond guy (Wil Traval, so adept at walking the line between hot and menacing) who next zaps the attendant with his staff. The poor guy’s eyes explode, which is exactly as disgusting as you imagine. But hey, at least the dead guy’s as tall and lean as the Zerstörer, who Arnold-in-Terminators his clothes. Luckily, he was dressed in über-cool jeans and a black V-neck rather than coveralls or something.

Diana is still freaking out and begging her parents not to let “him” find her. Nick gets the rundown on Dasha’s warning, and they decide to hide her in cabin from the pilot episode since it doesn’t have any tangible connections to any of them. (Although does the Zerstörer really seem like a “go search county property records” kind of guy?)

On the off chance that the Zerstörer has a mystical tracking connection to Diana, they concoct a Hexenbiest charm to conceal her from harm. It takes seven herbs, just like the Colonel’s recipe, and envelopes Diana in a Smurfy blue cloud when it’s poured over her head.

Then Hank and Wu head to the precinct to scour reports for any hint of the Zerstörer, while Nick begs Adalind to take Kelly and go with Renard and Diana to the cabin, where they’ll all be safe. Um, is the best place for their infant son around the little girl who’s the intended bride of the devil?

But wait, who’s this creeping through the tunnels under Nick’s apartment? It’s Trubel, and she takes one look at the carvings and murmurs, “This can’t be good.” Girl, you have no idea.

Nick pockets the stick and escorts his family (plus Renard) to the cabin, where it all started for him. As the flashbacks remind us, it’s also the first place that Nick and Renard fought and Renard woged. They reminisce about agreeing that Adalind shouldn’t get her hands on the key, and she smiles. “That was before I had a baby with you. Or you,” she tells the two men. I’m glad they worked out a truce of sorts that allows Renard to help protect Diana, and which, frankly, will make their co-parenting so much easier in the long run.

Inside the cabin, Nick picks up a little figurine and flashes back to meeting his first Blutbad. (Don’t you love this little fan service calling back to the pilot and season 2?) There’s an Evil Dead-style cellar in the floor, and they head down, although I always thought that rule No. 1 was to never, ever go into a cellar in a cabin in the woods. There’s a child’s bed down there, which you’ll recall was used for kidnapped children in the pilot, and man, Diana’s psychic gifts should be screaming right now.

Nick reluctantly leaves them to head to the precinct, telling Kelly he loves him and offering Adalind a lukewarm hug while Renard looks on uncomfortably. That’s anticlimactic. He’s almost to his car when Adalind sprints outside to beg him to be careful, and now we get a passionate kiss and “I love you”s between the two of them.

Monrosalee and Eve are still on research, and Eve’s trying to figure out why the Zerstörer’s staff looked cracked and broken. They flip through pictures of people with staffs in biblical settings, including Jacob crossing the River Jordan and David holding Goliath’s head. Eve says the staff was left to David’s descendants, who used it as a royal scepter until it disappeared.

Trubel shows up at this point, concerned about Nick’s empty loft, and Eve understates, “We have a lot of catching up to do.”

Across town, Hank and Wu are on the scene of a 911 call about a body with its eyes blown out. “This is a lot of dead bats,” Wu say when they arrive. THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN SAYING. When they learn about the attendant, he further offers, “Naked in a gas station. That’s a dignified way to go.” Wu’s on fire tonight, guys! Nick arrives, and they agree the shattered mirror confirms that this is likely how the Zerstörer passed into Portland, the cause of death of bathroom guy indicates he’s got his staff with him, and the gas station attendant wearing only his underwear confirms that the Zerstörer going commando.

At the cabin, Renard puts Diana to bed while she’s still wearing her shoes. Maybe they think she’ll need to run later? Adalind points out that they can’t hide for the rest of their lives, and Renard vows to kill the Zerstörer. He predicts that it won’t be easy, “but the three of us aren’t going to be that easy, either.” Adalind agrees.

Then we see the Zerstörer adjusting to Earth. He walks into traffic and gets shouted at by an angry driver, then mimics his call of, “Watch it!” Next he encounters a group of panhandlers. He yells, as the driver did, “Watch it! You drunk?” then mimics them asking if he’s got any money.

One of them makes the mistake of smashing a bottle over the Zerstörer’s head. His eyes glow green and his staff turns into a snake that attacks the guy before turning back to wood. He calmly walks away, mimicking the man’s dying cries, and oh my God, watching the Zerstörer learn how to speak English and present as human is incredibly creepy.

One piece of good news is that the gas station had surveillance cameras, so Nick’s able to warn Adalind that something tall, hot, and blond is likely trying to find them.

In research land, Trubel tries to wrap her mind around the Zerstörer carrying Moses’ staff (or Monkey King Sun Wukong’s staff or the Staff of Death from Hindu mythology, depending on your religious affiliation), and sums it up as, “Long story short, we have to destroy the destroyer dude, or we’re toast.” I’ve always enjoyed her communication style.

Then Monroe mentions a prophecy about a staff with the power of the gods that can’t be destroyed but was broken into 100 pieces and scattered all over the world to keep it out of evil hands. They start to wonder if the Zerstörer assembled it all before he got trapped in the other place, and Nick’s stick is the final piece he needs to get the staff to full power. And since Nick’s carrying it right now, he may be in a wee bit of danger, so Eve calls him to come join them at research central.

In the cabin, Diana wakes up and is the only one to see the cellar door swing open. She’s too petrified to move as the Zerstörer in demon form creeps down the stairs, his eyes falling on Kelly. She finally screams, waking herself and her father up. It was just a dream, thankfully, except that it means the Zerstörer’s also after her brother. “He wants us both,” she cries.

Nick bursts into the spice shop and gives Trubel a huge hug. She says every Black Claw cell’s been destroyed, so that’s tidily wrapped up. She’s back in town because she had a bad feeling about what was about to go down. They tell Nick that he needs to play keep-away with the stick, as it’ll make the Zerstörer unstoppable. Then again, as Eve points it, it also may be the only power he has against the Zerstörer. Nick heads to the precinct while Trubel decides to patrol the streets where the Zerstörer was last.

Once there, she hears screaming and arrives on the scene in time to find an officer down with more snake bites, as well as the back side of the Zerstörer headed to the precinct. She calls to warn Nick, and he, Hank, and Wu all “weapon up,” as Nick puts it. It’s all very big guns and hard rock and manly men as they loot the police armory. And then all hell breaks loose inside the station, with gunfire and bodies flying through windows and corpses strewn everywhere. It’s the Zerstörer, woged (but still in his V-shirt). Wu woges, too, and attacks, but the Zerstörer drives the staff through his chest. Wu… well, guys, Wu dies.

Nick leaps at the Zerstörer, who knocks him aside, and then Hank opens fire with a very large gun, but the Zerstörer isn’t bothered and drives his staff straight through Hank’s neck.

The Zerstörer’s final action is to fling Nick against the wall, and we fade to black.



Did that…

Okay. Spend the next seven days reminding yourself that Nick still has the stick, which has performed miracles in the past. Because if this show ends with both Hank and my precious, perfect Wu no longer among the breathing, well, I’ll be coming for the Zerstörer myself.

Going into the finale, we now know the final battle’s going to involve Zerstörer going after the stick and/or Diana and/or Kelly, and Nick definitely had incentive to protect all three. But if bullets don’t stop the guy, what do they have left?

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