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Eve and Nick step through the looking glass and discover a world ruled by Wesen


S6 E11
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March 17, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT

When you step through a mirror into an unknown world, isn’t it common courtesy to leave a note?

Not if you’re Eve, apparently.

Monroe and Rosalee have to use context clues (uncovered mirror, open Hexen-book, blood on the mirror frame) to figure out where their new houseguest disappeared to at the end of the last episode. Once they do, they immediately call Nick and Adalind, who agree to come right over. “The cloth, the symbols, the other place. It’s all connected,” Adalind tells Nick. “I think you should bring the stick.”

That’s right: Nick’s stick is back in play, you guys!

And not a moment too soon. Eve wakes up in a snowy forest surrounded by Outlander-ish stone henges, one of which acts like a window into Monrosalee’s house. She pounds on it and yells, but they don’t hear her. Worse, the window disappears, leaving behind stolid stone with the cloth drawings carved into it. I tried to warn her that this might be a one-way ticket!

Suddenly she hears roaring and screaming and runs toward it (why toward??) and finds a human being pursued and eventually devoured by a group of Wesen, all of which are dressed in vaguely Medieval garb.

At Monrosalee’s, Adalind has to woge to open the Hexen-book, so she explains to Diana that her face has to change, but it’ll still be her. The process doesn’t seem to bother Diana at all, although Nick looks a bit unsettled. According to the book, Hexen-blood is acceptable currency to the other world, but only the blood donor can pass through.

Adalind immediately volunteers to go, which speaks volumes about the evolution of her character, but everyone stops the mother of two from doing so.  Nick decides to give his stick a try (despite Adalind’s objections), and Monroe offers to go with him (but is overruled by Rosalee’s objections).

One tap of the stick on the mirror opens the Death Grip void, and Nick steps through. Although he was counting on using the stick for protection, it isn’t able to pass through the mirror with him. Diana is unsurprised. “It can’t. It doesn’t belong there.” Monroe and Rosalee worry that Nick won’t be able to find Eve, and if he does, they worry how the two will get back. But one problem at a time, I guess.

When Nick opens his eyes in the other place, he, too, sees the window into Monrosalee’s house before it dissolves into stone when he touches it. Next, he hears the same sounds of a nearby struggle and arrives in time to witness a vicious battle. Maybe they’ve discovered Wesen Fight Club Planet? A Blutbad has just killed a Bauerschwein, but when he spots Nick, he speculates in German that this “walking meat” will taste even better.

When aggressive punching doesn’t stop the Blutbad, Nick pulls out his gun and shoots him in the chest. “What kind of magic is that?” Fight Club wolf asks as he dies, which is actually kind of sad, like the Enterprise introducing warp technology to a civilization that’s barely mastered the wheel. But hey, at least Eve heard the shots and comes running.

“What is this place?” Eve asks Nick. Um, the place you foolishly traveled to alone? Nick tells her it looks like the Black Forest, although the Wesen here don’t woge back after they die. Then he yells at her for trying to prove something she doesn’t need to prove, and she retorts that she’s not trying to prove anything.

After they leave, another Blutbad finds Nick’s kill and howls in a way that was very upsetting to my cats. As they travel through the forest, unsure of where they’re going and only vaguely aware of how to get back to the henge, Eve tells Nick she’s seen Hundjägers, Klaustreich, two Schakals, a Coyotl, and one man dragged off like food. This leads them to believe they’re in a world run by Wesen, which might explain why Death Grip guy thought Eve would be his golden ticket.

At this point, they both notice that Eve’s hands are starting to woge against her will, and Nick suggests they try to, you know, leave. “Not before we kill that son of a bitch,” Eve replies, so they continue their hunt for skull face.

At Monrosalee’s, Adalind tells the couple that Renard has a friend who might be able to help, but he won’t share until he sees the tunnels, which she and Nick agreed needs to happen. Monroe is reluctant. “After all the backstabbing that’s gone on, literally and figuratively, you really want to bring him in on this?”

They loop in Hank and Wu at this point, and neither man is thrilled about the Renard plan. Still, when the sexiest police captain in Portland arrives, they all troop into the tunnel. (Renard is sort of horrified to realize the entrance was in Nick’s loft all along, and Monroe helpfully explains that they were Shanghai tunnels a century ago, and they also came in handy during Prohibition.)

When Renard learns the origin of the carvings, he’s gobsmacked that they have five of the seven keys. While Diana makes all the carvings glow purple to amuse her father, Adalind quietly reminds him that they need to figure out how she’s connected to it all.

Renard examines the cloth next, marveling that this is what the royal family’s been looking for for centuries, although he’s underwhelmed by the stick until he learns about its healing powers. At this point, Adalind asks him to call his friend.

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