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November 01, 2015 at 04:57 PM EST

We pick up right where we left off in last season’s finale, with a desperate Nick holding his beautiful, monstrous ex-love’s dead body in his arms. Trubel is standing above the sad scene, knowing that she had no other choice. Juliette would have killed Nick, and would Nick really have tried to stop her by killing her? Would he do what was necessary?

As Trubel can find the words to say to Nick, his home is invaded. Before he can see by whom, he’s drugged and blacks out. He has cryptic dreams of Juliette’s funeral and his mother’s head floating around in boxes. When he wakes up, both Trubel and Juliette are gone, as well as his mother’s head. What psychopath would want a dead hexenbiest’s body and a head in a box? I have to think it’s more than just covering up evidence.

Nick gets a call from Hank, and he tells him about Juliette. While Hank rushes to the house, Nick calls Monroe and Rosalee to see if they have Trubel. They haven’t seen her since the day before, and Nick informs them about Juliette as well. Hank arrives and Nick informs him that he doesn’t believe it was the Royals who took Trubel, Juliette’s body, or his mother’s head — he thinks it was Chavez and is convinced she’s wesen.

He’s panicking and rambling about how he needs to find Chavez and that it had to be her—she’s kidnapped Trubel before to see if she was a Grimm, it’s likely she’d do it again. Hank isn’t convinced and trying to calm Nick down, but his rage is heightened by the loss of both Juliette and Trubel. Not to mention his mom’s head — knowing someone stole that has to be on a whole other level of stress.

At the precinct, Hank informs Wu and Renard about what’s happened, saying that Nick is taking too extreme of steps to get to the bottom of the kidnapping. Renard says that they can do a background check on Chavez, but that have to do it secretly. They aren’t entirely convinced of Nick’s theory of her involvement. Adding more confusion to the situation, Wu informs them that a 911 call from earlier reported two dead bodies in the house across the street from Nick’s place, due to a “home invasion.” It’s too much of a coincidence for the crime to not be linked to the disappearance of Trubel/Juliette’s body/Nick’s mom’s head.

Meanwhile, Nick storms into Chavez’s office, screaming accusations at her. He tells her that he knows about the secret society she belongs to and that she’s wesen. Chavez plays dumb and orders him out by force, further infuriating Nick.

He heads to the precinct after hearing about his neighbors’ deaths; apparently, a third body has been found. Wu checks in and confirms that none of them are Juliette or Trubel, but they could still be linked to their kidnapping. Before they can give the complete breakdown to Nick, Renard tells him that Chavez called about the incident at her office, and he has no choice but to force Nick to take time off. It’s not an official suspension, but it will be if Nick doesn’t comply.

Of course Nick heads home and continues his rampage, and he starts to lose it. He hears Juliette’s voice and starts to tear up, knowing that she’s gone forever. He snaps himself back to focus on the task at hand, knowing he has to pull himself together for Trubel. Juliette he couldn’t save, but maybe Trubel will redeem him of his guilt.

NEXT: Nick goes to see Chavez again, but this time he doesn’t leave empty-handed.

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