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The miracle stick has some major repercussions, and Diana proves she's more powerful than anyone else on the show


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May 20, 2016 at 04:33 AM EDT

Before we dive into all of the episode details, can we talk about this stellar season? It was the best yet, which is pretty impressive for a show in their fifth season. “The Beginning of the End” was honestly one of the best season finales of any show I’ve ever seen, and definitely the best episode of Grimm to date. What made it so wonderful? It was truly the culmination of everything — the fight scenes, the pace, the plot, the emotion and heart, the unpredictability, the suspense, the writing and the acting. Okay, I’ll stop gushing now.

The episode kicked off with Hank getting a call saying police have been dispatched to his home. When he and Nick arrive there, someone has put the two Black Claw members that Nick killed in the last episode in Hank’s house to frame him. There are two other cops on the scene from the North Portland precinct. They arrest Hank, saying that a neighbor positively identified him running from the house after hearing gunshots.

It’s obvious that this is Black Claw’s doing. We know they are trying to get to all of the members of Nick’s group. Hank isn’t the only one who Black Claw has been keeping an eye on. A truck has been sitting outside of Monroe and Rosalee’s house for hours on end, and Monroe decides to confront them. An angry Rosalee (who hasn’t been feeling so hot by the way) catches their license plate number, which Hadrian’s Wall confirms is Black Claw’s. Hadrian’s Wall also confirms Black Claw’s obsession with Nick and the gang by finding a ton of pictures of them on Tony’s laptop. If they didn’t believe it before, they should all understand how much danger they are in now.

Their first priority is freeing Hank for the crime he didn’t commit, but there’s a problem — when Nick arrives at the North precinct, he realizes that it’s all a setup. The cops there start woging and taunting him and it becomes clear that they are all Black Claw members. Knowing he can’t fight them off, Nick leaves and comes up with a plan to find where they took Hank.

While Nick and the team do some recon, the two cops who arrested Hank have him at a house out in the country. He’s tied up and they keep saying that they are waiting for Conrad to arrive. Unluckily for them, Nick uses Monroe to beat the crap out of Tony (who’s still sitting in jail) to get the address where Hank is being held.

When Nick, Trubel, and Eve arrive at the house, it takes them about 10 seconds to kill the Black Claw cops and free Hank. They immediately know something isn’t right. If Conrad were truly coming to the house, there wouldn’t have been merely two guards there. No, it was all a trap to lure them away from the Hadrian’s Wall headquarters… and they realize it too late.

Like Conrad alluded to in the previous episode, they were tracking Zuri to figure out where the Hadrian’s Wall bunker was located. When Eve calls over to Meisner, Hadrian’s Wall has already been attacked, and everyone else has been killed. All of a sudden, Renard walks into the bunker, which Meisner tells Eve before hanging up with her. Things turn from bad to worse when Conrad walks in and uses his Zauberbiest superpowers to strangle the life from Meisner. Renard keeps telling Conrad to stop (nice to know he still has a dose of humanity left in him), but when he doesn’t, Renard shoots Meisner out of mercy. When Eve, Trubel, Hank, and Nick arrive, they suspect that it was Renard responsible for killing Meisner. In a roundabout way, it was. That alone is enough to send Nick over the edge.

At the police station, Nick attacks Renard in his office, resulting in a pretty badass fight scene and ends with Nick being thrown through a window. Nick is an excellent fighter, but a half-Zauberbiest defending his life is going to be hard to take down. Renard orders Nick to be arrested and put in a cell, making him a sitting duck for Conrad… who Renard happily makes sure is aware of the opportunity to abduct Nick. Is it just me, or is Renard really starting to become an unredeemable character?

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