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Black Claw is making its mark on Portland


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February 12, 2016 at 08:45 PM EST

When Nick, Wu, and Hank figure out the pattern of the murder locations, they send officers to surveil the remaining spots so they can prevent another sacrifice. Unfortunately, the killings have already been carried out at six of the seven locations. That leaves one last sacrifice. The gang rush to the last location, making it just in time to stop the wesen murderer from plunging his horn into the poor man he has strung up on the cross.

The guys are forced to shoot the killer, and when he dies and returns to human form, we see that it was Duncan, the lumberyard owner. His blood spills out onto the ground as the man who’s hanging on the cross wonders what the hell just happened (the therapists in Portland must make a killing). In an ironic twist of fate, as soon as Nick and Hank get back in their car, it starts to pour down rain. Ancient magic or coincidence?

Over at Hadrian’s Wall’s underground headquarters, Trubel, Meisner, and Eve (who’s rocking her fire engine red wig in this episode) are trying to track down an unidentified Black Claw operative who they discover is in town. This guy has been used by Black Claw to carry out some horrific acts of terror in London, Kiev, and Osaka, targeting those who oppose the cause.

When the trio go searching for the unidentified man, they land their hands on a Black Claw member. Since he’s the only one they managed to take alive, they bring him back to their headquarters for some intense interrogation. They know this guy is not going to talk, so Eve steps in to change that. She uses her Hexenbiest powers to seal his mouth, eyes, and ears completely shut, and then just leaves him in the room for a while to marinate on his situation. This disturbing scene proves that Juliette is definitely gone … at least for now.

Being tied to a chair and having your eyes, ears, and mouth closed up must be enough to make you squeal, because their captive immediately starts talking. He doesn’t know the name of the unidentified man, just that he’s used as a courier. He also reveals that the only person he knows locally in Black Claw who could make contact with the the man is Lucien Petrovich. We know this guy is bad news and that he wants revenge for the slaughter of all the men Eve killed to save Nick.

In Monrosalee news, Tony (the guy from Rosalee’s past), calls the Spice Shop and asks Rosalee why she didn’t reach out after getting his letter. It’s quite obvious this guy isn’t going away anytime soon. You would think it would be a smart idea to let Nick, who’s a cop, know what’s going on, but what do I know?

The question left looming is, will everyone choose to join Team Hadrian’s Wall? Trubel came to Nick asking him and the rest of the Scoobies to fight alongside them, but Nick has a hard time convincing anyone to join the fight. Understandably, they’re all apprehensive and want to learn more about Hadrian’s Wall before they throw their hat in. It’s understandable, but we’re quickly learning that Black Claw is growing in numbers. Their sentiment is spreading throughout the city rapidly, and they’ll be going after anyone who doesn’t join their case. With Black Claw stepping up their game, do the Scoobies really have any other choice but to join Hadrian’s Wall?

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