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Nick visits Eve in the Hadrian's Wall underground facility


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February 06, 2016 at 02:21 AM EST

Before we dig into this week’s episode of Grimm, can we just take a second to appreciate the title of this episode? You know the writers had a good laugh over that one. Good job, writers.

Back to the recap: Nick shares what happened at the restaurant with Wu, Hank, and Renard — he tells them that Meisner is the one running things for Hadrian’s Wall. Everyone is trying to grasp just how big this Hadrian’s Wall v. Black Claw war really is, so Renard tasks them with finding out who exactly the men are that Nick killed.

Across town, Monroe and Rosalee are dealing with their own drama. Rosalee receives a letter (this isn’t the first one) from a man from her past who says he’s “thinking about coming to Portland.” That means he is definitely coming to Portland. Visibly distraught, Rosalee promises Monroe that she did not have a romantic relationship with this guy. Something tells me this isn’t going to end well at all. Could this stir up her past demons and jeopardize her relationship with Monroe?

But anyway, on to our case of the week: It is a fishy one and features a water wesen (called a Wasser Zahne) that attacks a couple out on Diamond Lake. Frightened, the husband grabs his gun and chooses to unload it on the water (not smart). The Wasser Zahne doesn’t take kindly to this, pulls the man overboard, and kills him.

A little backstory about Diamond Lake — it’s owned by brothers Wayne and Oliver Dunbar who use the myth of the “lake monster” to draw in customers. The Dunbars rent out boats and run a gift shop, which thrives on selling merchandise with images of the monster all over it. If you want ice cream bars, mugs, T-shirts, and hats with the lake monster’s face on it, they’ve got it.

Come to find out, the brothers have been paying the Wasser Zahne (who is named Logan Cobb) to scare boaters and perpetuate the myth of the Diamond Lake monster. Only this time, things turned ugly. Logan claims he killed the man in self-defense, but it’s fairly obvious that Logan is a drunk with little to no conscience.

Back at the station, Nick, Wu, and Hank are trying to do research on the men Nick killed. Trubel shows up and makes all their lives a little easier by giving them the information on the men. She also tells Nick it’s time for a meeting between him and Meisner. To the underground bunker we go!

After checking out Trubel’s new digs — a simple room stocked with a variety of weapons — Meisner takes Nick to Eve’s room. Eve is just casually staring at herself in a mirror, next to her wall of many-colored blunt, bob cut wigs when Nick walks in. The ex-lovers share a little moment in the bunker… maybe it wasn’t a romantic moment, but it was something. Eve acknowledges her past life as Juliette when she tells him, “my only regret is that you didn’t have a chance to bury Juliette.” Well, that’s sweet … sort of.

Meisner gives Nick a look at the surveillance center where they monitor the Black Claw uprising across the globe. And as a sign of really twisted goodwill, Meisner shows Nick where they buried his mother’s body. We also learn that Hadrian’s Wall is actually operated by a branch of the Federal government. Between that little secret and the creation of Eve, I’m getting some serious Nikita vibes.

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