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January 30, 2016 at 04:07 AM EST

Then we have Nick and Adalind. When Trubel runs out in the middle of the night, Nick wakes up to watch her ride away on a security camera. Adalind gets up as well, and they have a little chat that turns into a kiss. Whoa! It may have been inevitable since they’ve been shacking up and raising their child together, but they realize that they shouldn’t be going down that road, at least not right now. Are these two really going to be able to stay away from each other if they’ve already physically expressed feelings for one another? I think not.

Trubel’s nighttime run was to go question Meisner about Juliette. She returns to the batcave with a message for Nick — it’s time for a meeting between him and Juliette/Eve. The meeting is at a swanky restaurant and doesn’t go at all the way Nick had planned.

Blonde Juliette proclaims that she is now called Eve, and that Hadrian’s Wall saved her from herself. She was not dead like Nick had thought, but taken and broken down into a Hexenbiest warrior with controlled but deadly powers. As actress Bitsie Tulloch stated in an exclusive interview, Eve is Hadrian’s Wall’s most powerful weapon. Nothing of the old Juliette remains, except for her memories.

When Nick asks her why she saved him, she says it’s because Hadrian’s Wall needs him — he’s an asset. She then decides the meeting is over and dramatically gets up to leave. Unbeknownst to Nick, three Black Claw members were in the restaurant, as well. Eve knows this and woges, killing one of the men with her mind-power. The other two men woge and go on the attack… in the middle of the restaurant. Eve walks right out, leaving Nick no choice but to take out the Black Claw men himself. Of course this is like child’s play to Nick, and when he’s done wiping the floor with them, he gets a phone call. It’s Meisner, and he reveals the real reason for the meeting with Eve — it was all a test, and Nick passed. Congrats, Nick! Prepare to be used by Hadrian’s Wall.

We’re left with the gang questioning just who the hell Eve is. What lengths will she go to for Hadrian’s Wall, and are there any bits of Juliette that may still remain? Is her return going to throw a wrench into Nick and Adalind’s happy little family dynamic?  Most importantly, will Eve be able to suppress her former love for Nick, Rosalee, and Monroe forever? I’m guessing no, because what would Grimm be without a little bit of “ex-lover who tried to kill me is back from the dead” drama?

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