A gang of dangerous wesen, a wesen that looks like a bloated blowfish, and a bad wig with telekinesis.
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Uh, what just happened? This episode was a total game-changer. We met a gang of dangerous wesen, a wesen that looks like a bloated blowfish, and a bad wig with telekinesis. Before we get to the wig-of-wonder that saves the day, we see that Trubel is still safe and shacked up at Nick and Adalind’s home. She wakes up from a nightmare (and Kelly crying) after 25 hours of sleep and shares what happened to her over a meal with Nick and Adalind. It turns out, she’s kind of on her captor’s side.

The group that took her — and Juliette’s body — from Nick’s old home is called HW (Hadrian’s Wall), and they’re a super-secret global government organization that is fighting the revolution against wesen. Apparently, wesen all over the world are planning an uprising. HW is doing everything they can to stop it, while simultaneously tracking Nick and Adalind. They know that Nick is a grimm, Adalind is a (former) hexenbiest, and know about Kelly.

According to Trubel, HW isn’t concerned or after Kelly and Adalind, but they definitely want Nick. HW wants any and all grimms fighting against the wesen uprising. Trubel spoke of a grimm she met overseas, and from the way she kept talking about their missions, it’s clear she’s on board fighting with HW. Nick asks her about the motorcycle, and the two go outside to check out all of its super-spy capabilities. As the two catch up, Trubel starts to break down and hug Nick, telling him she was fearful of never seeing him again. It’s a precious moment, but if she knew he was starting to get on board with HW and its mission, wouldn’t that mean she would most likely end up helping to recruit Nick? It more so seemed like Trubel felt guilty for something.

When Nick gets called into work, Adalind starts to talk to Trubel about her current situation with Nick. Adalind stumbles all over the place when Trubel asks her about her feelings toward Nick, making it completely obvious that her emotions — whether intentional or not — are moving toward romance. Adalind asks Trubel about Juliette and if Trubel had gone back to Nick’s on an order to kill her. Trubel admits to this, but shares that Nick doesn’t know. Adalind promises not to tell Nick (I kind of believe her), but says to Trubel that she has to tell him soon. Ah, so that’s where the guilt comes in. Juliette was being a grade-A psychopath when Trubel killed her, but Nick would still never go as far as killing her to stop her.

At the office, Nick gets the breakdown from Hank and Wu about a gang raid that hit three different neighborhoods. The raid included breaking into multiple shops, smashing windows and cars, even murdering the owner of a flower shop. Another man who owned the local bakery, named Xavier, has gone missing — presumably kidnapped by the gang. When the Scoobies head to the crime scene to dig into why some of the shops were targeted and others weren’t, they find that the bakery has the mysterious four-claw mark.

Everything starts piecing together after Rosalee and Monroe see what’s happened on the news. They know the shop owner Xavier well: He’s wesen, and as far as they know he doesn’t have any enemies. Bud comes over to their home and the three realize that all of the shops hit were ones owned by other wesen. When they inform Nick, Hank, and Wu, Rosalee and Monroe try to explain why wesen would be attacking other wesen.

All major riots in history (like the Boston Tea Party) had been created by wesen, due to political skirmishes gone bad. The historical consistently partnered with the uncertainty of why these gangs would band together to attack wesen-owned businesses (plus the mysterious claw-looking mark) leads Nick and Co. to think that this is a part of the uprising Chavez warned them about.

The picture becomes even more clear when Wu comes across a stumbling Xavier later in town. Xavier is covered in blood and Wu takes him to the hospital where he shares with our Scoobies that he was kidnapped and blindfolded, not able to see any of his captors. He claims that he heard the person guarding him snoring, and thinking he was asleep unmasked himself and beat his captor (explaining the blood.) After escaping, Xavier ran until he found safety.

NEXT: Xavier’s full of it.

Xavier’s story sounds believable, but unfortunately it’s a giant lie. Earlier when Xavier had been kidnapped, we saw him — not blindfolded — brought into a warehouse and greeted by several of the wesen gang members. A man, who appeared to be the gang’s leader, threatened a terrified Xavier into identifying someone in a picture — Monroe. With Xavier obviously not telling Nick and Co. the whole truth, it’s clear that he gave up Monroe in some way in order to be released by the gang.

Further hinting at a trap, Nick and Hank ask Xavier to try and identify his captors. Xavier overlooks the leader who threatened him, but points out a young woman who is also in the gang. Nick and Hank bring her in and put her in a lineup to be identified, but Xavier gets too scared and backs out. Knowing this is their only lead into finding the gang, Nick brings Monroe and Rosalee in to convince Xavier to blow the lid on the gang and identify the woman he had them bring in. The pair give a heartfelt plea, telling Xavier how they trust Nick with their lives and protection. After woging into what looked like Senator Kelly in X-Men after a mutant-experiment gone bad, Xavier finally gives in and Hank and Nick interrogate the woman he identifies, named Billie. They tell her Nick’s a grimm, scaring her into finally cooperating.

Billie gives the gang’s leader a call, pretending that she was released by the police and wanting to skip town until things cool down. The leader’s name is Dallas Cruz, and he tells her to meet him at the gang’s secret warehouse. Rosalee recognizes who Dallas is: a bad-boy gang member who she didn’t seem to have an ounce of pity for. Billie shows them where the gang’s secret warehouse is, and the whole team heads to investigate. Rosalee stays back to take Xavier home, seeing that he’s shook up and upset from everything that’s happened.

Rosalee soon learns that Xavier’s no victim — he’s setting up his friends to be killed. He confesses that Nick and Co. are walking into a trap, but says he had no other choice. Rosalee frantically calls Monroe to tell him that it’s a setup, but before they can escape the gang pours out of the warehouse and surrounds them, ready to attack. Nick and Co. head inside and lock themselves in a room to try and devise a plan. They hear someone screaming outside, and even though it’s likely another trap Nick heads out of the room to investigate.

He sees dead bodies on the floor and runs into one of the gang members. They get into a heated fight, and while Nick appears to be losing, his opponent suddenly is thrust into the air toward the ceiling of the warehouse, then dropped violently to the ground. When Nick looks up, he sees a woman has compelled this to happen with her hand. She has short, Sia-esque platinum-blond hair and is standing in the doorway — it’s Juliette! He says her name, and she turns to run. Like I said earlier … Um, what?!

Questions and Theories

  • What exactly is going on, here? We totally called it in the season’s premiere that Juliette may have been resurrected and locked in one of Meisner’s dungeon-cells. Recall when Meisner was speaking with Chavez, saying that they had to “play with fire” — what exactly did they do to her?
  • Renard has chosen to endorse Andrew in hopes of becoming police chief. He also couldn’t help himself from flirting with the director of the commercial where he announces his endorsement. I’m curious to see where this is going — Andrew has to be connected to the “uprising” story line somehow.
  • Did Trubel really not know about Juliette? I love Trubel, but it’s likely she was aware HW was turning her into some sort of science-experiment superhero.
  • While Adalind and Trubel were talking, Adalind shared that losing Diana was the worst thing to ever happen to her. With Juliette back and the apparent chemistry between Adalind and Mesier, I have a feeling Adalind may try to use Meisner to get Diana back and take off with both of her children.

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