A Godzilla-sized rat, conspirators, and a possible Adalind love interest fill this week's episode.

By Liz Prugh
December 05, 2015 at 03:34 AM EST
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What other show on television, other than Grimm, would feature a Godzilla-sized Rat King?

Before we get to that fun, the episode picks up right after we left off for the holiday break, with Nick rushing over to Trubel. Trubel is in terrible shape and has crashed her motorcycle into the side of Nick’s secret home (we still don’t know how she even knew where it was). Nick takes her inside to his car, where he tells Adalind he’s taking her to the hospital. The doctors and nurses gape at Nick as they peel apart her armory and weapons, handing him her jacket. While Nick waits to hear how she is, he looks inside of her coat pockets and finds several different forms of identification — all with Trubel’s face but different names — along with wads of cash from different countries. Where exactly did Meisner send her, and to do what?

Back at home, Adalind hears answers Chavez’s phone. Meiser’s voice asks if “she’s” there, obviously talking about Trubel. Adalind asks who’s on the other line, and they both realize who they’re talking to. When Adalind calls Meisner out, he hangs up the phone. Can these two just get together already? I’m starting to think the chemistry we’ve been seeing between Nick and Adalind in the last few weeks is leading up to a Meisner-Adalind reunion and resulting weird love triangle.

Adalind calls Nick right away to tell him that someone called Chavez’s phone looking for Trubel, but she’s cut off before she can tell him about Meisner. They’re interrupted by the doctor, who tells Nick that Trubel is stable but needs to rest. Nick goes to see Trubel, who says that she has so many things to tell him about where she’s been, but Nick tells her to wait and focus on getting better. The nurse asks for Trubel’s name, to which Trubel replies, “Lauren Cole,” — one of the names on her fake IDs. Nick confirms this, and as he leaves the hospital he gives the nurse the ID with the name Lauren Cole. The staff tells Nick that they’ll keep him posted on her recovery, but we all know that this isn’t the end of whatever is going on.

When Nick gets home, Adalind tells him about Meisner, but neglects to provide any of the details. Nick is preoccupied with figuring out where Trubel’s been and brings the motorcycle inside and sends a picture of the plate to Hank. Wu investigates, and the two call Nick back to share that not only is the bike worth at least $30,000, it’s registered to a Lauren Cole — whose ID is a picture of Trubel. Nick finally informs them about Trubel’s status and tells them to check out “Lauren Cole’s” apartment. Nick can’t go, because of course he has to check out that expensive motorcycle! The bike seems to have a bunch of secret buttons, but after the first one triggers bullet-fast arrows, Nick decides to halt his motorcycle investigation — there is a baby in the house, after all.

At the hospital, Trubel’s nurse tries to wake her. Trubel is in a deep sleep, so the nurse starts to shake her and slap her across the face… definitely not appropriate bedside manner. Trubel awakes in a stupor, and the nurse sees herself in Trubel’s eyes — she’s wesen! The nurse goes to get the doctor, who comes in and says that he also wants to check out her eyes and give her another CAT scan. Uh, Nick, it’s time to call for that check-in now.

Wu is unable to break into “Lauren Cole’s” apartment, which boasts pretty serious security features. Thinking Trubel is still resting at the hospital, the gang puts further investigation on hold to focus on a case. Two men, Robert Kyle and Chester Avery, have been found dead in the back of a truck in the middle of a cornfield. (In the beginning of the episode, we see Robert and Chester — along with their friend Johnny — drunkenly go to a junkyard to “get some rat’s ass.” The three men are a type of wesen who bully another type of rat-looking wesen that take up residence in a local junkyard. But their beat-down of a rat-like wesen victim is interrupted by a giant, Godzilla-looking rat. Johnny, the one who spotted the man they were beating up on first, runs and leaves his friends to die.)

NEXT: All hail the Rat King!

Nick answers one of the dead friend’s phones and learns that it was one of their girlfriends, Joanna. They head to her house and inform of her of what’s happened, and when she gets upset she woges and Nick sees she is wesen. He tells her he knows what she is, and after a brief freak-out she realizes he’s not there to kill her but to help. She tells them her boyfriend and his friends were also wesen, and they went to the junkyard to beat up on the rat-like wesen — something their kind has always done. They learn that Johnny was also there.

Hank and Nick visit the junkyard, where they run into one of the local rat-like wesen men. They reveal Nick is a Grimm, but the man isn’t scared. When Nick and Hank leave, the man tells the junkyard “leader” about them, but the leader is unfazed. All he wants is to find Johnny and punish him for killing his son (who, by the way, was “Prince of the Junkyard.” Whoops.)

When the gang heads to the Spice Shop, Rosalee and Monroe inform everyone about the long rivalry between the two types of wesen. Usually, the rat-like wesen never stand a chance against Johnny, Chester, and Robert’s kind, so it was unusual that the man Nick and Hank met at the junkyard wasn’t at all scared or timid when they brought up the attack. There is also a legend of a large “Rat King” in the clan, made from the formation of the entire pack. Apparently, when threatened, the clan of wesen can woge into a giant rat to defend themselves. Monroe and Rosalee laugh this off (because how would that be possible?), but join Nick and Hank on a rescue after they receive a call from Joanna saying she and Johnny have been taken.

The gang arrives at the junkyard and finds a secret door into a “throne room,” where Joanna is tied up. Johnny’s dead body is in the room, and Joanna begs to leave for fear of her being next. They are all met outside by the wesen clan, and their leader shouts about how they deserve revenge for the murder of their prince. This wesen skirmish had an unfortunate beginning, but nonetheless Nick and Co. have to call in the murder of Johnny. The wesen are having none of it, and before Nick can call the murder in, they all run to form the massive Rat King. Monroe and Rosalee seem more fascinated than anything (wouldn’t you be?), but they all know they have to run.

Nick devises a trap, because bullets don’t seem to affect it. They lure the Rat King into the power lines, and Hank shoots the powerbox to electrocute the Rat King into breaking apart, leaving the individual wesen bodies unconscious on the ground. I was hoping for a little more of the Rat King-drama, but there’s only so much you can do with a Godzilla-rat before things get too… cheesy. (Come on, I had to.)

Meisner shows up at Nick’s house, and he mouths to Adalind through the camera to let him in. He tells her he can’t stay long, but he has to know where Trubel is, because she’s not safe. It’s also worth noting that the two were almost out of breath just talking to one another. #Feels.

Meisner calls Nick, demanding to know where Trubel is, and Adalind has to get on the phone to confirm that she trusts him. Regardless of whether Nick trusts him, Meisner informs Nick that he must get to Trubel fast, because she’s in danger. Nick tells him where Trubel is before hanging up and rushing to the hospital. At the hospital, the shady doctor and nurse lie to Trubel and say they found internal bleeding in her brain and need to take her to the ICU, but fortunately Nick catches them taking her to the basement.

Meisner greets them and starts a fight, with Nick joining in. They take down two of the attackers, and Meisner orders Nick to get Trubel to safety while he finishes off the wesen nurse. The nurse says the same odd saying the other “conspirators” have been chanting in previous episodes, but Meisner just looks annoyed and takes her out.

Back at Nick’s house, he and Adalind lay Trubel down to rest, and she again confesses she has so much to tell him. Was she working under duress? Was she brainwashed? How did she escape? We need answers!

Other Questions and Notables:

  • Renard is still being recruited by Andrew Dixon and his campaign manager for an endorsement from the Portland PD. Renard is still skeptical, but they bribe him with an offer to be police chief. What’s the real play here? I’m sensing sketchy vibes.
  • Fans hating on the Adalind/Nick ship— it looks like your fears are no longer warranted with Meisner in the picture.
  • There wasn’t a baby reference in this week’s episode for Rosalee and Monroe, and it’s been pretty consistent this season. Next week we should be prepared for a heavy Rosalee-Monroe storyline in addition to learning what happened to Trubel.

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