Rosalee takes a trip to Neverland, and Nick finds a new home.
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“Whatever kind of family you have, reality is relative. Normal is just the middle of the mess.” This quote from Monroe tonight was the underlying theme throughout the entire episode, and it couldn’t be more true. We begin learning that Nick has sold his home, and he and Adalind are packing up the last boxes left to move. Nick gets nostalgic, telling Adalind that when he bought the home more than six years ago, he had no idea he was a grimm. He also shares with Adalind that she was “his first,” meaning the first wesen he ever saw. She shares that he, too, was her first — her first grimm she ever came across.

What exactly is going on, here? I’m starting to get romantic vibes from Adalind, but it could just be her need for security of her and Kelly. Nick is still wrestling with the loss of Juliette and becoming a dad, and it’s clear he’s just trying to do right by his son Kelly and his baby momma. Regardless, they are starting to form their own little family, and it’s exactly what Nick needs right now in order to move on from all of the death he’s had to deal with.

Nick takes her to their new home, an old paint factory in the middle of nowhere. He had all of the movers put his things in storage, so not even they have a trail to where he, Adalind, and Kelly are shacking up. The setup isn’t bad, it just needs a little love and a trip to West Elm. Nick even gives Adalind Juliette’s old car, which is kind of weird, but it’s definitely not the oddest thing to happen in their little family (imagine the day they have to tell Kelly how they met.)

The crime this episode weaves into the theme of family as well, with four wesen kids living in the woods. The kids have kidnapped a random woman to be their “mother,” and she has escaped, running barefoot in hopes of finding safety. She frantically falls down a hill and bumps her head so hard that it kills her. The kids leave her body (not before cutting off a lock of her hair — now that’s weird), and rush into the woods before a car pulls up. The man that finds the body calls the police, and the Scooby Gang is brought in. Wu identifies the woman as a missing person first reported two years prior.

Nick and Hank get on the case and see on surveillance cameras that a young girl — one of the four wesen children — approached the woman in a parking lot, appearing to be lost. The woman walked the little girl away from her car and never returned. The kids obviously would woge and scare the woman into trying not to escape, hence why she was so terrified when running away.

Back in the woods, one of the four children, the little girl who is named Lily, has a terrible cough and needs some real medicine. The two older boys, Peter and “Big John,” head into the Spice Shop to avoid security in other drug stores and try to steal some healing herbs from Rosalee. Peter woges, but of course Rosalee just flips back her hair and takes him down completely unfazed. Peter genuinely confesses that the medicine is for his sick sister and has no money. Rosalee lets him take the medicine, and he runs out of the shop just as Monroe arrives. Monroe is baffled that Rosalee would just let him leave, but that is why he loves his wife — she’s a fierce and tough woman, but she’s also compassionate.

The boys talk about how nice Rosalee was, confirming that she is their next target for a “mother.” They head back to the shop and use Lily as bait, distracting Rosalee — who is now alone in the shop — so Peter and Big John can knock her out. Fortunately, Rosalee was on the phone with Monroe, and he hears her being kidnapped and rushes to the Spice Shop, just missing them. He of course calls Hank and Nick to tell them what happened, and while they’re reviewing the street cameras Nick notices something familiar about a truck — it’s the same one from the camera footage of the case they’re working on. Putting two and two together, the gang realizes that the cases are connected and the people responsible for the death of the woman in their case are the same people who kidnapped Rosalee.

Monroe goes into full Blutbad mode and grabs the scent of the previous “mother” at the morgue, and the gang takes off on a rescue mission. Meanwhile, Rosalee is tied up in the back of the truck and wakes up from being drugged. She tells the kids that it is wrong what they are doing, but they just threaten her if she doesn’t play house with them. The whole time I’m wondering why Rosalee doesn’t just woge and blow past them all to escape, but it’s her compassion that stalls her from leaving. She knows they won’t (or can’t) hurt her, and she wants to both help them and escape.

NEXT: Nobody messes with a Fuchsbau.

Rosalee tells them a bedtime story — the same one her mother would tell her — about wesen and grimms, testing their knowledge of the world they live in. The kids have no idea about wesens or grimms, or that there are other people out there like them. So she doesn’t have to hurt any of them to escape, she waits until they fall asleep to make her move and bite off the ropes on her wrist. She gets a clear way out, but falls into one of their traps. Lily wakes up in a coughing fit, and the kids find her in their makeshift trap in the ground. When they pull her out, they remind her of their threat and woge, ready to punish her. Rosalee, being the badass that she is, has had enough of playing nice. She woges as well, telling them she’s done being the victim. They’re all startled, and Lily rushes over to her, as she, too, is Fuchsbau.

Monroe, Hank, and Nick have followed Rosalee’s scent to their camp, and the kids attack to protect their “mother.” Of course they are no match for our Scoobies, and Rosalee has to stop Monroe from going too far — they’re just kids! It’s also worth noting that one of the kids sees that Nick is a grimm and starts screaming about him cutting off his head. Ah, classic bedtime stories.

They take the kids back to the precinct, where Rosalee learns that they’ll be put back into the foster system. She tells them that she knows the world is hard, especially being what they are, but that things always have a way of working out. When she asks Lily if she can write her, Lily blatantly tells her, “I hate you.” What did Rosalee expect? I know her heart’s in the right place, but all these kids see is betrayal, which fuels their rage.

The kids end up in an orphanage, with a mean warden named Warden Hook. The three boys are in his office, Lily has assumedly been schlepped to a girls section, and the Warden woges and tells them he knows what they are. They boys woge, and Hook tells them that they are now a part of something bigger and have a new family. He has them chant the same saying that Chavez did before she died, confirming that this is all connected to the “war that’s coming,” bringing us to Renard and his family drama.

Meisner visits Renard at the precinct and informs him that the King has had an accident, and his body has yet to be found. Apparently Viktor wasn’t too happy having to bow to Kenneth, and now he reigns supreme. Viktor has struck a deal with the Resistance, but Meiser won’t give Renard any further details. He tells Renard that Diana is safe but won’t give him details on her whereabouts either. Meisner leaves, warning Renard to keep their visit between them. Renard has to be targeted or in some sort of danger — we saw his face on the computer screens from the prior episode before Betty deleted the files, and we know they were up to something evil.

Back at the new Casa del Grimm, Adalind can’t sleep. She asks Nick if he’ll sleep in the room with her and Kelly, acknowledging that it’s a little awkward, but admitting that she’s past trying to be normal at this point. Nick grabs his gun and lays in bed with her — again, where is this going?

The episode ends finally revealing who’s behind the secret basement dungeon door … it’s Trubel! Her face is bruised and her expression is angry. Meisner let’s her out and says, “Let’s go. It’s time.” Time for what? Has Trubel been brainwashed into helping Meisner with whatever cause he is a part of? He was clearly beating her into submission, but I can’t see her giving in that easily. There must be a greater cause.

Other Questions and Notables:

  • Peter Pan parallels! The episode is titled, “Lost Boys,” which of course is a reference to the lost boys in Peter Pan. The leader of the four misfits is named Peter (I shouldn’t have to explain that one,) and there are two other boys and one girl, referencing Wendy, Michael, and John (hence, “Big John.) The cherry on top? Warden “Hook.” Well played, writers.
  • Working mom: Adalind runs into an old colleague who suggests she come back to work at the firm, and she seems intrigued. She’s bored when not taking care of Kelly, and she seems like she needs another sense of purpose outside of being a mother. I can’t see Nick letting her go back to work when he’s gone through all the trouble of finding a safe, secret home for them to live in — there’s no room for a slip-up.
  • Another baby on the way? We’re introduced again to Rosalee and her desire to have children. Will she get pregnant soon? She, like Nick, is suffering from the loss of Juliette (the old Juliette). Could a baby help fill that void?
  • Monroe dropping more wisdom: Monroe’s second-best quote of the episode (just because it was awesome), “Two things I know about kids: One, they’re the future and should be cherished. Two, they’re lying little bastards.”

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