Black Claw continues to threaten Adalind, and Nick's anger reaches an all-time high
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S5 E20
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With just two episodes left in the season, Grimm is gearing up for a crazy showdown between Nick and the gang and Black Claw. With Black Claw keeping Adalind and Kelly hidden and using them for personal gain, Nick’s determination to get his family back is about to set the inevitable war against Black Claw into motion.

In “Bad Night,” Adalind is still playing along with Black Claw, although she’s making her displeasure known. She’s being kept at the safehouse with Renard, Diana, and Kelly, which is heavily guarded by Black Claw members. The group’s leader, Conrad, is still being threatening, telling Adalind not to take it personally if they have to kill Nick. To make matters worse, Diana is proving why a child with incredible powers and unpredictable emotions is not such a great thing. She continues her creepy behavior by making Kelly float in the air and then using her mind power to make Adalind and Renard hold hands. I feel like she needs to be sent to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters immediately. Also being a total creeper is Renard, who hits on Adalind and continues to act like a sleazy, power-hungry jerk. Has he really turned into such an unsavory character?

While Adalind is busy playing the part of the supportive partner and mother to Renard’s children, the rest of the group have Zuri to worry about. With Hank asleep at her house, Zuri sneaks to the front door, lets a Black Claw member in, and gives him Hank’s phone. More shocking is the identity of said Black Claw member — it’s Tony! Yes, Rosalee’s druggie ex-boyfriend who had all of his fingers broken by Adalind several episodes back. We all knew he was going to pop up again to cause more trouble, and here he is.

Tony takes the phone to his car and uploads all of its contents onto a laptop. When he sneaks back into the house, he’s able to put the phone back in Hank’s jacket pocket, but he doesn’t make it out of the house without Hank grabbing him. The two men get into a fight, and Tony woges. Hank, being the badass he is, knocks him out and calls the police. Zuri acts like she has no idea what’s going on and has never seen this guy, but Hank seems to know something is suspicious because Tony took nothing from the house. After searching Tony’s car, which was full of pills and trash, Hank grabs the laptop to take to the station. At this point, it’s only a matter of time before Zuri is found out.

NEXT: Zuri gets busted, and the new mayor is announced

Sure enough, Wu (who’s casually at work, as though he’s not an unpredictable man-beast with an adorable caveman voice who just murdered someone) is able to figure out that Hank’s cell phone information had been dumped onto the laptop. They also run Tony’s background and figure out that he is, in fact, a Black Claw member. Between there being no sign of forced entry and Zuri’s strange behavior, the gang suspects that Zuri could have set the whole thing up.

To catch her in her lie, Nick shows up at her house to tell her that Hank is setting up a safe house for her, and they’ll be leaving in 30 minutes. As soon as he steps outside, she pulls out her phone and calls Conrad to tell him what’s going on. What she doesn’t know is that Hank is in the house listening to everything she’s saying. When she turns around and realizes she’s been discovered, she tries to play it cool at first. Hank is having none of it, though, so she woges and Hank is forced to knock her out. Poor Hank! Functional relationships are just not his forte.

Hank and Nick hand Zuri over to Meisner, Trubel, and Eve at Hadrian’s Wall. Eve pulls out her best party trick, literally closing Zuri’s mouth like she did to their other captive. With Eve running the interrogation, it’s only a matter of time before Zuri gives up some crucial information, unless having no mouth, ears, or eyes doesn’t bother her.

Nick gets a call from Renard, and as curious as he is, he agrees to meet with him at the station. Their chat doesn’t exactly go smoothly, as Renard refuses to give his son back and invites him to join Black Claw. Clearly, Nick is not going to be joining Black Claw or taking it easy on exacting his own special form of justice. The two can’t exactly fight to the death inside of the station, so they part ways, leaving Nick even more infuriated than he was before.

Hadrian’s Wall has been filled in on everything going on with the Adalind and Renard situation. Nick is understandably in a blind rage and wants to attack now to get Adalind and his son back. As it turns out, Hadrian’s Wall knows about the Black Claw safe house, but they tell Nick he absolutely cannot go there to take them on; he’ll never win. Eve warns Nick not to get emotional about it, to which he harshly replies, “That’s easy for you to say; he’s not your kid.” Ouch. She didn’t appear hurt, but we all know she had to be on some level. I expect to see Eve’s Juliette flare up a few times before the season concludes, especially if Nick’s life is put in danger.

While Nick is hanging out at the Hadrian Wall headquarters, they catch the live news coverage of the mayoral race on TV. The results are in, and not surprisingly, Renard won. Renard makes a victory speech and thanks Adalind, calling her and his children up on stage. Fuming, Nick vows to kill Renard, and I can’t really say I blame him. Earlier in the episode, Nick killed two Black Claw members without flinching, so it’s safe to say he’s ready to rumble. Let’s just hope Renard somehow redeems himself, and Adalind and Kelly make it out of this situation alive. Black Claw can keep Diana, though, because she’s disturbing.


  • Hank and Nick share Tony’s identity with Monroe and Rosalee. She lets them in on who he is, and I’m wondering if Monroe will get the satisfaction of throwing him around a room for awhile. We don’t have time for a Tony storyline, so I’m guessing he’ll wind up dead at some point. He doesn’t seem like a character that will stick around next season.
  • One of the most important parts of the episode was Nick telling Trubel about the miracle stick. He shows her where he’s hiding it in the tunnel and says she’s the only one who knows where it is. Read: Nick is going to come close to death in the season finale, and Trubel will be the only one who can save him.

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