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November 06, 2015 at 11:46 PM EST

This week’s Grimm continues to hint at the rising of a war, introducing new monsters as well as theories about what the four slashes mean. We also see Nick, Adalind, and Kelly settling into their home as a family. Nick seems genuine about wanting to give this baby a good life, and he isn’t adding to his laundry list of crap to deal withthe death of Juliette, not knowing where Trubel is, the “raging war” that’s coming, and his baby momma moving inby thinking about whether he’s a Grimm, a Hexenbeist, or what Adalind calls a “Grimmerbeist/Hexengrimm.”

The episode begins by introducing a new crime for the gang to solve, and of course it’s tied to the mystery society Chavez belonged to. Beau Childs, the CEO of a large investment firm in Portland, discovers late at night that over half a million dollars has gone missing. He rushes to his employee, Paul Wemlinger, and tells him to investigate immediately while he calls the police. Wemlinger, a slender, slimy-looking man, comes into Childs’ office and says he’s found the problem. Wemlinger hands Childs an empty folder, then woges into full-Wesen mode and brutally murders Childs. He calls the police, pretending that he’s been attacked.

Meanwhile, Nick is at the hospital with Adalind and Kelly. When the rest of the Scooby Gang shows up, Nick tells them about Chavez, and they all head to the warehouse to investigate. Of course, all of the bodies are gone, and the scratch-mark symbol on the building has been painted over. They decide to not inform Renard yet, and when they drive off we see Martin in the background, keeping tabs.

When the Portland Police get the call about Childs’ murder, Hank is unwillingly assigned to work with Detective Pogue. The duo arrive at the crime scene, and Wu informs Hank after investigating that it looks like a Wesen crime, due to the lack of security footage and the brutality. When Hank and Wu interview Wemlinger, he cries and makes up a story about masked men coming in with weapons and murdering Childs.

Back at the station, Pogue seems to think that Wemlinger is harmless, pushing back when Hank says he wants to bring him in for further questioning. Of course, Hank wants to confirm whether or not Wemlinger is Wesen, and seems annoyed that he has to jump through more hoops in hiding all of this from Pogue. He finally gets Pogue to agree to bring Wemlinger when Wu shows up with his fingerprints: Wemlinger is wanted in Sacramento for embezzling over $975,000 under the name Simon Kincaid. Before the interrogation starts, Hank makes a quick call to Nick to have him come down and identify whether or not Simon/Wemlinger is Wesen.

Nick’s at the house with Adaland and Kelly trying to adjust to their new life together. Monroe and Rosalee fully prepared the house for their arrival, with Monroe even putting Kelly’s mobile together. It was a touching moment, and they both definitely addressed the possibility of one day doing the same thing for their own baby. Monroe also shares with Nick that it might be a good idea to give his new little family a fresh start—his house has some bad juju tied to it. He does have a point: After Nick was almost murdered by his ex-girlfriend, she was killed in front of him, the house was invaded, he was drugged, and his mom’s head was chillin’ in a box before being taken. And that was only 48 hours ago.

When Monroe and Rosalee leave, Nick ponders Monroe’s advice. He thinks about Juliette, reminiscing while looking through her closet. He and Adalind share a good moment when he makes them lunch and they start to talk like they actually … like each other? Not in a romantic way (yet), but it looks like they are actually going to get along, and she actually looked hurt when Nick told her about Juliette. Before Nick can learn more about the mother of his child—surprise! she’s allergic to raw tomatoes—he receives the call from Hank and heads down to the precinct.

During the interrogation, Wemlinger reveals his Wesen side to Nick, changing into what Nick identifies as a Quijada Vil; he hasn’t seen one before, but he’s read about them. They know that they have to try and contain him so he can’t hurt anyone else, but U.S. Marshals show up to take him in for the Sacramento crime. Nick tries to warn them that Wemlinger is dangerous, but they laugh off his warning and put Wemlinger in the car to drive him to California. Nick tells Hank that he’s going to follow them to ensure their safety, but Renard forces Nick to go home, threatening to fire him. Hank doesn’t agree with this, already having to walk on eggshells around Pogue.

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